John Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette, & The Kennedy Curse: A Tragedy of Hubris

John Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette, & The Kennedy Curse:
A Tragedy of Hubris
Brad Kronen

The First Installment from Brad’s book
“A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events”

JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette

John Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in a photo taken on
New Year’s Eve 1999, 6 months prior to their untimely deaths

With Jupiter’s forthcoming transit through its own sign during the calendar year of 2019, much focus is being centered on strictly  just the positive themes which normally accompany this particular segment of the largest planet’s journey as it orbits around the Sun, namely Blessings and Abundance.  As a way of trying to maintain some semblance of cosmic balance, your author thought it  prudent and holistically well rounded to present Jupiterian blessings and abundance from a perspective that is seldom if ever done – from the negative spectrum.

In Brad’s series entitled “A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events” astrological analysis is given to the stories of a few Sagittarian celebrities who experienced tragic endings which unto themselves resulted from the cause and effect repercussions of their own actions.  In reviewing how these children of Jupiter came to such unfortunate ends, the Great Benefic’s “good stuff” is given juxtaposition by showing that even among Jupiter’s own there are those who brought about their own ruin by either taking their good fortunes for granted or because they were unwilling to face the realization that Life is not made up solely of just pleasure and pleasantries.

It is by appreciating the goodness in our lives along with realizing it is the combination of said  goodness mixed with Life’s hardships and difficulties that our souls are given the best opportunities to optimally experience both spiritual and evolutionary growth.

Hubris –
(noun) 1.)  (in Greek tragedy) an excess of ambition or pride, ultimately causing the transgressor’s ruin, 2.)  To overestimate one’s own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power, 3.) To believe one is equal to or above the jurisdiction of the Gods.

What do Anna Nicole  Smith, David Carradine, Edith Piaf, & John John Kennedy. all have in common?

Not only was each person listed the cause of their own untimely demise through their individualized sense of Hubris, each was also born beneath the last representative of the element of Fire, better known as the  sign of Sagittarius.

Of the four notorious examples of self-sacrificial Sagittarians, Mr. Kennedy’s case is by far the most severe, since not only did John John pay dearly for his hubris with his own life but the lives of two other people were forever lost as well – namely Kennedy’s sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette  and his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

If ever America had a royal family straight from a storybook, it would be the Kennedy Clan. Unfortunately, many believe that during that storybook family’s rise to prominence, the darkest kind of black magic had been cast in the form of a collective spell, otherwise known as  “The Curse of The Kennedys”.

The Kennedy Family has had such a high occurrence of tragic events befall their members over the past century, that a goodly portion of bystanders have come to believe their bloodline may very well have been adversely affected by magical means or “cursed”.

The assassinations of John’s father and uncle, JFK Sr. and Robert Kennedy, are the two most well-known calamities of misfortune to befall this prominent American family but many say the Curse of the Kennedys has struck numerous members of the clan besides just the former President and Attorney General of the United States.  Astoundingly, with the exception of the two Kennedy assassinations, the remainder of those members whom many believe succumbed to the family curse each met their untimely demise traveling by air while on board an airplane.

John’s aunt, Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy died at the age of 28 in a plane crash off the coast of France in 1948 while flying to meet her father in Paris.

PC 309 (crop)

PC 309 Kathleen Kennedy during her time in service  with the American Red Cross in London during World War II in 1943.  Photo from the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

Four years prior to Kathleen Kennedy’s death in 1944 John’s uncle, Joseph Kennedy, Jr. died at the age of 29 in a plane crash off the coast of England when a bomb prematurely detonated on the plane he was flying during World War II while on a top secret mission for British Intelligence called “Operation Aphrodite“.


U.S Navy Lieutenant and Naval Pilot, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. circa 1944

Even John John’s mentor, his uncle Teddy, nearly died in a plane crash which took the lives of the pilot and his aide in June of 1964.  Despite being one of the few survivors pulled from the rubble, Edward Kennedy still incurred a broken back, punctured lung, broken ribs, and internal bleeding from the near fatal flight.

Ted Kennedy Plane Crash
Before the tragedy at Chappaquiddick, Edward Kennedy found himself trapped near a body of water in June of 1964 but instead of his car, it was a passenger plane.

Thus, when the heir apparent of America’s Royal Family was killed in a plane crash along with everyone else on board off the coast of Cape Cod in July of 1999, even the most vocal skeptics of The Curse of the Kennedys were silenced to ponder the possibility of its presence with the shocking deaths of John Kennedy, Jr. (born November 25th, 1960), his wife, Carolyn (born January 7th, 1966), and her sister, Lauren Bessette.

The life of the Kennedy clan’s most vibrant hopeful of his generation along with those of his newly married wife and sister-in-law being snuffed out so young certainly sounded like the workings of a black magic curse which, esoteric truth be told, may very well have been the cause behind the Kennedy family’s greatest tragedy in recent times.

However, based on the astrological discoveries found regarding the demise of one of the most famous Sagittarius Capricorn couples of the 20th century, your author has come to his own independent conclusion that the deaths of JFK, Jr., Carolyn, and Lauren Bessette came about as a direct result from the hubris filled actions committed by just one individual person.

John Kennedy, Jr., himself.

