Negating the Republican Blame Game: A Liberal Editorial

Trump finger

Much to the detriment of our country, President Trump wields his finger of blame as a smoke screen of constant avoidance


Negating the Republican Blame Game: A Liberal Editorial
by Brad Kronen

When I was a child, my parents tried to instill a social philosophy they called “civil standards” a concept which emphasized strength of character with decorum and good manners, no matter who you were, where you were from, or whichever religious sect you belonged to.

My father taught me when being introduced to someone to always shake their hand with a firm grasp as you look them square in the eye and say “How are you?” or “It’s a pleasure meeting you.”

My mother taught me that if one is told of a death, no matter if you knew the deceased or not, one should say to the grieving friend or relative the phrase “I’m sorry for your loss.”

I was led to believe these civil standards were universal with all civilized folk partaking in these basic, simple actions, no matter their origin.

I grew up in a small village in rural remote Connecticut by the way. A village which 2 towns over borders another remote village you may have already heard of, given the quaint Connecticut hamlet has broken records in the not so distant past for being the location where the most children have died in a school setting – Newtown.  The place where in December of 2012 a lone gunman entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School and proceeded to kill both teacher and student alike with 28 murdered, 20 of the shooting victims being children between the ages of 6 and 7 years old.

After Newtown’s mass murders, I presumed a “civil standard” would be established where firearm sales to civilians would involve more stringent background checks making it far more challenging to even purchase a permit to own a lethal weapon, let alone use one.

How wrong I was.

A mere 5 months following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 along with an amendment that would expand background checks for gun purchases were both voted down in the U.S.Senate.

Fast forwarding to the present.

Following the worst shooting spree in modern American History our President and Chief has announced that “now is not the time” to be discussing gun control laws. The Republican usual plan is allowing some time to pass so the urgency of addressing 59 people killed and over 500 injured while gathered at a public event dies down in the collective mind of the American people.  Die down and gradually dissolve so the horrors of Las Vegas molt into that ever growing ball of rancid tar which nobody really wants to dredge up comprised of Orlando club goers, Aurora movie watchers, Charleston Bible study groups, Virginia Tech and Columbine students, and let’s not forget students of the smallest kind – Newtown.

The places listed are factual and not the smoke screen the Republicans have been using of “fake news” to avoid addressing issues deemed to be uncomfortable.

And speaking of fake news….

Sean Hannity

The day after Las Vegas’ nightmare Fox News person Sean Hannity had an on-the-air rant while seated in front of a screen which bore the words “Politicizing Tragedies”.  In his supposed state of stupefication, Hannity said the Democrats are “despicable” for trying to push a gun agenda in the midst of Las Vegas’ shocking mass shootings. As he sees it:

Bodies weren’t even in the morgue yet. Parents were in hospitals with their kids hanging on to life. None of this mattered to the left in this country.”

Speaking only for myself who is seated in the distant corner of the far left, it matters a great deal to me.

Hannity also singled out Hillary Clinton accusing her initial tweets regarding the Las Vegas shootings as “pathetic”.

Firing off 3 tweets, in her 2nd correspondence Mrs. Clinton mentioned silencers and how much worse the shootings could have been if the gunman had one however her initial tweet opened with:

Las Vegas, we are grieving with you.” mentioning the victims, the responder and ends this initial tweet with “and all affected by this cold blooded massacre.”

How is that “pathetic” or in any way “despicable”?

Mr. Hannity’s continued his right wing rant by proposing to his audience the tool used for murder was secondary, claiming:

If it wasn’t a gun, it would be a car or a bomb, or whatever.”

But wouldn’t a bomb be hard to release on the 32nd floor of a hotel and a car could maybe take down half as many victims before being apprehended. The fact remains Las Vegas’ mass murderer used guns as his weapons of mass destruction.

Lots of them.

Mr. Hannity also had the audacity to insinuate that both Newtown’s and the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando last June took place while a Democratic President was in office.

So does that mean we should be blaming September 11th in its entirety on President Bush since he occupied the White House back then?

What Hannity failed to mention was the cries for stricter gun control laws were just as horrifyingly loud and urgent then as they are now.

I wrongfully assumed another “civil standard” was not to finger point blame or be confrontational directly following a tragedy, especially within hours after its occurrence. If anything I assumed the civil standard was to provide words of comfort and solidarity rather than hypocritically “politicizing tragedy” as Mr. Hannity so overtly has done.

This lack of civil standards also was evident a day before the Las Vegas murders when President Trump accused the people of hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico of “wanting everything done for them” and that because Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor San Juan dared to criticize the current administration she was a “tool of the Democrats”.

How could anyone say Trump wasn’t doing enough for Puerto Rico when the man flew all the way down there on Sunday only to disparagingly toss a roll of paper towels into the crowd and the night before dedicated his tournament trophy to the victims of Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico from the grounds of his New Jersey resort golf course?

The Republicans have used the blame game tactic for far too long to avoid issues that require the most dire attention. If now isn’t the time to discuss gun control laws does that mean we wait for the next mass shooting where the number of dead bodies sets a new record extending past Las Vegas’ tragedy?

Death is irreversible. The Republicans currently are in full control of the American government, yet plan on not changing a thing regarding gun laws while daring to say the public outcry to quell these items which can annihilate the greatest number of lives in the shortest amount of time is despicable?

For shame, Misters Hannity and Trump, for shame.

A new civil standard will soon enough emerge where the Scales of Justice will demand that your fingers of false blame be turned inwards if there is to be any hope of equilibrium brought back to the American public.

Most especially for the loved ones of those murdered in Orlando, Aurora, Newtown, Charleston, Las Vegas, etc.


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One thought on “Negating the Republican Blame Game: A Liberal Editorial

  1. Excellent editorial with excellent points to ponder. Our government has to make changes in the right to bear arms, esecially the purchase of automatic weapons perhaps there should be a new governmental department created to oversee every firearm purchased without infringement of personal rights. Sadly how does legislation control the issue of severe mental illness which is usually the cause of the psychotic deranged evil minds. Indeed something must be done about the gun control laws!


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