Uranus Transits Taurus 2018 – 2026: The Future is Cow!

Girl with Wall Street Bull

Uranus Transits Taurus 2018 – 2026:
The Future is Cow!
Brad Kronen

In downtown Manhattan’s Financial District a tried and true image that has traditionally been associated with the abundance of the stock market recently had another sculpture positioned in its immediate vicinity.

Not long ago, the 11 foot tall, 7100 lb. weighing bovine sculpture named “Charging Bull”  was confronted by a 4.16 foot tall, 250 lb. weighing statue entitled  “Fearless Girl”.

In stark contrast to the bulging bull sculpture that is welcoming albeit intimidating since it represents when the market is on an upswing and “bullish”, the likeness of the little girl is miniscule when viewed against the behemoth bovine’s massive proportions.  Even with that being the bronze based case, the little lady will not be bulled over, as her bold sense of daring clearly indicates with her clench fisted stance of unabashed fearlessness.

Apropos imagery as the planet Uranus newly transits into the sign of Taurus.

But more on that in a bovine bit….

Uranus – The Planet that Dares to be Different

In order to fully grasp the kind of influence Uranus has over we Earth folk, we must first review how this particular planet stands apart from the rest of the entire Solar System.

An Axis like No Other

Of the heavenly bodies that revolve around our Sun, Uranus has THE most erratic orbital path of motion. This is due to the planet’s highly unusual, not in any way comparable axis or tilt. Where the other planets’ axes range between 3 degrees (Jupiter) to 29 degrees (Saturn, Neptune), Uranus sets itself apart by its axis being tilted 98 degrees off its orbital plane.

This hyper-extreme degree of axis tilt makes Uranus move through outer space like an egg on its side.

Because of this highly unusual, very atypical orbital propulsion of being almost completely on its side, Uranus’ magnetic field doesn’t emanate from the center of the planet and its north and south poles lie where all the other lemming planets have their equators. All of these planetary oddball qualities combined provides Uranus with a surface feature which most don’t realize:

Uranus and its rings giantworldsorg

Much like its planetary neighbor Saturn, Uranus too has encircling rings.

But these can’t be the typical, around the planetary waist, hoola hoop rings, O NO! Uranus’ rings encircle up and around the planet’s atypical orb as if skipping jump rope with them.

The seventh furthest planet from the Sun also sets itself apart for having the coldest atmosphere in the Solar System with temperatures on Uranus reaching -371 F degrees at their lowest.

As if that wasn’t already more than enough in the daring to be different department, whereas the other planetary residents all have poser Roman names, Uranus is the only planet that bears the unique distinction of its name being Greek in origin.

The Planet of Revolt and Rebellion

Along with it astrologically overseeing such concepts as uniqueness and differences from the norm, Uranus is also known as the planet of revolt and rebellion.  This aspect is especially relevant when considering its existence was discovered by we Earth folk in the year 1781, smack dab in the middle between two of the biggest revolts in Western History.  Uranus was discovered 5 years following the American Revolution of 1776 and 8 years prior to the French Revolution of 1789.

Besides the late eighteenth century, a more recent period of history marked by societal revolt and overhauling change in this country was the tumultuous 1960’s.  Throughout that decade Uranus was in the same place in the Heavens by conjunction with the planet of death and transformational change better known as Pluto.  The combination of these two power house planets by conjunction generated societal change during that time that often was marked with death and violence, in particular the high frequency of assassinations of such noteworthy historical figures as JFK, MLK, RFK, & Malcolm X.

The Planet of Genius and Invention

Anything associated with the element of Air deals with the rational mind and human intellect.  By virtue of it being categorized as an “Airy” planet as well as the planetary ruler of the last of the Air signs, Aquarius, Uranus is considered the planet of intellectual brilliance and genius.  And what’s a stroke of genius that has never been conceived of before?  Invention.  Also known as the planet of invention, many of the greatest inventors and most innovative minds such as Galileo and Thomas Edison were born beneath Uranus’ ruling sign of Aquarius or like the man who arguably is considered one of, if not the greatest inventor of all time, Nikola Tesla was born with a dominant Uranus in his natal chart.


The Electric Planet of the Future

Boasting the coldest surface temperatures in the Solar System, Uranus like its planetary neighbor Neptune, is comprised mainly of ice giving it a smooth surface that in reflected sunlight appears an electric, light neon blue color.  This in turn gives Uranus the distinction of yet another name – the “electric planet”.   And what innovative force runs on electricity (at least for the time being)? – Technology.  Not only does Uranus deal with anything technological or computer related, because it is associated with intellectual advancement as well as innovation itself, the coldest heavenly body in our Solar System is also considered a “futuristic” planet.  Hence, things that are based in both deduction and prediction such as the Scientific Method of Hypothesis along with Astrology itself are housed beneath Uranus’ domain.

