The Lord of Karma Returns Home: Saturn Transits Capricorn 2017 – 2020, Part Two

Capricorn Constellation B&W
The Lord of Karma Returns Home:
Saturn Transits Capricorn
December 19th, 2017 – March 22nd, 2020
Part Two

In this age, which believes there is a short-cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way, in the long run, is the easiest.
Henry Miller, Capricorn, writer best known for his work, “Tropic of Capricorn


Since we have a double whammy of the Saturnine kind with the Lord of Karma transiting through the sign of its rulership, why not double the Capricorn quotes of wisdom which also happen to be quite fitting for the current astrological atmosphere we find ourselves in,  said by the venerable Mr. Miller:


The world has not to be put in order: the world is order incarnate.”
Henry Miller, Capricorn


Whenever the planet Saturn is on the verge of entering a new sign, I do my best to give those various friends, clients, and random strangers on the street who are born beneath that sign my “Heads Up! The Lord of Karma is coming to town” pep talk.


In times past I used to begin this preparatory speech with a forewarning to said person how the atmosphere would be getting a bit more on the restrictive side for the upcoming 2.5 years along with recommending they approach things as relaxed and open minded as possible due to the oncoming Saturnine period bringing with it a higher proclivity of challenges and difficulties.  I say the words “used to” because by the time I got around to the “Saturn is our greatest teacher” part where I would emphasize that challenges and difficulties during a Saturnine period should be treated as if disguised opportunities if at the very least for the valuable lessons they impart, my voice would get drowned out from the sheer volume of hysterical wailing that would immediately ensue following my introduction. Unfortunately not much changed when I switched things around and opened with the “Saturn is our greatest teacher” bit instead.


This is very much not the case when the Lord of Karma transits through its ruling sign.


Saturn in Capricorn for the Capricorn


Unlike the rest of the Zodiac, life for the Saturn ruled goes in reverse.  It takes 29.5 years for the ringed planet to fully orbit the Sun and when the Lord of Karma returns to the same place in the sky as it was at the time of our birth during the ages of 28 – 31, that particular period is known as one’s “Saturn Return”.  Simply said, most of us fall apart during our Saturn Return.  Most of us, with the exception of those born beneath the sign of Capricorn.


Where the Lord of Karma enforces adulthood upon the rest of us by ripping away whatever serves as our security blanket and blow torching it aflame while point and laughing, the Capricorn rolls their eyes and continues on their not so merry way due to having dealt with adult issues since their emergence from the womb.  Childhood and especially one’s teen years are anything but foot loose and fancy free for the young Cappie due to them bearing such mature responsibilities as having to play parent to their parent or far more commonly, having to work or earn their own way at an appallingly early age.


The early portion of life is when the Capricorn pays their heaviest dues, so when the Lord of Karma stops by for a nice long 2.5 year visit between the ages of 28 -31, a period best remembered by most as “Hell on Earth” is a cake walk for Saturn’s own.


The same applies when the Great Malefic transits through its own sign.  Rather than the next few years being seen a time of sobering challenge, all you Goat Guys and Girls should view Saturn’s upcoming transit through its ruling sign as a period of exceptionally high empowerment.  I strongly recommend everyone born beneath the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat to look at whatever goals they have currently made for the upcoming New Year and raise the bar a number of notches upwards and outwards since their planetary ruler will be in their Cappie corner and has their back until March of 2020.  Embrace your planetary ruler’s power surge and butt your horned heads with Life, Goat Kids!


Shifting focus to society at large…


Looking to the Past before Foraging Forward


As a rule, Saturn makes things extra challenging and super hard in order for we fallible mortals to remember our mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future.  But call Brad the Lord of Karma, for some inexplicable reason we Earth Folk have a tendency to repeat those very same mistakes again and again, as if never experienced before.  For the next 2.5 years, Saturn would like everyone to know He plans on putting an end to that karma avoiding, repeat nonsense.  Let’s review this most sore of Saturnine learning methods within the realms of Hedonistic Greed and Wanton Materialism.


