Brad Kronen’s Astrological Dating Guide “Love in the Stars” Now Individually Tailor Made for each Zodiacal Sign!

Zodiac Sky Blue


Happy Autumn, Everyone!

It’s the first week of October and for many of us this time of year is a reminder to begin motivating ourselves in preparation for a particular seasonal activity – Christmas Shopping!

Brad thought he would ease some of the potential Yuletide pressure by letting everyone know his astrological dating guide for the 21st century, “Love in the Stars” has now been made into 12 specific books, each tailor made for every sign of the Zodiac!

These make fantabulous Christmas gifts not only for their sage astrological advice that addresses each sign dating every possible combination of every other sign, but every chapter now comes with a famous couple of romantic example whose actions should be replicated as closely as possible or in some cases, avoided at all cost.

But that’s not astrologically all, folks.

Along with a famous couple of romantic example, each chapter also comes with another additional feature – a Cocktail! 

Every chapter of each sign’s book concludes with a recommended potent potable that either by its name or ingredients is meant to serve as a refreshing final touch to match the romantic content discussed for every Zodiacal love union.

Let Brad help you check off your gift list this year with presents for both naughty and nice that are tailor made for every astrological sign. 

All 12 books are individually available in both paperback and Kindle versions.


LIS - Aries

LIS - Taurus


LIS - Gemini

LIS - Cancer

LIS - Leo

LIS - Virgo


LIS - Libra


LIS - Scorpio

LIS - Sag


LIS - Capcricorn


LIS - Aquarius

LIS - Pisces










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