A Trans-Generational Planet

Where the Earth takes one calendar year to orbit fully around the Sun, a full orbital cycle for Uranus takes 84 years and 2 months.  Because it is the 3rd furthest planet from the Sun with a relatively slow moving orbital path Uranus is considered the first of the “trans-generational” planets followed by Neptune and Pluto.  In astrology, the trans-generationals are best analyzed through their influence over society at large versus over any one individual person.  To be sure, the placement of Uranus should be reviewed in every given person’s natal chart but the planet of rebellion’s influences are best looked at through a lens that is societal in scope or that encompasses humanity at large.

Keeping the societal big picture in mind,  Uranus changing signs as it travels in its orbital path is quite monumental given a stay through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac takes approximately 7 years for the icy planet to fully complete.

A new 7 year Uranian cycle began quite recently when on May 15th, 2018 the planet of electricity, genius, and rebellion left the sign of Aries and entered the sign of Taurus where it shall remain until April of 2026.

To recap what the planet Uranus is astrologically associated with:
Rebellion, Revolt, Change, Individuality, Uniqueness, Technology, Computers, Futurism and the Future, Genius and High Intellect, Invention, Electricity

Taurus, the sign of Uranus’ “Fall”

Each of the planets of the Solar System rules over a sign of the Zodiac, but each planet works best in a sign it does not rule over called its “Exaltation”.  The polar opposite sign of a planet’s exaltation is considered the worst place for that planet’s energies to function within and is known as that planet’s “Fall”.

Uranus rules over the sign of Aquarius, is exalted, or functions best in the sign of Scorpio, and is in its fall in the sign it has recently entered, Taurus.

The train of thought behind Taurus being the sign of Uranus’ fall is based in the joining of two very different energies that at first glance appear to diametrically oppose one another.  Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that enjoys a sense of daily methodical regimen and of the 12 residents of the Zodiac tends to be the one most resistant to change.  Make that change resistant sign the overall environment for the planet that astrologically represents the force of change itself and things on the surface appear challenging at best.

What could this imply for the next upcoming 7 years?

In Astrology, nothing is all good nor thoroughly bad.  Just because a planet has newly entered the sign of its fall does not portend the worst of possible outcomes for things which are listed beneath that planet’s domain.  To carry that thought even further, I have found that when things become challenging but are made the most of, the reward is unlike any other.

Based on that theory, here are my thoughts on what Uranus’ upcoming  7 year transit in Taurus could imply for society as a whole.

Repercussions from the “Me2” Movement

Before entering Taurus, Uranus was previously in the sign associated with male aggression and sexual drive that’s ruled by Mars, the planet where theoretically men are from – Aries.  The Me2 Movement which emerged in the autumn of 2017 is probably the best tangible expression of Uranus’ transit through Aries.  When looked at formulaically:

Uranus (Planet of Revolt and Change) was transiting the sign of Aries (Sign of Male Aggression and Sexual Drive) during the autumn of 2017 = Me2 Movement

The societal status quo that tacitly accepted sexual harassment and prevented the advancement of women was overturned in a revolutionary way as Uranus passed through the later degrees of the sign considered to be the most masculine, Aries. From that point on following the end of 2017, demeaning and even patronizing behavior displayed by men towards women would no longer be tolerated nor societally acceptable in public.

Uranus has now shifted into a sign ruled by the planet named after the goddess Venus.  The next 7 years should clearly show that not only has societal change occurred, but the repercussions from that change will prove to have a lasting effect for the better of society as a whole. With Uranus transiting through the feminine sign of Taurus, the next 7 years should seriously alter the societal landscape of women taking the helm in every major facet of life, from more female CEO’s, more female film directors, more female politicians, to dare I say a female President taking lead of this country at some point in the not so distant future.

Uranus in Taurus for the Transgendered

As a final note to the societal concept of the masculine and feminine, I am stunned to hear about all the ruckus that is still happening regarding the issue of bathroom choice and those who are transgendered.   Being ruled by the planet associated with Peace and Quiet, Taurus is considered a non-confrontational sign.  With the planet of change transiting through this feminine sign, we can only hope the grumblings of opposition will die down over the next 7 years once and for all as society catches up with the 21st century mindset that gender lies where a person is most comfortable and not strictly by one’s physical features.

Advanced Technology at its Most Simple!

Not to give away how ancient I am but back in the pre-cell phoned day I can remember being in high school and more than half the allotted class time was taken up just to “program” the hazy green monitor atop the large and loudly whirring box before me all so it could repeatedly flash in crude all caps:  “Computer Science is Fun!” .

