Brad Kronen’s Halloween Dance Party…..IN HELL!


Finally a Halloween Dance Party that has a good beat you can DIE to!! Come Join Brad “Dude, let me tell you what day you’re gonna die” Kronen for a very special internet talk radio show where the brain that could feed a family of Zombies until Christmas will be lifted to reveal all it knows of Halloween hits ranging from the fiendishly fun to the hellishly horrific!  Dastardly Ditties such as: Marilyn & The Movie StarsVampire”, Siouxsie & The Banshees Voo-doo Dolly”, MorriseyOuija Board”, The B-52’s The Devil’s In My Car”. As well as those Classic Corpse Anthems of Terror: The Witch’s Sabbath Fugue from “Mefistofele” “King of the Abyss, Hear Me!” from “A Masked Ball” And Let’s not forget that ahead of his time Goth, Franz Schubert, with his Diabolical Ditties: “Death and The Maiden” & “The Skeleton King

So Join me, won’t you? It’ll be like that scary movie, “The Red Shoes”, where you’ll dance yourself………… Death.

Brad Kronen’s Halloween Dance Party… HELL from blogtalkradio archives






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