Jupiter Transits Sagittarius: A Blizzard of Blessings and Good Fortune Approaches – Part III

Jupiter Transits Sagittarius:
A Blizzard of Blessings and Good Fortune Approaches
Part III
Brad Kronen

Mega Millions

The two biggest lottery drawings played throughout most of the United States (44 states to be exact), the Mega Millions and Power Ball Lotteries both stand to have jackpot grand prizes that will break new records by the planet of amplification seriously amping up their cash winnings to never before witnessed, new heights over the course of 2019.



This series began with Part I’s opener telling of an unprecedented lottery grand prize. On October 23rd numbers were drawn for the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. History, that being the Mega Millions Lottery Grand Prize which totaled a staggering $1.6 billion dollars.   On that particular day the largest planet in the Solar System, properly known as Jupiter was in the final degrees of Scorpio, the resident of the Zodiac which precedes the sign the King of Planets naturally rules over.  The luck factor may not nearly have been in the same stratospheric atmosphere of immense Good Fortune as when the Great Benefic enters its own sign of Sagittarius this upcoming November 9th, but Jupiter’s transit through the sign of the Scorpion correlating with the largest lottery jackpot drawing to date is still significant, none the less.


As already stated throughout this series, the King of Planets deals with the dynamic forces of abundance along with expansion and growth and these concepts are applied to whatever traits or areas of Life are associated with whichever sign the King of Planets is transiting through at any given time while orbiting around the Sun.


Cash prize winning case in point, many don’t realize the sign of the Scorpion oversees the financial concept of “Other People’s Money”. This monetary bounty from “others” can come from various sources, be it a check from the government in the form of a tax return, money bequeathed to us by a relative through an inheritance, or even swimming in buckets of cash after winning the Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot.


With that in mind, it’s no coincidence the drawing for the largest lottery jackpot grand prize in U.S. History took place while the Great Benefic was still positioned in the last few degrees of the resident of the Zodiac which deals with “Other People’s Money”, namely the sign of Scorpio.


The sign of the Scorpion also deals with anything that is “hidden” or “below the surface” and this influence extends to the field of Marketing, particularly of the subliminal kind.   Two days following the Mega Millions lottery drawing, it was discovered that not only was the jackpot dollar amount calculated incorrectly by being off some $64 million but organizers of the lottery made false claims by calling the October 23rd drawing the largest jackpot in U.S. history when in actuality it was only this country’s second largest. Why such blatantly false advertising?


The reason being those who hardly ever purchase lottery tickets will flock to buy a handful of them if they believe there’s even the slightest chance of winning a cash prize considered to be the biggest of its kind.  Not even remotely so should something be promoted as “second biggest” or “second best“.


The subliminal marketing power  a false claim combined with a numerical miscalculation can create that by its strategic application is thoroughly Scorpionic to the core.


Focusing once again on the King of Planets’ upcoming transit through its own sign.


Come this upcoming November 9th until December 3rd of 2019, lottery grand prizes won’t be subject to any kind of false advertising and not because of new prohibitive gaming laws being put into place.  Instead, grand prizes and jackpots will indeed be breaking records over the upcoming year and authentically so.   With the Great Benefic transiting through its own sign of Sagittarius during that time, watch lottery jackpots be at all-time highs multiple times throughout 2019 with grand prize amounts amplified on a never before witnessed grand scale.


The Reality Behind “Hittin’ It Big”


What red blooded American in their right mind wouldn’t want to achieve something that’s atop nearly everyone’s Wish List, that being hitting the jackpot of a major lottery and winning its cash grand prize?

It’s certainly a nice thought in theory but nearly every time those hyper lucky few better known as “Grand Prize Winners” actually do hit it big they have no idea what to expect after the wished for event occurs.


Since the upcoming astrological atmosphere will be primed to be at its potential luckiest, your Author thought it would be prudent to relay the actual nitty-gritty details behind “hittin’ it big” since this could very well be the fortuned fate of a choice few of his readers at some point over the next calendar year as the Great Benefic transits through its own sign.


By all means, the rest of you can still read along while observing from very, very afar.


What You See is Not What You Win

Lotteries such as Mega Millions and Power Ball have such large grand prizes due to their tickets being sold in not one but 44 states across the country.  As this installment’s main picture taken this past October 22nd shows these lotteries will entice people to buy their tickets by advertising the dollar amounts associated  with their individual jackpots, as with the red ball in the picture listing the Power Ball Jackpot number of $470 million for October 23rd and the blue ball advertising the Mega Millions jackpot of $1.6 billion, both part of a massive billboard advertisement somewhere over Interstate Highway 95.


But my good readers, what you see is not what you actually receive should you win.