Bernie Madoff & his Ponzi Scheme of Plutonian Pain

In December of 2008 another planet did some preliminary rectification work when it entered Saturn’s ruling sign – Pluto, the planet of transformative change that does so through the process of Decimation.  Within a week after Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn, the sign of business administration and corporate commerce, the FBI got a call from two brothers with the last name of Madoff informing the government agency their father’s wealth management investments firm was, as they were told by the source, “one big lie“.  The world soon learned how Bernie Madoff single handedly committed the greatest case of fraud in American history with his Ponzi scheme robbing investors and the U.S. economy of 65 billion (yes with a B) dollars.  Society hopefully learned from this icon of Materialism’s criminal example.  If however some other chump has been trying to outdo Bernie since entreating upon his 150 year prison sentence, Saturn will be exposing his or her greedy ways much sooner than later.


Brad had plenty more to say about Mr. Madoff and the karmic repercussions from his Black Hole of monetary greed in the following link:


Bernie & Ruth Madoff – The Greediest Couple of the 21st Century



Great or Not, It’s still a Depression

Let’s reinforce the concept of hedonistic avarice by looking even further back at the very same astrological period of transition society now finds itself in. As it enters Capricorn, the Lord of Karma will be taking leave of a sign known for anything BUT restriction and practiced austerity, that being the sign that tends to rely on Luck by stumbling into the right place at the right time, Sagittarius.  The sign of the Centaur may be well known for its optimism, but that positive approach can get rather hedonistic when the fun times are left unmonitored and run wildly out of control.  A month following Black Tuesday on December 1st, 1929, the Lord of Karma put the official kibosh on that wild ride known as the Roaring 20’s when it left the pleasure seeking sign of Sagittarius and  entered Capricorn, thus ushering in that most austere of economic times this country has ever experienced better known as The Great Depression.


Fatedly for us in the present time, Pluto put an economic damper on things when it began its transit through Capricorn back in 2008 with a Plutonian Depression that may not have had the devastating damage of its Great predecessor but society is still reeling from its aftereffects in the Here and Now just the same.


Saturn will be checking in to see if we learned our fiscal lessons when the ringed planet catches up with Pluto in January of 2020, but more on that forecast of financial fun a bit later.


Starting Next Year, Karma Comes in 2 Flavors!

With the Lord of Karma having a double edged effect being positioned in its ruling sign for the next few years, Saturn’s influences will in all likelihood be served in 2 predominant flavors:  “Richly Rewarding” for those who have been consistently doing their work  and “Painfully Punishing”  for those who have not.  Most likely the Great Malefic will have a lifetime Saturnine supply of the latter flavor and a mere handful of small cup containers of the former, which should more than suffice.  We must also keep in mind Saturn isn’t all Gloom and Doom, the Task Master of Karma tangibly rewards those who do their proper share of the toil that is asked of them.

For those who think they can avoid the Saturnine karmic serving line altogether, unrest assured – the Lord of Karma WILL find you.

I would like to address the Great Malefic’s  upcoming transit in the two areas of modern life beneath Saturn’s domain of rulership that directly or indirectly have the strongest influence over 21st century society – Political Administration along with the Corporate and Business worlds.

Saturn’s transit through the sign of the “Corporate”

Corporate blah blah blah
To put it simply, anything pertaining to the business world is Saturn ruled. Our career paths, our actual labors, and the rules and regulations which dictate how business is conducted are all beneath the Lord of Karma’s domain of influence.  (Think any and all things related to the 10th House).  Since that which is associated with the corporate or business worlds are Saturn ruled, the ringed planet’s transit through it’s own sign should prove to be a most significant time of change that stands to greatly affect how business will be done overall in the years ahead.

In Part I euphemistically called Saturn’s ruling sign of Capricorn, “the sign of the workaholic” due to their making work a top priority in order for them to each climb their mini-mountains of Status.  I also have another pet name for Capricorn – the sign of the “corporate”.   With their relentless work ethic and need for a job environment that has upward mobility to accommodate their Status driven goals, along with their natural affinity towards business administration, how could the word “corporate” NOT be interchangeable with Capricorn?

