Dispelling the Nimbus Cloud: Eva Braun’s Role of Reversal in the Mythology of Adolf Hitler

Dispelling the Nimbus Cloud:
Eva Braun’s Role of Reversal in the Mythology of Adolf Hitler
Brad Kronen

Hitler and Eva seated

A firmly anchored Eva Braun keeps a tight grip on her man for him to stay humanly grounded.

Truth be told, coming into the Second World War, Adolf Hitler did not have the best romance record.

With his plans to take over the West along with the big pictured intent of eventual World Domination, the Fuhrer didn’t have much time for dating as it was, but still all in all, Herr Hitler never quite got the hang of spending time with the fairer sex.  The man had more than his share of female admirers but their obsessive interest in him always seemed to get completely out of hand.

Case in point, was it his fault that the girl whom Hitler later admitted to being the only woman he ever loved, his half niece, Geli Raubal, shot and killed herself over him?

Not directly his fault, no.  But perhaps the Fuhrer wasn’t considering the very unromantic fact that his half niece was a prisoner in his own home during the years in which she lived with him.

The vivaciously pretty 17 year old Gemini moved into Hitler’s Munich home when her mother, Adolf’s half-sister Angela, was hired to be her brother’s housekeeper.  Not much time would pass before Angelika, “Geli” for short, developed a close bond with her “Uncle Alf”. Many believe that the enjoyable times Hitler spent with his Air signed niece eventually transformed from a familial tie of admiration into heart felt emotions of love, which were mutually felt but never physically consummated.
Despite the awakening of such intimate feelings, the political leader born beneath the cusp of the self-serving sign of Aries and the immovably stubborn sign of Taurus displayed the most unevolved behavior of both towards his niece by domineering Geli and attempting to control every move she made.
When Hitler found out the young girl had been on a few dates with his chauffeur, the up and coming head of the Nazi Party fired his driver on the spot and made sure his niece was never left alone in public from that point on.
The bubbly Gemini was born with a beautiful singing voice and when she could no longer bear residing under Hitler’s roof as a live-in prisoner, informed her uncle at age 23 that she intended on moving to Vienna to pursue singing lessons and an operatic career. Hitler refused to hear, let alone discuss the matter and forbade Geli from even leaving the house while he was away in Hamburg.
An order which his niece kept, by shooting herself in the chest with her uncle’s pistol.

The Nimbus of the Unapproachable

Geli Raubal took her life in 1931, two years prior to her uncle’s ascent to the most powerful political position in Germany as Chancellor.
The higher Hitler’s star of notoriety rose, the more mythologically sculpted his public persona became.  The military thug with his band of bullies needed to be transformed into an almost Messianic like leader upon becoming Chancellor.  At this point in his political career, Hitler became surrounded in, as historian Ian Kershaw describes, “the nimbus (mythological cloud which accompanied the presence of a god whenever they appeared to mortals) of the unapproachable.”

Admired and loved by all, JAH!
Sexually active and emotionally committed to another,

Hitler himself reinforced this notion during one of his rapturous speeches when the self-serving Aries self sacrificially proclaimed:

I have another bride, Germany!  I am married to the German people and their fate!”.

The Fuhrer’s sexuality, however, was an entirely different matter altogether.

Despite being born between the uber-masculine sign of the leader, Aries, and the sign most influenced by the planet of Beauty and Attraction, Taurus, on April 20th, 1889 Hitler’s sexual self has been resolutely confirmed to have been any and none of the following:

Heartless Sadist, Passive Aggressive Masochist, Lascivious Voyeur, Closeted Homosexual, Life-long Virgin repulsed by any/all things sexual

Whether Hitler’s need for a female companion was genuine or a required expectation by those who created his public persona, your Love Author is not the least bit surprised that the “Deutsches Madchen” or “German Maiden” of preferred choice was born beneath the last representative of the element of Air, Aquarius.

Enter Eva Braun born February 6th, 1912.

When a person is faced with the challenge to represent an entire “group”, there is an expectation for there to be a duality of the self. Simultaneously, one must be both alike and separate. One must blend by belonging to a defined group, yet must also stick out by virtue of one’s individual attributes and unique abilities. From an astrological perspective, those who best bear the burden of responsibility through the dualistic act of representation tend to consistently be born beneath the sign of Aquarius, The Water Bearer.

