Jupiter Transits Sagittarius: A Blizzard of Blessings and Good Fortune Approaches – Part II

Jupiter Transits Sagittarius:
November 9th, 2018 – December 3rd, 2019
A Blizzard of Blessings and Good Fortune Approaches
Part II
Brad Kronen

Jupiter Great Benefic

It’s no mistake the official name of the largest planet in the Solar System is “Jupiter” and not “Zeus”.


Before moving ahead in time to see which areas of modern society should benefit most from the King of Planets’ upcoming transition through its own sign, your Author would like to halt the forward motion of things by taking a temporary detour back to the distant past. The tales from classical mythology may have been created during ancient times, but their overall themes are archetypally powerful that still very much apply to the modern day.


Jupiter’s upcoming transit through the sign of Sagittarius is no exception to this mythological rule.  In fact, the ancient myth of King Midas and his Golden Touch serves as the perfect warning for our modern selves to approach everything in moderation as well as to not allow our focus on such gainful things as blessings and abundance morph into an obsession with gaining things through either excessive greed or wanton materialism.   The moral behind Midas’ tragic tale emphasizes that there really is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

It’s strongly recommended before continuing forward with this series to read your Author’s rendition of the ancient myth of Midas and his Golden Touch linked below:




Societal Blessings during the Great Benefic’s Transit through the sign of Sagittarius


As stated in Part I wherever the Great Benefic is located within the Zodiac as it orbits around the Sun translates to the areas of our world that receives Jupiter’s blessings based on the aspects of Life associated with whichever sign the King of Planets is in at any given moment. Since the largest of planets will be transiting through the sign it naturally rules over this upcoming November 9th through December 3rd of 2019 these Jupiterian blessings will be concentrated or given extra emphasis in a “double whammy” dynamic.  The following areas of Life fall beneath the domains of both the planet Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius and the calendar year of 2019 should prove to be a period highlighted by substantial gains and blessed abundance for these particular sections of society influenced most by the Great Benefic and/or the sign of the Centaur.


Higher Education


Higher Education

The House associated with both the planet Jupiter and its ruling sign of Sagittarius is the 9th which is also known as the “House of Higher Education”.  With Jupiter and Sagittarius both associated with institutions of higher education, 2019 stands to be a banner year for a majority of  this country’s colleges, universities and graduate schools. Over the upcoming calendar year expect to see a marked increase in donations along with various alma maters being left substantial amounts in the last will and testaments of key alumni. With the double emphasis of Jupiter transiting its own sign, some of the biggest endowments may be in dollar amounts never before received along with a choice few of these record-breaking monetary gifts being completely unforeseen, as if from out of the royal dark blue (Sagittarius’ official color).



Alpha Omega

Organized Religion is seen as modern society’s Alpha & Omega but in the most polarized of ways.


Organized Religion

 As modern society ventures full steam ahead into the 21st century, fewer and fewer people are identifying themselves as members of any kind of organized religion.  This has led many sociologists to theorize Organized Religion could end up being a permanent part of humanity’s Past in the passing of just a few generations from the present time.


But before prognosticating for an area of Life that has been a key component of Human Development only until recently, some astrological clarifications need to be made.  In Astrology “organized religion” and “spirituality” are two distinctly different places in any given person’s birth chart.  “Spirituality” lies beneath the domain of the sign of Pisces and its corresponding House, the 12th, while “Organized Religion” is under the realm of Sagittarius as part of  Jupiter’s 9th House.


Secondly, it’s no mistake the largest planet in our Solar System is named after the Roman mythological King of Gods and not the ancient Greek version.  Whereas Zeus spent a goodly portion of his divine energies chasing every mortal hottie that looked good under a skimpy tunic by first deceptively shape shifting followed by punishing or obliterating his pretty victims of circumstance due to their very existence being blamed as to why the ancient Greek divine ruler had the willpower of a common fruit fly, the supreme leader of Rome’s Pantheon of gods was seen in a completely different light. The ancient Romans believed every action, thought and word that came from their kingly god was of the highest moral caliber.  Unlike ancient Greece’s mythological King who was motivated into action predominantly by his loins or petty revenge, mighty Jupiter was a beacon of exemplary moral behavior who ruled over his people with absolute Truth and total impartiality which in turn allowed him to pass divine judgement on others that always considered the good of all parties involved.