The options have expanded just a smidge for what any one individual can do with a computer these days, let alone a cell phone.  And just because the planet associated with technology and computers is technically in its worst functioning sign at the current time being does not mean technological advancement comes to a grinding stand still – quite the opposite, in futuristic fact.

Being the first representative of the element of Earth, Taurus is known as a basic and uncomplicated sign that has a penchant for things being direct and straightforward. The next 7 years should see technology advancing exponentially with part of that advancement including the latest and greatest gadgetry being made much easier and so overtly simple that anyone can freely use with minimal confusion or fear!

For TV remote controls, I ain’t making any promises…

Changes to Banking – as society once knew it

Let me put this one out there.  Does everyone remember 2008 – 2012, those financially craptacular years otherwise termed The Great Recession that society is still reeling from its effects right through to the present day?

Keeping those years in mind, did anyone notice that the banking industry as a whole not only survived that extremely rough financial period but dare it be bullishly said the banks weren’t required to do any bootstrap tightening due to nearly all of them showing profitable gains during that time?  And those gains in profits occurred despite the banking industry being one of the biggest factors that contributed to the Great Recession taking place, due to numerous loans being freely issued at record levels to those who weren’t financially responsible to pay them back resulting in a vast majority of those loans being defaulted upon.

With the planet of change and technological advancement going through the sign of banking, Taurus, the next 7 years should see nearly all funds written off by banks as  “unaccounted for”  “missing” or “no longer accessible” to at the very least be electronically trackable.

Uranus’ transit through the sign of the Bull  could very well alter banking as society once knew it since it’s more than obvious that better monitoring systems need to be put in place not just for a higher percentage of funds to be accounted for but for the phrase “Great Recession” to remain in the Past since society has hopefully learned from the mistakes made at that time and should know better not to repeat those same financial blunders over the next 7 years and beyond.

Bull BankTake the piggy Cash Cow to heart, society: “Real Savings is NO BULL!”

Paying the Real Price for 2017’s Tax Reform & Jobs Act

As 2017 was drawing to a close, in a last minute frenzy Congress passed a tax reform bill that was effectively made law on January 1st, 2018.  The intended strategy of overhauling the American tax system given the nebulous name of “The Tax Reform and Jobs Act”  was for it to begin in 2018 and to be fully in place by 2027. 

2018 – 2027 haven’t we heard that range of years before?

A year off, but still pretty darn close to the overall period of time it will take the planet Uranus to fully transit through the sign of Taurus from 2018 – 2026.

Over the course of 2018 nearly every American should see the initial “benefit” from the recently passed Tax Reform and Jobs Act by either seeing a bigger pay check due to less taxes being taken out or by having to pay less for their 2018 tax return.

But do we realize where all the extra moooo-la is coming from to cover these changes that at first glance seem really super great since after all, who doesn’t want more money in their pay check, right?

In order to make these initial allotments to the American people, funds were taken out where there weren’t any to even begin with.  In other words, right from the get go our national debt got clobbered with the addition of another 1.45 TRILLION dollars (not with a Bullish “B” but rather a Taurean “T”).  And sadly enough, that won’t even remotely cover the overall damage that’s been done. 

The logic behind substantially adding to the National Debt to initially entice the public with the waving of a few bucks in front of its face was that it would “kick start” the economy as well as have a “trickle down” effect from the richest Americans and corporations all the way to the bottom of the gutter to the rest of us poor slobs.

Just so we’re all in the know, the tax cuts to individual Americans are limited to the beginning time period of the Tax Reform Bill while tax cuts given to corporations are PERMANENT. 

A few extra hundred bucks for a few pay checks is quite a limited kick start for everyone to begin buying outside their means and I won’t even bring up how the American public has been told the lie of the “trickle down” theory in times past with disastrous results.  Instead, why don’t we focus on just the here and now. According to Wikipedia in their analyzed appraisal of the Tax Reform and Jobs Act so far:

“In March 2018 an estimated 60% of corporate tax savings went to shareholders, while 15% went to employees, based on analysis of 51 S&P 500 companies.”

Hmmmm, that’s little to barely any “trickling” in Brad’s book.

From a societal perspective in the bigger scheme of things it would appear that with the recently passed Tax Reform Act, the rich and their conglomerating corporations will be getting richer, while those in the medium income bracket and below may think things are quite bullish at first but will be hit the hardest and in effect the poor will be getting much poorer over the next few fiscal years.

