Tiger Woods – Pluto’s Most Pronounced Capricorn Casualty

Tiger Woods – Pluto’s Most Pronounced Capricorn Casualty
Brad Kronen

Tiger Woods RIP

As the planet Pluto wields its path of destruction while transiting through the sign of Capricorn since 2008, one of the more prominent names on its list of Capricorn casualties is the man considered to be one of, if not the greatest player within the sport of competitive golf, Tiger Woods 


A game steeped in tradition with origins that trace far back through Time.  (Capricorn’s planetary ruler is the heavenly body which oversees Time and Tradition, Saturn)

– A game solidly structured by a parameter of firmly established rules of play. (Earth signs function best within environments that are as solidly structured as possible.)

– A game where repeatedly one has to reach a distant goal and diligently labor towards it. (The optimal work environment for the hardest working of signs.)

– A game not comprised of luck – beginners or otherwise; one learns to excel over time and by repeatedly working at it. (Nearly every Earth sign relies on consistent hard work, never Luck.  They also learn quickest and work best through the process of repetition.)

– A game where both commentator and fan alike are required to incorporate impeccable manners of consideration by publicly observing its play with whispered anticipation, versus emitting any kind of loud declaration or excited cheering. (The typical Capricorn approaches their world with behavior that’s highly mannered, yet reserved and emotionally detached that’s based in social decorum, otherwise known as “business formal”.)

– A game usually played by the wealthy and upper middle classes and is therefore considered a “status” activity. (The last of the Earth signs is also known as “the sign of Status”.)

– A game governed by conservative dress and communication which requires that a player look and sound “business formal”.  (Scroll up two paragraphs and apply the aforementioned to also include public dress and overall fashion sense.)

– A game whose essence is thoroughly of a Capricorn nature.

Said simply, Golf is hard. The game demands a civility of behavior and proper etiquette even when one wants to scream one’s head off or deeply desires to smash their golf clubs to bits after hitting another shank into yet another water hazard. Golf’s structured decorum sets it apart from every other sport and pastime, resulting in the game being enjoyed on a global scale and its top players being some of the highest paid athletes within the entire arena of competitive sports.

In every way, Golf mirrors the temperament of the typical Capricorn.  With that said, it should be no surprise that the biggest star the game of Golf has ever produced is himself, a son of Saturn – Tiger Woods.

Unlike the rest of the Zodiac, the life of the Capricorn karmicly goes in reverse, with their childhoods being non-existent due to having the mantle of adult responsibility thrust upon them. Mr. Woods is one of the best examples of this reversed karmic rule.  The Cappie child prodigy had a golf club placed in his hands at 9 months old and by the ripe age of 2 appeared on national television competing his putting skills against those of comedian Bob Hope on The Mike Douglas Show in 1978.

At the age of 5, the Golfing Wunderkind was on the cover of Golf Digest and appeared on the popular ABC TV show, “That’s Incredible!”.  By the age of eight, the ever busy Capricorn won the Junior World Golf Championships from the youngest possible age bracket – a title which the Goat kid went on to win six times over the course of his non-existent childhood.

By the time he was 21, Tiger Woods became the youngest man and first African-American to win the U.S. Masters Tournament.  From that point on, the greatest of golfers born beneath the sign of the Goat continued to ascend his climb up an individualized mountain of ambition that was entirely of his own making.  Throughout his 20’s and in the first few years past his Saturn Return, Tiger Woods went on to become one of a mere handful of golfers who repeatedly won the most prestigious competitions in the sport, winning four U.S. PGA titles, three U.S. Opens, three Open Championships, and three U.S. Masters.

Along with his stratospheric gain of noteworthy status, during his young adult years the Earth sign’s tangible assets exponentially increased as well with Woods’ personal worth reaching an estimated $600 million dollars by his Saturn Return at age 29.  Much of that immense gain resulted from the status driven Capricorn bringing in more than $85 million a year in tournaments and product endorsements during that time.

Each year which passes during and beyond a Capricorn’s Saturn Return should be lighter, brighter, sexier, funnier, and happier for those born beneath the sign that’s karmicly reversed. Indeed, this very well seemed to be the case for Mr. Woods.  The start of  Tiger’s planetary ruler’s Return at the age of 29 was marked by his marriage to another child of Saturn, Swedish model and fellow Capricorn, Elin Nordegren, whose New Year’s birthday came two days following his own.