With that in mind, your Author is of the firmest suspicion that while transiting its own sign the planet named after Rome’s heavenly King should safeguard that area of Human Life better known as Organized Religion from eeking out of modern man’s existence.  In fact, just the opposite.


Many current trends within today’s society have indicated that religious intolerance is on the rise with 2018 having an unprecedented spike of crimes and slurs said in public that are blatantly anti-Semitic along with other staple religions being shaken to their foundation as with the recent slew of sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church.  However even with that said, your Author believes the Great Benefic will be blessing the world’s organized religions as it transits its own sign and these blessings will extend beyond just the financial realm.  Sure, expect to see various synagogues, churches, and mosques throughout the country receive a much higher than usual influx of monetary contributions over the next year, but Brad sees Jupiter blessing the world’s organized religions in the upcoming period  with gifts that are of a far more crucial essence than just the addition of extra cash.  Your Author sees such societal necessities  as“peaceful calm”, “spiritual tranquility” along with “strength of purpose and resolve” prominently returning to the world’s organized religions after being absent for far too long.  Much like its ancient mythological namesake, Jupiter should be re-instilling “Religion” as a beacon of moral integrity and exemplary goodness within every congregation of every religious denomination.

The horror the world has been forced to witness in recent times with mass murders occurring in places of worship such as Texan and West Virginian churches along with the synagogue massacre in the city of Pittsburgh in October of 2018 could prove to be the very things which act as powerful catalysts that bring congregations together at present and allow their religious bonds to significantly strengthen and expansively grow as Jupiter transits the sign which oversees the 9th House, also known as the “House of God” throughout 2019.


Pope Francis Washing of Feet Juvenile Prison

Pope Francis I was nominated as the leader of the Catholic Church just prior to Easter’s Holy Week in 2013.  It was the tradition when one is newly elected Pope to celebrate their first Holy Thursday Mass which enacts the Last Supper and Christ’s washing of the apostles’ feet at St. Peter’s Basilica with the new Pontiff washing the feet of prominent or famous lay people.  Pope Francis celebrated his first Holy Thursday Mass instead at a juvenile prison with his visit being unannounced.  The picture above shows the utter shock on the faces of the 12 teenagers chosen to represent the 12 Apostles as Pope Francis both washes and kisses each of their feet while celebrating Holy Thursday Mass. 


A final organized religious note:  Since 2013, the organized religion that your Author belongs to has been led by a man whose actions for the most part have been nothing short of exemplary and yes, dare I say Jupiterian in nearly every way.  The current leader  of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis I, has been consistently trying his utmost to make Catholicism a source of hope, comfort, and inspiration for its congregation by slowly but surely addressing the Church’s long held sins of moral condemnation, dogmatic rigidity, and cases of sexual abuse that have been covered up by his Papal predecessors for far too long.


Pope Francis has renewed my religious faith and his Christ-like actions make me proud to call myself a Catholic.  It must be mentioned that the Pontiff himself should receive a significant boost of blessings in the upcoming calendar year given the fact the current leader of the Catholic Church is himself a child of Jupiter, aka a Sagittarius.


Supreme Court of the United States

It’s not a coincidence that the number of Justices who actively participate in the highest court in all the land, the Supreme Court is the same number that is considered Jupiterian in essence, is the House number which the Great Benefic rules over that’s also known as the “House of Law” and is the number that refers to the sign of Sagittarius’ placement in the Zodiac – 9.


The Legal and Judicial Systems


Another high-minded area of Life overseen by the Great Benefic that seems to be anything BUT Jupiterian these days are this country’s Legal and Judicial Systems.


As previously mentioned the biggest planet in the Solar System is named after the King of Mythological Gods of ancient Rome and it is directly from the ancient Romans whose foundational framework of Law are the core tenets behind the  legal and judicial systems of today.  The early Roman courts and Senates were established to serve as reflections of their kingly god’s actions. Whenever Jupiter passed judgement on either god or mortal, the Romans believed their King did so with total impartiality and in consideration of the better good for all parties involved.