There is a phrase in Old School Astrology that may sound stupidly simple but is none the less quite profound, “Taurus likes their things.”  The sign of the Bull naturally rules over the 2nd House of Material Assets and that green stuff every Taurean goes mad cow over (and I don’t mean Grass) – Money.  Thus, phrases that indicate financial abundance are Taurean in nature such as “Bullish Market” and “Cash Cow“.

Changes of the abrupt kind are to be expected with societal spending as well as spending designated for society over the course of Uranus’ transit through the sign of the Cash Cow. With the national debt being hit so hard there is already talk of government funding to be cut from pre-established programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, along with such government subsidized agencies as the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR).

Cross your cow hooves these Uranian changes will only result in reductions of funding for these other crucial federal programs, and not decimate them altogether.  When these changes take effect we as a society must view them as the Universe’s way of keeping that most unevolved of Taurean qualities in check – Greed

Because not for nothing people, there wasn’t a likeness made of a Golden Crab or a False God made in the image of the Scales or the Scorpion:

Golden Calf

You’d think we’d learn by now – Moses barely turns his back and his people get all greedy and worship a statue of the Golden Cash Cow.

Scientific Advancement for the Neck, Throat, Voice, & Thyroid

Each sign of the Zodiac rules over a part of the body and Taurus’ physical domain is the neck, throat, larynx, and a gland most aren’t aware of until they have problems or complications with it – the thyroid.

With the planet of science transiting the sign of the Bull expect the next 7 years to have marked advancements in the treatment of neck and throat injuries, vocal production, and better hormonal balancing of the thyroid gland.

Environmental Change for Better or Worse

Not only is our theoretical world changing so too is the globe itself, and not for the better.

– In places where fracking has been prevalent seismic activity like earthquakes have been taking place where there wasn’t any before.

= A goodly portion of the world’s coral reefs are being obliterated due to the destructive process known as bleaching.

– The forest fire season particularly on the West Coast has recently been expanded to include nearly all of the calendar year versus just June through September,

– By 2050 it’s estimated 80% of the Amazon Forest’s vertebrate species will be extinct due to deforestation. 

And one of the biggest causes to tropical forest deforestation? Cattle Ranging.

The planet of change transiting through the Earth sign of the Bull (or cattle in plural form)  will hopefully result in some drastic alterations being made to environmental protection and law over the next 7 years but this will most likely come about only because the surface of the very earth itself will be changing in a much more inhospitable way for not just plants and animals but for humans as well.

If at bare minimum by the time Uranus transits through Taurus, society should at least be in unified agreement once and for all that Yes, Global Warming is real and No, the earth is not flat.

Uranus in Taurus for the Taurus

A lot of Taurean clientele have approached me worried that Uranus in its fall will have a disastrous effect for those actually born beneath the sign of its fall.

And to that I say: The Future is Cow!

Those born beneath the sign of the Bull are the most susceptible to that immobile state of both mind and body better known as “getting stuck in a rut”.   In other words the typical Taurean has a tendency to get way too used to their usual routine they partake in, day in and day out.

Case in point, when I used to work in the corporate world there was a guy who ordered the same lunch from the same place down the street every single day at the same consecutive time.  One day I made a joke saying I heard the place he ordered from no longer carried his daily regimen of a meal and the look of panic on his face was both hysterical and horrifying.  So much so I had to ask if he was a Taurus and indeed he was.

Taureans, view the upcoming 7 years as Uranus transits through your sign with both relish and aplomb.  Look at it this way, Uranian change could very well be making its presence known in your bovine lives that otherwise wouldn’t be taking place if the planet of change wasn’t visiting your sign.  Of course change of any kind has some degree of fear associated with it, but that will always be the case no matter the time period and applies to all of us and not just your Bullish selves.

Which leads us back full circle to this article’s main image….

Picture, my good readers, the inventive mind as a child, a brain child to be specific.  An invention begins as a thought or idea that has never been conceived before and because of its originality and unfamiliarity with such negative things as failure, competition, or jealousy, the child is fearless and filled with moxie.  Even when confronted by such bulwark things as tradition, dogmatic thought, and yes, even daily regimen, the child will not be bulled over with intimidation and stands her ground.

Very much like the “Fearless Girl” statue in NYC’s Financial District.

Not only those born beneath the sign of the Bovine but all of us are advised to let that little girl pass by our own bulls of self defense so that she can take each of us by the hand and shake things up, invent things anew, change things around, and/or do things a little differently than before.

That’s what Uranus transiting Taurus is all about, Charlie Brown.

*Brad Kronen’s book written for Uranus’ current planetary transitional turf  entitled“Love in the Stars: Taurus Edition” is available for purchase at your local book seller or online at amazon.com at the link listed below.

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