As with gambling winnings at a casino, lottery jackpot cash prizes are considered taxable income, so a person may technically “win” the Mega Millions Grand Prize but before they receive a penny of their cash winnings, the amount is significantly reduced due to Uncle Sam getting first dibs by taking out the government’s share of federal and local taxes first and foremost.  The amount in taxes taken out are determined based on how the jackpot winner wishes to receive their awarded cash over time.

No matter how one receives their prize winnings, for those who win $5,000 or more every state in the U.S. automatically deducts 24 percent in federal taxes but state taxes vary widely.


Now! Now! Now! Mine! Mine! Mine!
Not surprisingly the majority of Jackpot winners react to how they would like to receive their prize money in a manner similar to Daffy Duck when he stumbles upon a Genie’s Treasure Trove in the Warner Brothers’ cartoon “Ali Bunny Baba”:
Daffy Duck Mine Mine Mine


In other words, “Now! Now! Now! Mine! Mine! Mine!” Most lottery winners choose to have their cash grand prize in one lump sum however this most direct and consolidated way of attaining a lottery’s grand prize comes hand in hand with the largest taxes being taken out.


When looking at the largest lottery jackpot drawn to date which was an actual, not slightly fabricated $1.6 billion Power Ball Grand Prize in January of 2016, the winnings were split by 3 winners, each getting around $533 million prior to taxes.  When taken as a lump sum, most jackpot winners end up keeping 1/3 of their overall winnings with 2/3 being immediately removed in tax deductions.  In the case of the January 2016 Power Ball Jackpot, all 3 winners each took their Grand Prize in one lump sum with each taking home $327.8 million after taxes.


In the case of last October’s slightly fabricated Mega Millions Jackpot which in actuality amounted to $1.53 billion only one lucky winner in the state of South Carolina hit every winning number.

Besides receiving their prize in one lump sum, winners can also choose to have their jackpot money in annual payments over the course of 30 years. Should the recent Mega Millions winner choose that option, the 1.53 billion grand prize pre-taxes would be awarded in yearly payments of $51 million, post-taxes that amount goes down to roughly $32 million after federal taxes are taken out.


The state of South Carolina has 7% income tax and since winning the lottery is a big ‘ole source of income all at once, should that solitary Mega Millions Jackpot winner in South Carolina choose the 30 year plan, after federal and state taxes, they will receive an annual payment of just under $29 million.


Claiming Your Prize – Hello World, Rob Me!


Have you ever noticed those occasional semi-disturbing pictures of lottery grand prize winners where a person in either a clown or Richard Nixon mask poses for the camera while being handed a check roughly the size of New Jersey?


This is due to that particular grand prize winner wanting to remain anonymous but more on that in a bit.


If a person wins any given lottery they must claim their prize winnings by physically receiving their award.  Most jackpot winners have no problem with this requirement and thus bring their big beaming selves in to whichever appointed location they need to show up at to get their money.


But most jackpot winners are in a state of eustress when they do this fool hardy move.


Eu-stress (noun) – physical stress in the positive spectrum caused by highly beneficial or good things.


When a person is under distress, they will react and make decisions from the stress they experience that comes from various sources in the negative spectrum such as fear, worry, anxiety, etc

Eustress is the stress experienced from sources in the positive spectrum such as hitting a lottery’s jackpot and the subsequent winning of a whole lotta money all at once.


Just as it is not recommended for a distressed person to make any major or life altering decisions, the same applies to those who are eustressed as well.


When one first wins a lottery jackpot, they are literally in a state of euphoric shock and will tend to not eat, have lapses in their short-term memory, and not fully think things through in a rationally clear or wise manner.


Some experts estimate it takes a good 5 years for a person to fully absorb the fact they’ve won a major lottery jackpot and the repercussions associated with that momentous event.


Hence, the vast majority of people are in a euphoric state directly after winning the lottery and are in a state of eustress when they go to claim their prize.

More on eustress in a bit, returning once more to masks of the clown or Richard Nixon’d kind.


Lottery winner of Super Lotto Jackpot in Emoji mask 060818
Clowns and Richard Nixon are so outdated.  These days, what’s really hot in lottery prize winning anonymity is all about Emoji as displayed by this  Super Lotto Jackpot winner when she made her public appearance to claim her lump sum grand prize check this past June.
When a person wins a lottery jackpot anyone they have ever known automatically becomes that winner’s bestest BFF or nearest and dearest loving relative upon them hitting it big, regardless if they haven’t seen that person in years or knew them only in the 3rd grade.  It’s to be expected.


It’s those who didn’t know that person before they won their prize money that try to elbow their way into that winner’s inner circle that you have to seriously watch out for and proceed with utmost caution.



When a jackpot winner officially receives their prize money with a check roughly the size of New Jersey, they are often surrounded by a mini crowd, all of them wearing big grins and applauding.  Dare it be said a choice few members of that mini-crowd are smiling from ear to ear because they now know exactly what their next targeted victim looks like.  In no uncertain time, some of these shady types will “cross paths” with the jackpot winner where a connection is established and from there they work on systematically chipping away at that winner’s newly made cash pile.  Others of the shady persuasion don’t have the time or patience for that route and will monitor the winner for a bit of time before outright robbing them when a wad of cash is most likely to be on their person.