Back in 2008 when Saturn was in the sign of its exaltation of Libra, I put out an economic SOS for the Goat Guys and Girls of this country to re-strategize a new, leaner and meaner American economy.  Even back then I specifically requested to those born beneath the sign of the corporate to come up with a strategy that was based in  global competition and compromise.

Clearly my request fell on deaf ears especially when considering our country’s current CEO has been doing his utmost to isolate and alienate the United States (The President’s recent tit-for-tat “tweet” war with Britain’s PM Theresa May along with his tug of war “who’s the more manly man?” handshake of a wrestling match with France’s newly elected President, Emmanuel Macron on Bastille Day are both perfect examples of his isolationist tactics.)  from any and all global trade partnerships, all while megaphoning a slogan that is as obsolete as it is inapplicable,  “Make America Great Again“.

Despite all that aimless noise, Saturn may be turning things around by showing  American businesses how to gets things properly done going forward.

As the planet of business administration transits through the sign of the corporate, American businesses should soon enough realize they will need to all be working at maximum efficiency with the latest and greatest technologies at their disposal –  just to survive. Saturn may be associated with such dusty concepts as “old age” and “tradition” but the Lord of Karma positioning itself in the sign of the corporate is an indication that the time has come for businesses of every kind to modernize themselves to 21st century standards if they want to do business in times ahead. And a major part of that modernization is becoming more globally acclimated.

No offense, but those gargantuan foam fingers that screamed in bold print “We’re #1” have been sagging their way downwards and pointing towards the floor for quite some time, given the US has not been the forerunner of innovative business as it was in prior times.

With countries that have economies on the rise like Brazil and India becoming more and more present on the business playing field alongside that ever-growing Titan of business competition better known as China, the US has no other choice but to get globally acclimated with its business practices and partnerships just to keep up, let alone stay competitive in the game of global big business.

Hopefully the Lord of Karma will approve of America’s willingness to change and globally expand, otherwise it’s back to the lesson learning drawing board all over again with a 21st century Great Depression as our educational backdrop this upcoming time around.

The Age of Big Data

HDFC Bank robot teller
In 2017, India’s HDFC Bank innovatively took the lead in both global and technological  advancement not only within their business sector of banking but throughout the business world at large with the latest addition to their work force – “Ira”, the world’s first robotic bank teller.


AI.  Self driving cars.  Robotic tellers. Technology is advancing at a frighteningly fast pace with a velocity exceeding far beyond society’s expectations from just a few years ago.  Even terms which signified the Computer and Technological Ages are becoming obsolete as the Age of Big Data elbows its way through to the front of the line of innovative advancement.

In Part I, I mentioned how Saturn’s ruling sign of Capricorn likes to show off their ethic of hard work by owning the latest and greatest “things”.  Let’s take that same concept and apply it to the circulatory system of the business and corporate worlds, that being Technology.

Not only will Global accessibility be on the top of Saturn’s checklist as it transits the sign of the corporate, the ringed planet will also be inspecting everyone’s make and model of computer to make sure all equipment being used  is up to date and globally compliant.  (Allow a wide enough pathway for the Lord of Karma to squeeze by to verify the serial number posted on the back of every piece of technology).

Look at it this way, the up to date modernization that gets accomplished now will only help in protecting we human folk from our Artificially Intelligent Overlords which shall come into their prominence when  Saturn leaves Capricorn and enters the sign of Futurism and Technology, aka Aquarius in mid 2020.  Just Kidding!!……or am I?

The planet which rules over that money-costing thing better known as “Time” will be determining in record speed which entities will still be playing in the game of global big business and who will be forced to throw in their business towel.  Companies that have a solid strategy plan focusing on global expansion that incorporate the most up to date technologies and modernized business standards are in.   Start-ups with no defined business plan along with those who intend on strictly doing domestic business or who are determined to continue using their antiquated desk tops, phone systems, and the like will end up on the garbage heap right alongside those old foamy fingers that’ll only be making things great as housing for entire colonies of mold and super competitive bacterial germs.


America # 1 Foam Hand

Operator Recorder Voice – “We’re sorry.  Obsolete foam items representing isolationist national pride will no longer be accepted and will be considered a health hazard as Saturn travels through the sign of the corporate for the next 2.5 years.  Good-bye.  Click.”


