When Neverland Merged with Graceland – The Marriage of Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley

In May of 1994, a celebrity wedding grabbed the world’s attention due to the union being so drastically different from the Hollywood norm and the press first learning of it after it had already taken place. However when given a closer astrological look, the famed marriage of Michael Jackson, Virgo to Lisa Marie Presley, Aquarius could also be seen as two people caught in the spotlight of fame from an early age simply wanting nothing more than to belong.

There’s a price to pay for being famous.

Some signs, like Leo, intensely crave the spotlight of attention and are motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve that special status of being known by most, if not all. Conversely, there are other signs which inherently desire to be anything but famous. Should the glare of Fame’s spotlight still manage to shine over them, certain signs in particular feel they must suffer through it versus bask beneath being exposed in its near blinding brightness. The best example of these “suffering” signs being that of Virgo, the Harvest Maiden.

Should that famous Virgo be an entertainer, they tend to not mind in the least when all eyes take notice of their performance or artistic work, since this is the sign that loves having tasks to do, and loves even more the process of perfecting them through hard work and rigorous practice.

It’s when Fame’s spotlight continues to shine beyond the realm of their work and into their domestic life that problems begin to emerge for the famous Virgoan.

Case in point, back when the motion picture made its theatrical leap from the medium of Silence to that of the “talkie”, its most famous star, by far, just happened to be born beneath the sign of the Virgin.

Although the line associated with her legendary persona is taken directly from one of her film scripts (1932’s “Grand Hotel”), the Swedish superstar of the big screen Greta Garbo managed to further encapsulate her Virgoan aversion of Fame just the same, when in 1955, the actress clarified in her biography, “I never said, “I want to be alone.” I only said, “I want to be let alone! There is all the difference.”

Is it any surprise, then, that the most famous entertainer of his era was, like Garbo, born a Virgo who in turn recorded a song with a theme directly mirroring the actress’ Virgoan angst towards Fame entitled “Leave Me Alone?

Greta Garbp Dishonored 1931

Michael Jackson Leave me Alone
Michael Jackson and Greta Garbo not only had an aversion for being world famous, along with similar head gear the two megastars also shared the same trait of being born under the sign of Virgo.

At the height of his stratospheric fame in 1983, Jackson paid a visit to the Connecticut residence of another Earth signed film great, Katherine Hepburn, but for the sole mistaken intent that she could introduce him to his Virgoan mentor, the great Garbo, herself.

The evening ended with Jackson leaving very disappointed and Hepburn left very confused.

Realizing the great Garbo would never be an actual compatriot to commiserate with over the perils of Fame, Michael Jackson eventually came upon a fitting substitute.

A person, who like himself, was pushed under the spotlight of Fame since early childhood and never knew what it was like NOT to be famous. Jackson became emotionally involved with the only offspring of one of the greatest music legends of all time, Elvis Presley, his daughter, Lisa Marie.

Thus it was in the mid-1990’s that the King of Pop romantically joined forces with the daughter of The King, otherwise known as Lisa Marie Presley.

It was an unusual relationship yes, where two unusual people who did not live or know a ‘Normal life’ found a connection.” – Lisa Marie Presley

Born beneath the sign that is offended to the core by the “N” word, “Normal”, Lisa Marie was at least given an astrological advantage to deal with such a life of non-normality by being born under the sign that dares to always be different, Aquarius.

I’m not attracted to mediocrity or normalcy.  What can I say, I’m weird.”
– Lisa Marie Presley, Aquarian

The world was stunned to hear that these two iconic Titans of Rock Music had tied the knot in May of 1994, since not even the press was aware that Michael and Lisa Marie remotely even knew each other, let alone had just obligated themselves through the institution of marriage.

From the very start, the integrity of the Jackson Presley marriage was questioned, with the vast majority of those in doubt stating that the wedding took place for more or less, one prominent reason

Your author also subscribes to the “one reason” theory as to why this hyper famous Virgo married this hyper famous Aquarian, but not for the same reason held in general consensus by most at that time.

In 1994, Michael Jackson owned the publishing rights to the entire Beatles catalog of songs. With Lisa Marie owning the intellectual rights to her father’s lexicon of music, most people assumed the two were joining forces in order to have a monopoly over the music industry, since a considerable portion of royalties made by Rock music at that time would be going straight to either of the “newlyweds”.

Given the fact Michael and Lisa Marie never merged their music empires together and kept their respective business affairs separated, the widely held “one reason” theory believed by most at the time of their wedding ended up being both unfounded and inapplicable.

This particular union of the most famed, unobvious kind still can be reduced to one reason, but the cause is astrological, not fiscal, and is far more subtle in nature but crucial none the less.

A core personality trait which both the sign of the Virgin and the Water Bearer share is a concept just as unobvious as Michael and Lisa Marie’s marriage, that being the need  To Belong.

Only a person born beneath the sign of non-conformity and non-normality who had no active choice regarding the Fame that was thrust upon her since birth could possibly relate to Michael Jackson’s constant struggle with Fame, as well as qualify her as a suitor worthy of marrying The King of Pop.

By attempting to be a married couple, the King of Pop and the daughter of The King made themselves feel as if they actually could fit in and belong to a group – even if that group was comprised of just two members.

Michael and Lisa Marie take the roller coaster of Lonliness

Michael and Lisa Marie ride the roller coaster of famed loneliness together as a team in the middle of the night at Six Flags Theme Park.

But alas, despite the desperate need to belong, the Virgo and the Aquarius overlooked another trait that’s required from the very start with this most unobvious of relationships –

Lisa Marie Presley has since admitted to fellow Aquarian, Oprah Winfrey that from the day they were first married, Michael Jackson “pressured” her into immediately having a baby.

If Michael had accepted upfront that his wife was born under one of, if not THE most stubborn of signs, he would have strategized a different approach. Because if one wants to get an Aquarian to do something, the best way to guarantee that thing will NEVER stand a chance of getting done is to tell/order/command/demand the Aquarian to do it.

Conversely, with society at large knowing only a mere fraction of MJ’s numerous idiosynchracies, your Author wonders if it was at all possible for Lisa Marie, or any other mortal for that matter, to be resolved in accepting the King of Pop and all of his resplendent weirdness upon marrying him.

Since Fame never did leave the Virgo entirely alone…..

Regretfully, the marriage between the Royals of Rock which took place without the world initially finding out, officially terminated beneath the blinding spotlight of Fame a mere 26 months after its inception, with all the world being privy of its demise.

The love union between the signs of Virgo and Aquarius whether it be world famous or not is always a challenge due to such innately vast differences of each sign’s temperament and overall approach towards Life and others.

But those very same differences should be openly accepted and dare it be said, celebrated versus kept hidden and isolated like Garbo, who having her wish fulfilled  in her later years was only seen from the outside world peeking from her heavily curtained windows on a perfectly weathered day.

*Brad Kronen has written numerous books on the role Astrology plays in our lives especially through such venues as History and Pop Culture.  Kronen has also written astrological dating guides custom made for each sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars” that are available for purchase on amazon.com.  In honor of the sign Michael Jackson was born beneath the Virgo edition of Love in the Stars is shown below.  Click on the image to see that book as well as a complete listing of all of Brad’s published work:

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