Your Author needn’t remind anyone how un-Jupiterian the highest halls of Law and Justice in this country have been as of late with the stomach wrenching confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


With the planet which oversees the Law especially those that rule over all the land, transiting the sign it naturally oversees, society should hope to see a return of those very things which have been painfully absent from within the most remote of American courthouses, all they way up to this country’s most Supreme of Courts – a high minded sense of impartiality consistently applied to the jurisdiction of Law that is distinctly non-partisan at its core.


Big Bets


Gambling & Gaming

What’s a quick way to immediately improve one’s fortune that’s overseen by the planet Jupiter?  As mentioned in Part I of this series, “Playing the lottery” but another equally correct response that is distinctly Jupiterian, “Gambling & Gaming” whether at a casino, racetrack, or in the comfort of one’s home online.


And speaking of online gambling, The American Gaming Association estimates that prior to May of 2018, Americans spent approximately $150 billion on illegal sports betting each year.


But that number should be left in the dust in no time flat given May of 2018 saw the Supreme Court officially ruling that online sports betting be made a legal activity throughout the entire United States, with it being left to each individual state to oversee the jurisdiction of digital sports betting in each of their respective areas.


At the time the Supreme Court’s judgement was passed it was theorized that 32 states would develop the proper procedures to accommodate online sports betting at places like casinos and racetracks over the course of the next 5 years.


And to that hypothesis the King of Planets says “How about we all listen to our hair grow instead, since that’ll be quicker?”


Jupiter may be gargantuan in scope when compared to the rest of the residents of our Solar System, but considering it’s THE largest heavenly body of the bunch, its orbital cycle is speedy to say the least, the King of Planets moves that quickly.   This feature could possibly account for why those born beneath its ruling sign of Sagittarius tend to possess a level of patience that’s practically non-existent.


5 years? The Great Benefic thinks not.  While transiting its own sign, over the next calendar year expect to see the online sports betting industry becoming established either partially or fully in practically every one of the United States mainly due to that area of the gaming world’s profits doubling to become a $300 billion dollar industry in a very short period of time, a decent portion of those profits coming from that area of the gambling/gaming world that is thoroughly Sagittarian in nature – horse racing.


Lady Luck’s got places to go and people to see, people!



When considering the most prevalent areas of Life that fall beneath the domain of both the planet Jupiter and its ruling sign of Sagittarius, only one more key topic remains to be discussed – Politics.  Jupiter is a planet which deals with optimism and hope, so with that in mind, your Author admits he couldn’t muster up a single good thing to say about the Political Realm as to how it will be affected during Jupiter’s upcoming transit through its own sign.


Coming up with a semi-positive prediction for the Law at large was hard enough unto itself people, your Author just doesn’t have it in him to say anything remotely happy or hopeful regarding those who twist or abuse the Law for their own individualized political advancement from any other perspective besides one of total pessimism and doomed hopelessness.


If anything, check back in with me the next time the King of Planets sails through its own sign in October of 2030, hopefully the political landscape will be in a much different place by then….or won’t exist at all due to Politics itself putting a swift end to our planet as we currently know it.


Here’s hoping the planet of amplification sails through 2021 without a hitch given Jupiter will be transiting the sign of the nuclear warhead, Aquarius during that time in the not so distant future.   Cross your horse hooves and Swear to Sagittarius!



The third and final installment of this series discusses the nitty gritty details behind that most uber Jupiterian of events that for those hyper lucky few when it happened were completely uninformed about and left totally unprepared to deal with – hitting the Jackpot of a major Lottery’s Grand Cash Prize.

Brush up on everything you need to know about winning the lottery, people, because with the Great Benefic about to transit its own sign, you very well could be the next lucky jackpot winner!




Brad Kronen’s 12 individualized books of astrological dating guides tailor made for each individual sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars” is available for purchase on either Kindle or paperback on Amazon.com.

Link to Brad Kronen’s astrological dating series “Love in the Stars” on amazon.com


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