Jupiter Transits Sagittarius: A Blizzard of Blessings and Good Fortune Approaches – Part I

Jupiter Transits Sagittarius:
November 9th, 2018 – December 3rd, 2019
A Blizzard of Blessings and Good Fortune Approaches
Part I
Brad Kronen

Jupiter transits Sagittarius



“Luck be a Lady tonight”
– Frank Sinatra, Sagittarius, “Luck be a Lady”

“I’m lucky, I’m lucky. I don’t need a bracelet. I don’t own a rabbit. No clover. No heather. No cross. No wonder, I’m lucky.”
– Joan Armatrading, Sagittarius, “I’m Lucky”


“And the world is spinning and she keeps on winning
But tell me what happens when it stops?”
– Britney Spears, Sagittarius, “Lucky”


On the first day of Scorpio this past October 23rd, as the largest planet in the Solar System was transiting through the last few degrees of that same sign, numbers were drawn for the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history with the Mega Millions lottery grand prize being an unprecedented 1.6 Billion (yes with a “B”) dollars.


And that mountain of record breaking mega money is merely to prepare us for when the stakes really balloon through the glass ceiling in just a few weeks when the planet of both Luck and Lotteries, otherwise known as Jupiter enters the “luckiest” of signs, that being the resident of the Zodiac which the King of Planets naturally rules over, Sagittarius.


Beginning this November 9th until December 3rd of 2019 fortune shines down upon our world as the heavenly body affirmatively known as the “Great Benefic” enters its ruling sign of the Centaur.   Jupiter’s upcoming transit into its own sign will mark an astrological period of major significance since not only will the energies of the King of Planets be at their strongest but two other major planets will in positions of optimal influence for the calendar year of 2019 with Saturn transiting its ruling sign of Capricorn along with Neptune transiting its own sign of Pisces.  Jupiter’s upcoming transit stands to benefit all who reside on this planet, however the Great Benefic’s blessed energies should have a most pronounced effect on those fortunate few the Universe deems to be “lucky”.


In order to make the most of this upcoming period of good fortune not only will Jupiter’s core attributes need to be relayed but the traits associated with the sign the King of Planets oversees, Sagittarius along with a better understanding of the dynamics involved with the concept of Luck and what exactly is meant when a person is believed to be lucky shall be discussed as well.


Since ‘tis the season of up and coming blessings, this series will also cover the nitty-gritty details should a choice few lucky ones find themselves being flooded all at once with concentrated Jupiterian bounty.   In other words, Brad thought it best to pre-prep his readers should they suddenly discover they’ve Hit it Big/Won the Grand Jackpot/Broke the Lottery Bank by getting a lump sum of cash equal to the overall GDP of a 3rd world island nation.


And just so we’re all on the same astrological page, this series will also be emphasizing that Jupiter isn’t only about rolling in mountains of Mega Millioned Money or strictly basking in boatloads of blessings and bounty.  The Great Benefic like everything else in the Universe has it down sides too.

And this notion of cosmic balance applies to those deemed “lucky”, if not even more so.


The Head Honcho of the Solar System


By far, Jupiter is the largest planet which orbits the Sun.  The King of Planets is so markedly gargantuan that reflected Sunlight from its expansive surface gives it a magnitude of significant brightness which enables Jupiter to be categorized as both a planet and a star in its own right.  The King of Planets is called “The Great Benefic” astronomically due to the Head Honcho of Heavenly Bodies’ shielding our home planet from being regularly pelted by random asteroids and floating space boulders by diverting their path of collision to Earth with its massive gravitational pull.


Jupiter compared to Earth

Difference in proportional size between the King of Planets and Planet Earth


Despite its humongous size, the King of Planets has a relatively speedy orbital cycle with it taking 12 years for Jupiter to fully circle around the Sun, with the Great Benefic spending roughly 1 year in each sign of the Zodiac. Because of Jupiter’s gigantic proportions and magnitude of brightness, the planet named after the ancient Roman King of Gods, astrologically oversees the following aspects of our world considered to be “icing on the cake” that aren’t essential to human survival:


Expansion, Growth, Exotic Locales and Foreign Travel, Blessings, Abundance, Wealth, the Stock Market, Higher Education, Divine Protection and Intervention, Optimism, Gambling, and lest we forget, Luck, Fortune (for better or worse), along with Lotteries, most especially their jackpots and prize winnings.


The House which Jupiter naturally rules over, the 9th also deals with the same areas of Life listed above and is euphemistically known as the “House of God” due to  its association with such soul “expanding” influences as Faith, Philosophy, Organized Religion, along with anything pertaining to Saints and Sainthood as well.


On the surface, it would appear as if the Great Benefic is associated with just the rich and creamy good things of Human Life but nothing in the Universe is considered to be “all good” or “thoroughly bad”.  As mentioned earlier, along with everything else which resides on this plane of existence, even the King of Planets has its downsides.  Jupiter’s domain also includes the following not so great, un-beneficial things that expand within Life’s negative spectrum:


Exaggeration, Gluttony, Amplification, Envy, Excess, Greed, Obesity, Chronic Complaining, Hedonism, Overdoing things in a major way, as well as Waste of every proportion imaginable, the larger the scale the better.


