Diplomacy in the Land of Morning Calm – Summit Talks between North and South Korea, Part II

Diplomacy in the Land of Morning Calm:
Summit Talks between North and South Korea
Part II
Brad Kronen

Koreas shake hands

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un (left) meets at the demilitarized zone border to shake hands with the leader of South Korea, Moon Jae-in (right) at the historic summit meeting the two Koreas on April 27th. Photo courtesy of cnn.com


The Crayfish sides with the Crab.” – Old Korean Proverb referring to those who come from similar backgrounds should stick together.


Despite North and South Korea being so diametrically opposed to one another where even in the present day neither recognizes the validity of the other, there are those choice rare times when the two countries actively participate together as a unified whole – sporting events.

Since 1991 should an international sporting event occur where athletes from both the North and South competitively play on the same team, they will be represented by the following:

Korea Unification Flag


A simple flag with a white background and a blue outline of the lands of North and South Korea in the center without the presence of a distinct border of separation. Although the flag isn’t official for either country, it is in abundance whenever athletes from the two Koreas compete together and is euphemistically referred to as the Korean Unification Flag.

As stated in Part I the leaders from North and South Korea will be meeting for summit talks this upcoming April 27th. The talks will be held at a village which borders both countries and will be taking place in a building named the “Peace House”. Astrologically the date chosen for these talks seems optimal for effective diplomacy, especially when considering it was just last year when Congress considered sending American troops to the Korean peninsula since the ever growing threat of war between the two neighboring countries seemed imminent.

Before reviewing the chart cast for the actual event itself, let’s analyze the summit talks from a progressed perspective as seen by North Korea’s Progressed Chart.

The Progressed Chart of North Korea

North Korea Progressed 042718


A Progressed Chart is when the planets of a natal chart are moved through time and are analyzed from an evolutionary perspective. The theory behind this kind of chart is that as time passes, a person (or in this case an actual country) should be evolving as they gain in such factors as maturity and wisdom. The Progressed Chart is cast with a particular date to see how far along the person (or country in this case) SHOULD be at that point in time evolutionary wise and provides a sense of whatever evolutionary lessons need to be addressed during that particular period as well. The date chosen for North Korea’s Progressed Chart is the day on which the summit talks are scheduled to take place, April 27th, 2018.

It must also be mentioned that by far, the most critical planet in any given Progressed Chart is the Moon, since the planet which rules over human emotion naturally is the best indicator of evolutionary progress as well.

The astrological points of key interest which stand out in North Korea’s Progressed Chart for this upcoming April 27th are the following: the positioning of the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node.

Progressed Moon in Gemini in the 10th House

In Part I, the natal chart for North Korea remarkably showed every planet in the Solar System positioned below the horizon, signifying that country’s highly secretive and isolationist foundation along with indicating that what went on within their borders was a total mystery to the outside world. As mentioned earlier the Moon is the most significant planet in a progressed chart and North Korea’s Progressed Moon during the summit talks shows the key planet placed in the sign of communication, Gemini in the 10th House of the Public. This one factor unto itself hints of the summit talks being productively effective since the openness to communicate and just as importantly listen should be consistently present at that time.

Progressed Venus in Libra in the 3rd House

Many don’t realize that not only does Venus rule over the concepts of Love and Beauty, the planet also oversees the concepts of Good Manners, Decorum, and most importantly for these monumental talks – Diplomacy. A pleasant sense of diplomacy seems assured with this placement since Venus will be positioned in its ruling sign that’s known for its good manners, decorum, and diplomacy, Libra. As if that wasn’t enough of a good omen unto itself, during the summit talks this well-mannered, highly diplomatic Venus will be shining in North Korea’s 3rd House of Communications. Dare it be said it looks as if these talks could result in a lovely time being had by all who attend.

Progressed Mars in Sagittarius in the 4th House

Despite being a relatively small country in size, North Korea has the fourth largest army in the entire world. This can be interpreted with the planet of war and the military, Mars placed in the sign ruled by the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter ruled Sagittarius.

North Korea = Mars (military, armies) + Sagittarius (gargantuan, expansively big)
= an over abundance of military power.

North Korea may have an impoverished economy but its citizens understand their country institutes a societal policy of “military first” where its armed forces get first priority in any and all political and economic matters of the state.

Sagittarius is a sign which deals not only with abundance but foreign culture and travel as well. North Korea’s powerful military has restricted itself to within its borders as indicated by Mars being positioned in the 4th House of Home and Homeland. However considering the militaristic planet is positioned in the last degrees of the House of Home just before the 5th House of Creativity as well as opposed to the Progressed Moon in Gemini, North Korea could very well use its military might as a bartering tool where their over abundance of of well trained soldiers could be dispatched beyond their borders to assist the armies of the South as well as other countries in various activities such as maintaining the Peace for starters.

Progressed Jupiter in Capricorn in the 5th House

Sources vary as to the year North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un was born with some saying 1982, others 1983, and still others 1984, but one thing is certain, the man’s birthday is January 8th making him a Capricorn. Not only is Kim Jong-un credited for these summit talks by initiating even the possibility of such an unheard thing taking place with South Korea, the man has also extended a diplomatic olive branch to the United States as well with talks being proposed in the form of a face to face meeting with President Trump in May.

