Diplomacy in the Land of Morning Calm – Summit Talks Between North & South Korea, Part I

Diplomacy in the Land of Morning Calm 
Summit Talks between North & South Korea
Part I
Brad Kronen

Flag of the Koreas


The Land of Morning Calm.

The above mentioned poetic title which by its name alone automatically conjures a sense of peaceful tranquility dates back to the 15th century when the Joseon Dynasty ruled over one unified kingdom that covered the Korean Peninsula in its entirety. A kingdom that over the course of history split into two very separate and distinct areas which in the modern day we call North and South Korea.

It must be noted during that same period when Korea as a whole was first called the Land of Morning Calm was also when the world’s first book made by movable print was created. Seventy-eight years prior to the debut of the Guttenberg Bible, a book of Buddhist Zen teachings made by movable metallic printing type entitled “Jikji” emerged from the Kingdom of Korea in 1377.

JikjiSeventy-eight years before Johannes Guttenberg revolutionized Western History with his printed Bible, the world’s first book made by movable metallic printing type emerged from the Kingdom of Korea in 1377, a collection of Buddhist monk Zen teachings entitled “Jikji.

It’s hard to imagine two places in the modern day that are so virulently opposed to one another where each full-heartedly denies the validity of the other, were actually once united as a core group of people known in times past as Koreans.

But the Past could very well be repeating itself over the course of some key upcoming events which will be taking place in the very near Future…

Come April 27th, the national leaders of both North and South Korea will be meeting for summit talks in a village which borders both diametrically opposed countries.

Summit (noun) – the highest level of diplomatic or other governmental officials

The scheduled talks between North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s President, Moon Jae-in will be held in the border village of Panmunjom located in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas in a building called the “Peace House”. With the Peace House being technically located in the South geographically, April’s summit talks will mark the first time a leader from North Korea will set foot in South Korea since the Korean War.

From an astrological perspective, the upcoming talks scheduled for April 27th between the two Koreas could not be happening at a more optimal time, diplomatically.

The Natal Chart of North Korea

North Korea Natal with transits for 042718

Before analyzing North Korea’s natal chart we must first look at that country’s origins as to how it came into existence.

How North Korea Came to Be

The country known today as North Korea officially began at the end of World War II following Japan’s surrender to the Allied Forces. Korea had been a unified state at the dawn of the 20th century but was invaded by Japan’s Empire of the Sun in 1910 and was occupied by Japanese forces until 1945.

The two Koreas are the living embodiments of the rival shows of force that occurred at War’s end between the victorious superpowers of the Soviet Union and the United States. Much like how Eastern Europe was forced into Communist governance with each country serving as a puppet satellite state to the USSR following Nazi occupation, the Korean Peninsula served as a post-War guinea pig to the Allied victors after the defeat of its Japanese occupiers. North Korea would act as yet another Communist satellite country under the dominion of the Soviet Union and South Korea would serve under the influential control of the West through the United States.

Mirroring how conquered Berlin was being divided by a Wall with the eastern section of the city being placed under Communist control and the Western portion under the jurisdiction of Western Europe and the US, the newly divided Korean Peninsula would be defined using a geographical indicator of latitude, with the 38th parallel serving as the border that distinctly separated the Communist North from the Westernized South.

North Korea was officially begun by the Soviet Union on September 10th, 1948. The Soviets determined every aspect as to how the North would be governed, right down to designing its national flag. From its inception, North Korea was sheltered and kept isolated from the outside world by its Communist overseers. Anyone who wasn’t native to North Korea (this includes their next door neighbors in the South) hasn’t had the slightest clue as to what went on behind its borders since the country’s inception in the mid 20th century right through to the present day.

North Korean Flag
The flag of North Korea bears the symbology most Communist countries share of the color red along with a large star, also in Communist oriented red. But unlike other Communist countries, North Koreans had no say regarding the design of their national flag since it was already pre-determined by the Soviet government when North Korea was officially made a country in September of 1948.

Charting a Soviet Satellite

One glance at North Korea’s natal chart indicates how highly secretive this country is to its very foundation. With the exception of a few asteroids, the ENTIRE chart is located below the Horizon or AC line, symbolizing a national dynamic that is furtive, underground, and a complete mystery to those not from there.