When reviewing the facts leading up to and involving the day of the fatal crash, the number of Sagittarian factors attributed to this tragedy are flabbergasting. And all of them were completely avoidable.

A common trait among  many men born beneath the sign of Sagittarius while in their 20’s and 30’s  is that of the athletic daredevil who sees the more dangerous a physical activity is, the better.

Six weeks before his death, John Kennedy Jr. underwent ankle surgery from a hang-gliding accident which resulted in him walking with a heavy limp and needing the assistance of a cane on the day of the tragedy. Many aviation experts believe this could have been a major factor which contributed to the crash when considering a strong foot is needed for various emergency floor pedals whenever a pilot flies a plane in distress.

It must also be clearly stated that at the time of his death, John Kennedy Jr. had not fully completed his flight training. 

The day before his father’s birthday, May 28th, 1999, was the last time JFK Jr. was given flight instruction. On that day it was notated that Kennedy “required help working the rudder pedals to taxi and land the plane because of an ankle injury.”

Your Author made the very intriguing observation that at the approximated time of the crash, 9:40 PM on July 16th, 1999, the horizon on Martha’s Vineyard was at 24 degrees Aquarius, the sign whose body part of influence are the ankles and was at a close conjunction with JFK Jr.’s 27 degree Aquarian Chiron, the astrological place where one holds pain along with an all-knowing attitude.

Many are in agreement that JFK Jr.’s plane crashed due to the pilot experiencing “lack of depth perception” an aviation term meaning the inability to differentiate the horizon from the ocean. Upon realizing there was a problem, Kennedy’s afflicted ankle could have adversely come into the forefront by not allowing  him to operate any of the floor based landing mechanisms.

JFK Jr. obtained his private pilot license in April 1998. He did not possess an instrument rating. It’s estimated his amassed flying time without a certified flight instructor (CFI) on board to date at that time was about 72 hours. Four months before the crash, Kennedy passed the FAA’s written airplane instrument examination and had enrolled in an instrument rating course but at the time of his death had no formal instruction in that particular portion of the pilot learning process which many instructors feel is a crucial necessity for anyone operating an aircraft while in flight.

According to  the condition believed to have caused Kennedy’s plane to crash into the ocean is also  known as “Spatial Disorientation

“A pilot will quickly lose spatial orientation if there has been no training in flying with reference to instruments.”

There are choice times when the Sagittarius shouldn’t presume that everything is on their side and will work out as usual, regardless if they have all their training or not.

Sagittarians can be easily distracted. After his Piper Saratoga plane left the runway from the New Jersey coast that fated night in July of 1999, Kennedy flew into the trajectory path of American Airlines Flight 1484, that was approaching to land in Westchester County Airport. Air Traffic Controllers instructed the American Airlines jet to descend in order to avoid a collision. The two aircraft were noted as coming “uncomfortably close” to one another.

According to Federal Aviation Regulations, “stress from everyday living can impair pilot performance, often in subtle ways. Distractions can so interfere with judgment that unwarranted risks are taken, such as flying into deteriorating weather conditions to keep on schedule.

Consider that when realizing the Sagittarian pilot was having marital problems which reportedly had been occurring from the get-go with his recently married Capricorn wife of 3 years, owned a magazine that was losing large sums of money on a daily basis, had nearly flown into a passenger jet plane soon after take off, AND was born beneath the sign known for being easily distracted along with a level of patience that is practically non-existent especially under times of duress.

John Kennedy Jr. never received a weather briefing nor filed a flight plan with any Flight Service Station. Except for the take-off portion of his flight, he did not contact any ground controllers; while his plane was airborne, the Sagittarian never asked for help nor sent a distress call.

JFK Jr. Plane Pieces

The pieces of John Kennedy Jr.’s Piper Saratoga passenger plane after being retrieved from the waters just off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Under the conditions of his flight, Kennedy was not required to file a flight plan. Because of this, no one knew his exact route or expected time of arrival. Their flight was scheduled for take off  at 6PM, but because Lauren Bessette was delayed at work and from Friday summer traffic while making her way to the airport, Kennedy’s plane did not leave until 8:39 PM that evening.

As previously mentioned Sagittarius may be the sign associated with bountiful abundance but also has a proclivity to be sorely lacking in a particular personality trait – Patience. This trait becomes even more non-existent and prickly when someone else delays the Fire sign from partaking in their set course of action. Put an impatiently frustrated Sag who hasn’t completed his pilot training but thinks he’s got it all down, added with a presumption that everything will work out as it always has for his naturally lucky self, all while deciding whether to undertake a task that could be extremely risky – and you have yet another devastating tragedy fueling the fire behind “The Kennedy Curse”.

Curse or no curse, these aspects which could have so easily been avoided that culminated in such a horrific event didn’t result in just one prominent American family losing its best hopeful for the future.  The irresponsible risks taken by one Sagittarian destroyed the foundation of the Bessette Family as well, whose only surviving daughter is Carolyn’s older sister and Lauren’s twin, Lisa Ann Bessette.

May Perpetual Light shine upon the souls of Lauren Bessette, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and John Kennedy, Jr.

*Brad Kronen has written a book series which focuses on the tragic death of John Kennedy Jr. along with the demise of fellow Sagittarians Alexander Rodchenko and Fritz Haber entitled “A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events”.  Part I can be purchased at the link below:

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