Jupiter not only oversees the concepts of abundance, expansion, and foreign culture, the largest heavenly body in our Solar System is also considered the planet of blessings and bestowment. The summit talks unto themselves are historically noteworthy but with Jupiter being placed in the House of Creative Self-Expression in Kim Jong-un’s sign of Capricorn and at a Cardinal Point (see Part I for full explanation of that term), North Korea’s leader could very well win over every attendee present with a Jupiterian sense of good natured optimism.

As an odd side note to this major event, Kim Jong-un is revered in his country like a god due to his ancestry being believed to be the divinely chosen bloodline of leadership for all of North Korea.  Jupiter is also known as the planet of the divine and with the heavenly body of blessings placed in Kim’s sign it looks like the cult of personality that surrounds his person should remain relatively in tact throughout the talks.  In other words, while at the summit talks Kim won’t necessarily be made to feel he’s just another icky human being like everyone else attending.

Progressed Uranus in Gemini in the 11th House

In Part I of this series, it was mentioned the anything nuclear falls beneath the domain of the planet Uranus. Aside from its military might, North Korea has become more and more of a global threat due to its ever growing aresenal and subsequent testing of nuclear warheads.

The 11th House oversees the concepts of the Future and groups at large and is ruled by the planet which rules over Futuristic matters, the masses (aka groups), and nuclear technology, Uranus. Not only is the nuclear planet placed in the communications sign of Gemini it is also positioned at the last possible degree of that sign at 29 degrees.  Astrologically, whenever a heavenly body is positioned at 29 degrees it is an indicator of high karmic significance, With the planet of that which is nuclear positioned at the karmic 29th  degree of the sign of communications in the House of the Future on April 27th, it would appear that these summit talks should make significant headway with the prospect of North Korea agreeing to gradually reduce and eventually eradicate its arsenal of nuclear olizesweapons over the course of the unfolding Future.

Progressed North Node in Taurus in the 9th House

Even with the many optimistically hopeful points already discussed, North Korea’s Progressed North Node looks to be the most hopeful of all the astrological indicators and is the most exciting.

The North Node is a karmic cause and effect point and its placement in a chart cast for an event versus a person’s birth represents the best possible goal that can be effectively reached. Said another way the North Node can be interpreted as  the end result of an event in the best of all possible outcomes. For anything to be considered karmicly significant in relation to the North Node the orb, or range of degrees is reduced to a tiny sliver of just 2 degrees.

The date chosen for the summit talks between North and South Korea is April 27th which translates astrologically to the Sun being positioned in the 6th degree of Taurus.  North Korea’s North Node, or the country’s best possible outcome at the time of the talk is positioned a mere 2 degrees away at 4 degrees Taurus and in the 9th House of Optimism and Blessings.

Going by North Korea’s Progressed North Node it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that the destined path of that country’s future leads to the summit talks being held with its neighbors in the South this upcoming 27th of April.

Which leads us to…..

North and South Korean Flags


The Event Chart of the Summit Talks between North and South Korea

Korean Talks (Event)


The final astrological analysis is the chart cast for the actual event of the summit talks between North and South Korea which are scheduled to take place on this upcoming April 27th. The chart shows the dynamics occurring overall on that day and does not delineate to either of the two countries involved. Whereas the previous charts were analyzed from strictly North Korea’s perspective, this last chart deals with the dynamic energies made between the leaders of both North and South Korea as a whole.

As mentioned earlier, the planet Venus deals with such pleasant things as good manners, decorum, and most importantly diplomacy. Interestingly enough Venus doesn’t rule over just one sign of the Zodiac, she oversees two – both Taurus and Libra. Beautifully both signs are represented with the Sun being in Venus ruled Taurus on April 27th and the Moon being in Venus ruled Libra on that day as well. Since this event’s outer surface (Sun) and inner motivation (Moon) are both in Venus ruled signs at the time of its occurrence, the April 27th summit talks stand to make diplomatic history given the astrological fact within Venus’ domain of rulership is Diplomacy itself .

The main topics of discussion of the summit talks will most likely revolve around the sign the planet of communication, Mercury, is placed in at that time along with the areas of Life the planet that is positioned closest to the Sun oversees.

Not surprisingly, Mercury is placed in the militaristic sign of Aries and the planet positioned closest to the event’s Sun is the planet of nuclear technology, Uranus in the military sign of Aries both positioned in the 9th House of Optimism and Blessings. This would indicate that North Korea’s formidable military along with its ever growing nuclear arsenal will not only be discussed openly but in all likelihood will be the two discussed topics that should have actively constructive plans put into place by the time the summit talks end.

Lastly, the summit talk’s North Node or karmic purpose is placed a mere few degrees before the Ascendant at 11 degrees Leo. By its North Node placement these talks foretell of plans for a better future being implemented for the peoples of both North and South Korea. The number 11 is highly karmic and is known as a “master builder” number. This would indicate that both parties partaking at the discussion table of diplomacy will both be doing so with the right intent of a mutually focused goal. The main motivating force as to why these talks possess such history making potential appears to be indicated by the sign placement of the event’s North Node as well as the house placement of Jupiter during this historic moment.

The summit talk’s North Node or hoped for goal for the future of North and South Korea hearkens back to its core past with the event’s North Node placed at the master builder number of 11 in the sign which deals with royalty ruled kingdoms, Leo assisted by the planet of blessings, Jupiter placed in the 4th House of Heritage.

The upcoming summit talks between the North and South stand to be a diplomatic triumph if for the simple fact the two warring parties were once united long ago when the Peninsula was known as the Land of Morning Calm in the unified Kingdom affectionately remembered as Korea.



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