One last thing about Saturn’s effect on any and all things corporate – some words of warning meant especially for those born beneath the sign of the corporate, aka Capricorn.  In Part I, I mentioned how it’s only been in recent times that Saturn has been seen as having benefits and opportunities alongside its challenges and difficulties.  Well the theory still stands in both the positive and negative applications of that balanced theory.  So with all this talk about things being innovatively expanding along with the next few years being a time of empowerment for those born beneath Saturn’s sign of Capricorn,  you Goat Guys and Girls might get so swept up in all the excitement at your jobs you could very well work yourselves to death.  In other words, the Capricorn becoming so immersed in their work they forget to do things more and more like sleeping and eating. Approach the upcoming surge of job stimulation in moderation, my Cappies otherwise you will work yourselves out of existence.  Heed my words with this visual warning, Goat Kids:

Capricorn SkeletonAll work with barely any food, rest, or recreation over time will make for a Capricorn early grave if left unmonitored.


Saturnine Administration of Local Politics

Did you know the Lord of Karma rules over administrative centers and districts of all kinds? Swear to Saturn! In Astrology, National Politics and the activities which involve our nation’s capital are overseen by the sign of  Sagittarius and its 9th House of Political Affiliation.  Not surprisingly, with the sign of the Centaur being the most overtly optimistic of signs along with being ruled by the biggest planet in the Solar System which deals with exaggeration and over-amplification, the myriad of impassioned pledges for a better tomorrow exclaimed during many a prominent political campaign often end up resulting in a slew of  empty promises.  However the administration and implementation of laws and policies already established from Washington D.C. but even more importantly from a local or civic level fall beneath Saturn’s domain and its ruling sign of Capricorn.  Even should a city or state capital be ruled by a different sign of the Zodiac, the areas of those places that are deemed to be administrative in nature are foundationally placed under the Lord of Karma’s sphere of influence.

My fellow Americans, for your Delusional Deception our Federal Government hurriedly “passes” on to its people: THE TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT

Returning once more to the darker side of the Lord of Karma’s role as the planetary Devil,  Saturn is a planet which deals with the gaining of wisdom but usually through undergoing extreme hardship or loss.  In the wee hours of the early morning of December 2nd, 2017 the federal government passed an overhaul of the American taxation system under the nebulously named title “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act“.  So as not to come out immediately swinging with its overtly deceptive wrongness, one of the main tenets of this tax bill cites that every American citizen earning a middle class income would be able to retain an extra $800 – 1200 on their individualized tax returns going forward.

It must be noted the last time a tax overhaul of this magnitude was proposed , it took 2 full years for it to be mulled over, debated and eventually voted on, unlike Congress’ most recent fiscal Frankenstein which was passed with sonic speed in under 2 weeks.

Tax Reform Oz

“Pay no attention to those unimposing deceivers behind the curtain.”  A recent photo taken of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill from the land of Oz being sold to the American people by two of the central Wizards of illusion,  standing at the center podium Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Paul Ryan. and directly behind him to the right the Majority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell.  Note the sign being used to promote this smoke and mirrors tax bill reads: “TAX REFORM, MORE jobs, FAIRER taxes, BIGGER paychecks”.  And it’s gotta be the real deal since everything is being done before the portrait eyes of that Founding Father who could not tell a gosh darn lie – George Washington, himself.


It should also be mentioned when this 500+ page document was presented in the late evening hours of December 1st before key opposers of the tax bill such as Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic opposition was also informed of being allotted one hour to familiarize themselves with the rushed Republican print job choked with handwritten chicken scratch of numerous illegible edits before the phone-book sized revised tax law would be voted on for the finalization process.   But despite rushed urgency being imposed, some eagle eyes were able to catch two last minute provisions covertly tacked on by Republicans hoping no one would notice – the green light for the drilling of a gas pipeline which would run through Alaska’s Arctic Nationall  Wild Life Refuge, along with bulldozing over anything associated with the health care bill established by President Trump’s predecessor commonly known as  “Obamacare”. Much to the peril of ever-dwindling populations of wolves, polar bears, and caribou living along the Arctic Coast it unfortunately looks like the passing of the tax act will keep the Arctic pipe drilling still very much in tact with all opposing provisions having been overruled.  How gas pipes tearing up the dwindling land of a wild life refuge are integral to a tax reform bill is beyond me but we’ll revisit that thought at another time…