While the rest of us are still kissing our Saturn inflicted wounds once our Saturn Return has finally ended at the age of 31, the Capricorn begins reaping the tangible rewards of what they’ve earned through their consistent hard work and astrologically adult-like responsibilities. Two years after Tiger Woods’ Saturn Return, at the age of 33, the golfer born beneath the sign of Status was the highest paid professional athlete in the world, with cumulative career earnings totaling over $1 billion at the beginning of 2009.

Falling in line with being born beneath the sign of status, not only did Tiger’s biggest sponsor have the highest status reputation throughout the entire sports world, Nike, Mr. Woods’ sponsorship extended beyond the realm of golf to include such high profile companies as Gatorade and AT&T. And as yet another example of Life mirroring Astrology, the Capricorn golfer whose planetary ruler of Saturn oversees the concept of Time itself also found further sponsorship with the two companies that made the most expensive, high status keepers of Time (aka watches) money could buy – Tag Heuer and Rolex.

But all of that was about to change when Pluto entered the sign of the Goat. 

In December of 2008, the heavenly body called The Lord of Death and Transformational Change, otherwise known as Pluto, entered Tiger Woods’ Sun sign of Capricorn. The furthest planet from the Sun oversees such intensely dark human issues as Power, Control, Sexuality and all things of a highly sexual or erotic nature, along with anything that’s hidden beneath the surface, taboo, and forbidden.  Pluto brings about transformational change but does so through the process of decimation, much like how a surviving seed is all that remains in the fertile soil following a devastating forest fire.

The force of change that accompanies a Plutonian transit is all encompassing and never delicate.

Not even a year would pass after Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn before the world would be stunned to hear that the golf player who was paid the biggest bucks in the world was also one of the biggest “players” in this world’s modern Age. With Pluto passing through the sign shared by both Capricorn husband and wife, the King of Golf Mountain’s throne would first be overthrown by the initial discovery of his numerous sexual trysts made by the Capricorn’s Capricorn wife.

The business formal professionalism usually displayed by Elin Woods in public was nowhere to be found when on Thanksgiving Night in 2009 the Goat Girl initially discovered the first of Tiger’s many mistresses on his cell phone.  Upon further realizing her husband’s infidelities weren’t restricted to merely one mistress but multitudes that included prostitutes and porn stars which ran the gamut from cocktail waitresses to high profile escorts, the Swede’s sense of detached Earth signed decorum fully disintegrated into the darkest of Plutonian rages.  Sensing that her state of high status living was in critical jeopardy, the Capricorn cuckold mirrored the battle tactics of the animal assigned to both her and her husband’s astrological Sun sign. Just as an enraged goat attacks by charging with their horns from behind, Elin Woods chased after her husband in a vengeful Plutonian rage by wielding a weapon which, unto itself, represented their mutually gained status as a high profile celebrity couple – a golf club.

One golf club-demolished luxury car, 121 adulteries, and one Capricorn husband highly humbled by humiliation later, the bond between the world’s most famous double Capricorn couple was fully laid to Plutonian rest 10 months (the Mystic Mountain Goat is the 10th sign of the Zodiac) following the discovery of one of the most media buzzed infidelity scandals of the century which resulted in one of the costliest celebrity divorces on record.

But that was just the beginning of Pluto’s uncomfortably long visit in Tiger Wood’s sign….

After word broke of Elin Woods’ meltdown, women came from out of the woodwork stating their own adulterous story with America’s highest paid athlete.  For four solid months Tiger’s infidelities were a top news item, so much so the golfer’s sexual labrynth of ever changing lovers was simply dubbed by the press “The Scandal”.   With the exception of his biggest money maker, Nike, many of Mr. Woods’ sponsors proceeded to drop him when “The Scandal”‘s most sordid and seedy details were made public.

Nike not only stood by Woods but in 2013 the sports giant attempted to create an ad campaign touting the golfing great’s comeback with a slogan that read, “Winning Takes Care of Everything“.  A sales pitch that wouldn’t remotely be entertained let alone accepted in the #MeToo Era.

In February of 2010 after being MIA and not seen by the paparazzi for months, Tiger Woods held a “press conference” at the PGA Tour Headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Despite the event being staged, not a thing could be considered theatrical with Tiger reading from a print out sheet with an emotionless monotone voice for 13 minutes to a hand picked “audience” that consisted of the golfer’s friends and biggest fans.