Sagittarius – Astrology’s “Lucky” Ones


The planets of our Solar System rule over each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and with the Great Benefic as its planetary ruler, how can the sign of Sagittarius be considered anything BUT lucky?

Jupiter’s ruling sign is Mutable in quality and is the last representative of the element of Fire.  At its core the element of Fire is action based.  Take an action-based sign and add to its composition the quality of Mutability which optimally functions when the concepts of “Variety” and “Change” are present in their immediate environment and the end result is the Tazmanian Devil/Whirling Tornado/Flaming Torch Juggler of the Zodiac.  The sign of the Centaur is all about being fast and furious in any of their simultaneous undertakings and Boredom is the curse of the typical Sagittarian.


Stunningly whenever I ask a Sagittarian if they consider themselves to be naturally lucky, more often than not I will get a lackluster response of “Sort of.”, “Sometimes”, along with an occasional shoulder shrug.

Allow your Author to clarify.

It’s true, Sagittarians aren’t somewhat lucky.

With the Great Benefic as their ruler, those born beneath the sign of the Centaur are Walking 4 Leaf Clovers/Rabbits’ Feet in Motion/ Horseshoes Permanently in Downwards Position!  These people have Luck coming out of their pores, they’re THAT consistently slathered in Luck and Good Fortune.


But even this super great Sagittarian trait has its downside too.


Since the sign of the Centaur is so significantly lucky, Jupiter’s children can become a bit too used to everything going their way or if a challenge or two should befall them, the typical Sag will presume everything will work out for them in the long run – no matter what.   This presumption of good fortune can over time create a noticeable absence of such adaptable things as coping skills, perseverance, and solution making capabilities within the average Jupiterian Fire child.  Even things considered to be in any way self-sacrificial such as fasting or plain old going without for a set period of time can be perceived as excruciatingly unbearable to the presumptuous Pony person.

With that in mind, it’s no coincidence that among those who commit mass murder, which is defined by numerous people being killed by one person during a set period of time, the most common astrological feature shared among mass murderers is either a Sagittarian Sun or a prominent Jupiter in their natal chart such as the King of Planets positioned on their Ascendant.


Those who are Jupiter ruled often forget that in any given human being’s life some rain must fall.

Which brings us to the one trait associated with the Great Benefic that’s desired and sought after most by we foolhardy mortals…


Dumb Ole’ Luck


People, Luck is super great and all but it must be said the force of good fortune known as Luckiness is completely indiscriminate in regards to who should be bestowed with its presence.  One is either lucky or they’re not.  One can be lucky on every third Thursday but not necessarily on any given Tuesday or Friday.   One can do no wrong at the Black Jack table or at Craps or at the Race Track at the beginning of the weekend, yet just as easily luck can turn where all of one’s winnings are lost along with everything else you’ve got by the weekend’s end.


There’s a reason why Lady Luck is often described as having a much lower than average IQ along with possessing an acute astigmatism.  In other words, the phrase “Luck is dumb and blind” isn’t said haphazardly. We do not earn luckiness, in fact there is nothing we can “do” to make ourselves lucky.  We are either on a lucky roll or we simply are not.


How does this apply to the Great Benefic’s upcoming transit through its own sign for the next upcoming year?


Yes, the end of 2018 through the calendar year of 2019 should stand as a significantly “luckier” period of time for most of us.  But even with that said, this does not mean we should throw caution to the wind or worse, assume that Lady Luck will be  accompanying us wherever we go from here on in.  To be frank, many don’t realize Ms. Luck has her own set of escorts that follow every step she takes while clinging to her exceptionally long coat tails.  Their names being “Recklessness” and “Irresponsibility”.


Look at it this way, should a flood of good fortune soak us to the skin out of nowhere, those who tend to be good planners and proactive that don’t put all their eggs in one basket nor lack backup alternatives should benefit the most from this upcoming blessed period by being able to make the most of what’s bestowed upon them.  Plus once bounty is bestowed, these same types won’t immediately squander what they are given so that nothing is notably gained when a different astrological period begins following Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Sagittarius.


A quick perusal over the majority of case histories among those who have won major lottery jackpots should be more than enough proof to back up your author’s sage (as in sage-ittarius) words of advice.


But that along with predictively projecting which areas of society shall be particularly blessed with the ever approaching blizzard of good fortune as the Great Benefic transits its own sign shall be revealed in Part II of this series.




Brad Kronen’s 12 book astrological dating series tailor made for each individual sign of the Zodiac “Love in the Stars” is available for purchase on either Kindle or paperback on Amazon.com.

Link to Brad Kronen’s astrological dating series “Love in the Stars” on amazon.com




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  1. “Since the sign of the Centaur is so significantly lucky, Jupiter’s children can become a bit too used to everything going their way or if a challenge or two should befall them, the typical Sag will presume everything will work out for them in the long run – no matter what.”… That is definitely me!


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