Since its initial passing by both the House and Senate on that dark December morn, numerous other loopholes have been discovered in the tax bill as it makes its way to soon becoming the law of the land.  As alarmingly worrisome as that previous sentence sounds, the planet of administration will have entered into its own sign when the time comes for this government-made weapon of mass deception to be finalized before being signed off by the President as law.  Should other attempts be made to sneak-in even more tax loop holes under everyone’s nose, I haven’t a single worry the Lord of Karma will be noticing each and every one of them, no matter how illegible the chicken scratch revisions acting as loophole camouflage will be.

Two additional factors we must openly keep central to our focus whenever dealing with the ringed planet’s influence:  Saturn always plays by the rules (given the ringed planet devised them in the first place) and What you see with the Lord of Karma is what you get with nothing hidden under the surface or covertly written in between the lines.

Excluding the Republicans trying to pull a few “fast ones” at the midnight hour,  we need to step back from this tax overhaul and, as my dearly missed father would say, “do the math”.  These reductions in taxes for the American populace are super great especially when being sold to the public as an undeniable “good thing” because what kind of pinko Communist wouldn’t want to pay less in taxes?  The fact remains the new tax overhaul will put the American budget further into debt by $1.5  trillion over the upcoming decade (Brad thinks far sooner than that). And to infuse a reality check, just because actual money isn’t being doled out into everyone’s open palm does not mean that $1.5 trillion in tax cut funds just goes away and is never to be dealt with or worried about again. That substantial sum of money needs to be accounted and made up for in any case.

So how about the government robs pre-established programmed Peter to pay Pie-in-the-sky Paul with funding already allotted to other programs? Said another way how about the government makes up for all the tax cut dollars which are being used as bait given taxes for the middle class will eventually be raised in the big picture which weren’t even in our Treasuries to begin with by taking money away from other government programs that are already pre-established?

Or said yet another way – Saturn’s  approaching transition through the sign of Capricorn.

That which will bear a goodly portion of the burden with how that 1.5 trillion of extra debt will even be addressed with, let alone paid off at some point in the hazy far away future will be the local branches of our government and civic administrative offices.  Not the Fantasia based “trickle down” theory of Reaganomics supported by many Republicans who say the profitable gains brought to corporations will “trickle down” into more jobs for the working class (Yes, that’s the “Jobs” they’re referring to with their incredibly vague bill title, “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”)  leading to a better economy overall.  Not only will our administration centers be forced to make do with far, far less, it will be up to each local government branch to determine which programs will unavoidably need to be terminated due to funding being greatly reduced or cut off altogether.

After all, who needs such things as PBS, NPR, Medicare, and Social Security when the federal government is successfully performing the smoke-and-mirrors illusion to the American people that they are actually earning extra money with their supposed tax relief? Better watch your job, David Copperfield.

The Republican rhetoric of deceptive illusion over the eyes of the American public in relation to the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” is so masterful, it can be likened to their own specialized version of making the Statue of Liberty vanish.


To quote the governor of New York state, Andrew Cuomo, who calls out the illusionary tactic made with the new tax plan:

“You have an administration saying they want to cut taxes and now literally they want to tax you on the taxes that you pay.”

Whereas our Commander and Chief counteracts reality by recently saying the following:

“We’re going to cut taxes for the middle class, make the tax code simpler and more fair for everyday Americans, and we are going to bring back the jobs and wealth that have left our country and most people thought left our country for good,”
Donald Trump, December 3rd,  2017

So is that why corporations with off shore funding will be let off the tax hook altogether, Mr. Trump?  Let’s Make America 3rd Rate!

Which brings us full circle back to President’s Trump’s most masterful smoke-and-mirrors act of futility that’s his own special version of making the Statue of Liberty disappear into thin air right before everyone’s eyes – Make America Great Again.

