Uranus Transits Taurus 2018 – 2026: The Future is Cow!

In downtown Manhattan’s Financial District a tried and true image that has traditionally been associated with the abundance of the stock market recently had another sculpture positioned in its immediate vicinity.

Not long ago, the 11 foot tall, 7100 lb. weighing bovine sculpture named “Charging Bull” was confronted by a 4.16 foot tall, 250 lb. weighing statue entitled “Fearless Girl”.

In stark contrast to the bulging bull sculpture that is welcoming albeit intimidating since it represents when the market is on an upswing and “bullish”, the likeness of the little girl is miniscule when viewed against the behemoth bovine’s massive proportions. Even with that being the bronze based case, the little lady will not be bulled over, as her bold sense of daring clearly indicates with her clench fisted stance of unabashed fearlessness.

Apropos imagery as the planet Uranus newly transits into the sign of Taurus.

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Gone with the Wind: An Astrological Work of Art, Part I, Aries – Cancer

The film which won the Academy Award for “Best Motion Picture” for the year 1939 was based on a novel by the same name. Nearly everyone who read the tale by the life-long Atlanta native, Margaret Mitchell presumed “Gone with the Wind” was a fictionalized historical novel which focused on the Civil War Era. Few realize the one and only work published by Mitchell is also an astrological piece as well, where astrology is subtly interwoven throughout the story’s plot.

It is the astrological dynamics brought to life through the relationships established by the story’s cast of characters that make this film truly great, despite the novel’s historical inaccuracies and naively idealistic perspective about the antebellum South.

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