Within that 13 minutes, Mr. Woods publicly apologized for his actions by making statements listed below that sounded required and seen by many as being in no way contrite:

“I was unfaithful.  I had affairs.  I cheated.  I knew my actions were wrong but I convinced myself that normal rules didn’t apply. I was wrong.  I was foolish.  I am deeply sorry for the irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in.  I have a lot to atone for.  For all that I have done, I am so sorry.”

Golf.com described the press conference which ended with no questions being taken and Mr. Woods abruptly exiting after reading his pre-made speech with the following:

It was the 13 most awkward minutes in Golf’s history.  What’s second place on that list? Nothing.

It seemed that not only was the public not convinced at how sorry Tiger was, Pluto wasn’t either.

In an attempt to make a public image similar to the one “pre-Scandal”, Tiger Woods was seen romantically pursuing a woman who with her white-blonder hair resembled his formerly married wife. Like Tiger she too was an athlete but had the additional all-American likable bonus of being nationally pre-approved given her Olympic gold medal winning status, alpine ski racer, Lindsey Vonn.

Tiger let the world know he was dating Vonn in what sounded like an afterthought at the bottom of a laundry list on his Facebook profile.  After mentioning two golfing highlights from earlier in 2013 the announcement read:

“Another nice thing that has happened off the course was meeting Lindsey Vonn.”

Non-interestingly enough, Lindsey’s Wikipedia entry sums up the entirety of their 2 year relationship in under 25 words with a similar laundry-listed tone:

“Vonn met golfer Tiger Woods at a charity event in 2012. They started dating in March 2013 before splitting in May 2015.”

Many a tabloid tried to spice things up when Tiger and Lindsey officially ended their relationship by saying Woods’ sexual dalliances were to blame but much like Rock Hudson being photographed dating Doris Day and Elizabeth Taylor, the romance between the two athletes appeared for the most part to be nothing more than a public image booster for the disgraced golfer.

Also after the dust settled from the explosive Scandal came Tiger’s debilitating back problems and subsequent surgeries.

Following the public airing of his mountain of dirty laundry, Tiger’s golf game significantly dropped after his body became more and more afflicted with lower back pain leading to a vertebrae removal in that area in November of 2017.  Not to in any way downplay the severity of the man’s suffering but some have theorized that the source of Wood’s severe pain isn’t necessarily physical but rather stems from a core of repressed emotion.  The fact his immense pain emanates from the same area of the body that is most active during sexual intercourse makes these theories worthy of consideration.

2017 proved to be yet another tell tale year from a Plutonian perspective for Woods when in May of that year the golfing great was arrested for a DUI after supposedly falling asleep at the wheel.  Woods claims the reason which caused the unfortunate driving event were the many meds and pain killers he had simultaneously taken for his back pain.

It must be stated the last time Tiger Woods won a major golf competition was in 2008, a few months before Pluto entered the golfing great’s sign.   In December of 2017 the planetary ruler of Capricorn, Saturn entered the sign of the Goat.  Whereas Pluto is known as the Lord of Death through Transformational Change, Capricorn’s planetary ruler is known as the Lord of Karma.  Saturn may cause restriction and difficulty but never for naught.  The Lord of Karma’s problems are meant to be life lessons where we should learn and evolve from the hardship they bring.

Even with Pluto clearing the way with its path of destruction over the last decade, it begs the question whether Tiger Woods has evolved or at bare minimum learned from the many Plutonian misfortunes he has experienced over the last 10 years.  Naturally, only Mr. Woods’ inner self can answer that question but it must be said his public persona has displayed otherwise.

Considering how society has drastically changed in recent times, the man should be thanking his lucky stars his reckless actions were discovered a decade prior to and not during the Harvey Weinstein debacle or the #MeToo Movement which followed.

In January of 2020, the Lord of Karma will be catching up with the Lord of Death and Transformational Change when Saturn will be exactly conjunct Pluto in Tiger Woods’ birth sign of Capricorn.  We can only hope that Golf’s greatest will be prepared for that crucially cosmic merger by the Capricorn being able to show he has learned from the lessons so harshly imparted to him by the Universe leading up to that point in the not so distant future.

Should that not be the case, I shudder to think what the future holds for Pluto’s most pronounced Capricorn casualty given our current world is a vastly different place from even just a few years ago.  A societally changed place that no longer overlooks nor tolerates the transgressive behavior Tiger Woods has repeatedly exercised in times past.

Tiger Woods 2018 MastersTiger Woods almost gets lost in the crowd after hitting into a hazard at the Master’s Tournament in Augusta Georgia, April 6th, 2018 (Chris Carlson/AP Photo)



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