The IC or Immum Coeli is the very lowest point of any given natal chart and the two closest planets to North Korea’s IC reiterate the story behind the country’s Communist stronghold of influence. The country’s identifiable “self”, represented by the Sun is located a mere 3 degrees from the lowest point of the chart in the sign of servitude, Virgo, in the 4th House of Home and Homeland. This stifled sense of national self identity is largely due to the influence of a very overpowering Saturn, the planet of structure and restriction placed in the domineering sign of leadership, Leo, in the 3rd House of Communication and located 9 degrees from North Korea’s IC. Saturn’s position closely resembles the strategic control  Russia has had over this country since its beginning – located not directly above North Korea’s head nor over its throat but close enough to be a very threatening presence of influence that enforces a strict code of silence with any of its communications with the outside world.

The Ascendant or Rising Sign when interpreted in a national chart indicates how that country interacts and conducts itself with the outside world. North Korea’s Ascendant clearly indicates its isolationist positioning since not only is it placed in the sign of localized nationalism and patriotic zealotism, Cancer, its positioning of 0 degrees Cancer puts it at a Cardinal Point.

A Cardinal Point is when a planet or point of significance is positioned at 0 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn and is an indicator of fame or notoriety. North Korea’s isolationist ways give that country its notoriety if for the mere fact its secretive sense of mystery of strictly keeping to itself leaves the rest of the world guessing as to what goes on behind its borders.

Along with the Sun the planet of Communication, Mercury is also located in the House at the bottom of the chart that’s naturally ruled by Cancer, the 4th but in the sign of partnership, Libra and conjunct 3 degrees from the planet of deception and fantasy that also oversees silence unto itself, Neptune. This would indicate that North Korea wouldn’t even fantasize about communicating any kind of global announcement or correspondence without first getting the approval from its Communist overseer. This unto itself isn’t much of a concern given the country would rather maintain its aura of mystery with the outside world by remaining consistently silent.

Unless, of course there is a banter of childish name calling with the leader of the Western World that is as fantasy based and delusional as it is irrational…

Along with repeatedly mentioning his country’s ever growing display of nuclear might, North Korea’s leader has been publically vocal about one other topic – Name Calling with President Trump. With terms like “Fat Boy”, “Old Man”, “Maniac”, “Nut Job”, along with the highly popular “Rocket Man” being hurled at each other, America’s diplomatic ties to North Korea as of late seemed nothing more than a 4th grade bantering match with the two world leaders screaming “I know you are, but what am I?” over and over and over again. Noting North Korea’s natal Mercury conjunct Neptune it’s no wonder the few public statements which have come directly from Kim Jong-un’s mouth are childish insults that irrationally border on the delusional.

North Korea’s Most Public “Thing”

Alongside its Ascendant or Rising Sign North Korea’s chart has yet another heavenly aspect that is at a Cardinal Point at 0 degrees Cancer – Uranus.

The world may know next to nothing about this secretive Communist country, but ask any random American adult what image or topic comes to mind after hearing the words “North Korea” or “Kim Jong-un” and a vast majority of people will respond with the one thing that North Korea’s leader has been consistently mentioning in public – Nuclear Weapons.

And wouldn’t you know it? The planet which astrologically oversees anything to do with nuclear weaponry, technology, or proliferation just so happens to be positioned at a Cardinal Point in North Korea’s chart – Uranus.

With the “nuclear” planet located in the sign of the home grown, Cancer and exactly conjunct the Ascendant it’s no wonder the only noteworthy aspect about this enigmatic country which the outside world is keenly aware of is North Korea’s ever growing nonuclear arsenal and the nuclear tests they have been conducting over the last year and a half. When put in formulaic terms:

One of the few readily known (Cardinal Point) factors associated with North Korea is the outside world’s awareness (Ascendant) of that country’s ever growing stock pile of nuclear weapons (Uranus) along with the presumed global perception (Ascendant) that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un seems intent on eventually using those weapons at some point in the future (Uranus) given the various nuclear tests North Korea has conducted locally off its shores (Cancer) over the course of 2017.

In Part II of this series, Brad will astrologically analyze North Korea’s participating role in relation to April’s summit talks with South Korea via that country’s Progressed chart cast for April 27th as well as casting a chart for the actual diplomatic event unto itself.



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