The Circular Light of the Cosmos: The Death of Stephen Hawking



Stephen W. Hawking
January 8th, 1942 – March 14th, 2018


I am deeply saddened to learn about the death of one of the greatest minds in human history yet am also amazed at the man’s willpower to remain alive up until this point in time. Beautifully, the day the great Stephen Hawking left this plane of existence is the same day on which the man considered the other greatest mind in human history was born, since March 14th marks the birthday of the intellectual Titan, Albert Einstein. Realizing the significance behind this date made me a hint more aware of the great mysteries of the Universe which unto themselves act as flowing circles of light that are born, powerfully shine in their natural brilliance, and are reborn to transcend again and again, forever and ever.

Eternal rest be granted unto you, Mr. Hawking and may Perpetual Light shine upon your soul. You are finally free of your prison cage of a physical body and can now freely roam, run, stroll and cartwheel throughout the Cosmos at your leisure. The world is indebted to your determined will to sustain and suffer for so very long so that humanity could optimally benefit from the workings of your divine mind during your life of labor.

Blessed Be.

One thought on “The Circular Light of the Cosmos: The Death of Stephen Hawking

  1. Beautiful tribute and sentiments! Steven is now totally healed with a whole new body! Indeed may he rest in PEACE in his new home paradise. XXXXX

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