With tickets for the big lotteries sold in 44 states in only SIX of those states can a jackpot winner remain anonymous – Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Carolina.


And should you receive a cash prize check roughly the size of New Jersey actually IN New Jersey – anonymity of any kind is NOT allowed for those who win lottery grand prizes in that state!


Stay under the radar South Carolina recent Mega Millions solitary Grand Prize winner, at least your state allows it.


Returning once more to the eustress of lottery winning.


People, did you know among lottery grand prize winners nearly 50% of their winnings are gone in just 1-2 years?


It might also behoove you future jackpot hitters to know that 10 years after hittin’ it big, the majority of lottery winners have saved only 16% of their winnings along with the fact of the 84% of their winnings already spent, nearly every winner has no physical assets to show for the money that’s no longer there.  Most of the big bucks which hit a revolving door in the winner’s hands both in and out simply disappears.


Keeping in mind one should not make any life changing decisions while in a state of eustress, should any of you break the bank by winning a lottery’s grand prize, do try to remember this choice commandment behind Hittin’ it Big:


The first thing one must do after winning the lottery without fail is to immediately hire both a financial advisor and a lawyer.


This does not mean giving some extra business to that accountant you’ve had for years or the guy who took care of the legal paperwork behind your messy divorce. Hire those that are well qualified that deal with multi-million dollar estates ONLY!


Goodwill Towards Men

One final note regarding the Great Benefic, Sagittarius, Lotteries, and Hittin’ it Big, the range of dates of Jupiter’s upcoming transit through its own sign both begin and end during a particular season that’s associated with an icon of good cheer who is an endless giver and is the biggest promoter of goodwill towards men.  In my 4 part series entitled “Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius” I discuss how both Santa Claus and the Christmas season at large are intertwined with Jupiter and its sign of Sagittarius due to the most rewarding thing any of us can experience during that “most wonderful time of year” is not receiving, but freely giving.


Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius – Part IV


With that said, this past October 27th the Power Ball Lottery Jackpot of $688 million was won by 2 people, one of them being a single mom from Iowa named Lerynne West. When claiming her own New Jersey sized check on November 5th, she mentioned things I have never before heard a lottery winner say:


“Once you’ve won you realize the responsibility and the impact you can make, and all the frivolity goes out the window.  I started to think who I can help and MY stuff has been an afterthought.”


Ms. West also announced she will be launching the Callum Foundation, named after her grandson who lived for only one day after being born prematurely. The foundation will deal with such humanitarian issues as education, hunger and poverty.

Lerynne West may very well have begun a new lottery winning trend of spreading the immense wealth and just moments before the planet of luck enters the lucky sign!


So whether your luck hits it big or if you feel lucky just to be alive in the Here and Now of this crazy ever changing world, during the Great Benefic’s transit through Sagittarius it’s best advised to share the oncoming Jupiterian abundance, be it monetarily or simply by spreading some joy to others.


It’s guaranteed the gift of giving will make you feel as if you won a million bucks.


*This series is dedicated to one of the biggest Jupiterian influences in my life, my father, John Kronen Sr.  who died on this day, November 6th back in 1986.  My father was born with Sagittarius Rising and was a force of goodwill, good humor, and overall good times to everyone around him.  Being a high stakes gambler, my father never bothered with lotteries but he did impart to me some of his golden rules concerning casino gambling, in particular the game of Black Jack.

– Whenever gambling have money set aside that’s meant for that activity only and thou shalt never use funds considered “necessity money” should the gambling bucks  run out.

– Never split Kings or Queens at the Black Jack table, doing so shows you have no clue what you’re doing along with you are wasting the lesser cards needed for everyone else just because you felt like showboating or simply got greedy. Should another player be doing such at the same table you’re playing, proceed to immediately vacate it and find another one that won’t have such ignorant players.


Most importantly both my father and my mother taught me by example that I must always give something back to my community.  Both my parents volunteered extensively, with my father establishing the first branch of Junior Achievement in the area of remote Connecticut where we lived which worked with businesses and local youth to act as a catalyst for young people to establish career goals for themselves by gaining valuable work experience in various professions to determine where their passions lie.


Your Author hopes with the planet of Abundance soon to transit its own sign there will be a resurgence of volunteerism where like his exemplary mother and dearly missed father people will once again become generous with their time as an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for the abundance that is readily apparent in each of our lives.





Brad Kronen’s 12 individualized books of astrological dating guides tailor made for each individual sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars” is available for purchase on either Kindle or paperback on Amazon.com.

Link to Brad Kronen’s astrological dating series “Love in the Stars” on amazon.com












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