But amidst this black cloud of deceptive dreck there is a silver lining.  Smoke and mirrors and underhandedness in every variation are all associated with the planet of fantasy, deception, and UN-reality, Neptune, whose influence has been quite strong as of late due to the fourth largest planet being positioned in its own sign of rulership, Pisces.  Need I remind everyone that when dealing with the Lord of Karma,  not even the tiniest crumb is seen in any perspective other than a hyper-realistic one nor is anything related to Saturn’s time and or energies ever viewed as being overdramatically made up or grossly exaggerated.  Why?

Because there are those choice times when Reality is the only assured thing still standing that we can tangibly work with immediately following  a period of extreme hardship or loss.

No matter what takes place following the bursting of those government-made bubbles of unreality in the not so distant future, this country will show its inherent greatness by moving onwards and upwards.  The Lord of Karma’s transit through Capricorn over the next few years will see to it that society retains whatever assets are necessary for the purpose of laboring towards a realistically promising future.

And speaking of the future……

January of 2020 – Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn

The Lord of Karma will exit its ruling sign come March 22nd of 2020 but from now until then, the ringed planet will be catching closer and closer up to the furthest planet in our Solar System eventually conjoining Pluto at the 22nd degree of Capricorn during the 2nd week in January of that year.  Some possible translations as to what that planetary conjunction could mean:

Earthquake – with seismic activity taking place seemingly everywhere on the globe BUT California over the last decade, the conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in the EARTH sign of Capricorn hints this could very well be the “Big One” scientists have been saying is long overdue.  The positioning of the planet of amplification, Jupiter along with the actual planet of earthquakes, Uranus, in the element of Earth at that future time only further reinforces this theory. Never hurts to prepare in any case.

Stock Market Crash –  As stated earlier, the stock market crash of 1929 which occurred on October 29th or Black Tuesday took place while Saturn was at the tail end of Sagittarius and the Lord of Karma’s entrance into Capricorn of December that year brought about a period of never before seen restriction in this country famously called The Great Depression.  Also mentioned earlier in this piece, we experienced an economic shake up of its own when Pluto entered the sign of the corporate back in 2008 as evidenced by those many bubbles of real estate euphoria all being popped at the same time.  2008’s stock market scare will hopefully serve as a buffer for Saturn’s upcoming crash course of conjunction with Pluto in 2020, where the effect will hopefully be nowhere as severe as The Great Depression based on the precautionary measures taken since that time to reinforce the economy’s strength and pliability.  If anything it’s a nice thought, at least, especially when considering the after effects that are bound to follow when that gargantuan bubble of economic delusion otherwise known as The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act violently bursts apart right around that time.

Rather than end this Saturnine series with such not-so-pleasant prospects regarding the unfolding future, how about something completely different?

Living Longer!

Those born in the years which followed World War II until around 1964 are known as the “Baby Boom Generation“.   As the name implies, there was a massive concentration of births during that range of time and those same people are now approaching their elderly years.  Rather than pessimistically waiting for the Grim Reaper’s arrival as with earlier generations, the Baby Boomers want their lives to be actively full right up until their last breath along with their life expectancy to be significantly extended beyond what is currently accepted.

With the planet of aging and the aged entering its own sign expect to see marked advancements in the fields of geriatrics and mobile transportation with noteworthy improvements being made to walkers, wheel chairs, and e-bikes. Saturn’s transit through its ruling sign of Capricorn should also have the world of science making major medical breakthroughs over the next few years with diseases that especially affect the elderly such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, resulting in Life for many being better and longer lived.

No matter our age, we all should embrace this new cosmic cycle of the Lord of Karma’s shift into its ruling sign. Even should Saturn’s upcoming trek bring with it hardship and tougher times, take comfort in knowing each of us will be made stronger and more karmicly sound after all is said and done.



Brad Kronen’s book “Love in the Stars” published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.  is available for purchase at your local book seller or online at at the link listed below.

Brad Kronen’s guide on Astrology and Relationships “Love in the Stars” for purchase on


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