When a person is born an Aquarian, they are naturally different in a unique and highly individualistic way, causing the last of the Air signs to inherently stand apart from any given group. When a person is born an Aquarian of Representation, the separation from the group must extend beyond the realm of human personality.

Fascinatingly with Eva Braun, the inverse applied.

The lovely looking blonde who represented both the Aryan race and German women of marrying stock and high morals individually went beyond both of her represented “groups” by appealing to the very human, non-god like side of Adolf Hitler.

True to her sign, despite coming across in photos as not possessing even the slightest bit of brain matter, “the ordinary Munich girl” as Albert Speer called Eva, was anything but.

Being the sign of self, Aries men can many times be big ole’ babies, and temper tantrum prone Herr Hitler was certainly no exception, ….except with Eva Braun.

Eva not only appealed to the human side of Adolf, Ms. Aquarian Thing kept the big Aries baby in check by standing up to Hitler and regularly putting the Fuhrer in his place!

Braun fought tooth and nail with Hitler over such near and dear things as refusing to share his vegetarian diet, “I can’t eat that stuff”, to intensely disliking his beloved German Shepherd, Blondi, in favor of her Scottish Terriers, Negus & Stasi.

A high ranked Austrian fighter pilot spoke of the great honor of being invited to dine at Hitler’s home in 1937.  The star struck soldier recalled that in the midst of listening with enraptured adoration to his Fuhrer pontificate to him, the bubble of idyllic worship was suddenly burst when a blonde woman stuck her head in the room ordering the dictator to stop talking because food was on the table.

Just as Hitler’s political life was rife with contradiction, his romantic life was, as well.  Despite looking every bit the near perfect Aryan good girl who could crank out a ton of bouncing Nazi boys, Eva Braun’s life with Hitler was kept a secret.  The German people weren’t even made aware of Braun’s existence until after both the War, and her life, were well over.

Those who were aware of Braun, namely Hitler’s inner Boys Club, presumed Eva to be a clueless piece of eye candy who blindly did whatever she was told.

Silly Nazis, this eye candy was born an Aquarian.

Aquarians may come across with an “It’s all good, dude” laidback surfer of a surface attitude, but don’t let them fool you!  Those born beneath the sign of the Water Bearer are some of, if not THE most pig-headedly stubborn residents of all the Zodiac, with wills of steel that won’t bend a millimeter until they get their way!

Eva Braun was fully aware that she would be secretly kept hidden and separated from the outside world by Hitler but instead of playing the role of victimized live-in prisoner, the Water Bearer asserted her strength of will.  How?

By the forward thinking Aquarian pretending to play the role of victimized live-in prisoner.

In her 2011 biography about Eva, historian Heike Gortemaker discusses what motivated Braun to attempt taking her own life by trying to shoot herself with a pistol in 1932.

Air signed vivacious girl. Suicide. Pistol.  – Why DOES that sound so familiar? Stepping a little too closely in a deceased niece’s footsteps perhaps?

Although Braun grazed herself in the neck, she claimed she was trying to shoot herself through the heart.  Gortemaker theorizes that this was either a case of a woman with the worst cock eyed aim or could it have been, as the historian postulates in THE most Aquarian of terms, that “the seat of her emotions was more calculatingly cerebral.”

So calculatingly cerebral in fact, that the Aquarian managed to have her way in the end by achieving the impossible, if only for a mere 40 hours, by becoming Mrs. Eva Hitler.

Even with everything that’s been said about their fierce individuality, Aquarians long to belong to their core “group” and are fiercely loyal to a fault.  Gortemaker goes on to further discuss Braun in the most Aquarian of terms by describing her as “an uncompromising advocate of unconditional loyalty”.

The girl presumed vacuous who was kept hidden away from everyone showed her Fixed sign grit and determination by actively choosing to be at Hitler’s side when the enemy was closing in, as well as when the two committed suicide together in April of 1945.
A gritty determination which made Eva Braun remain loyal to her Fuhrer right until the very end.

A recent critique of Braun’s life with Hitler sums up this Aries Aquarius relationship quite well by placing it in a relating dynamic that is altogether different, but succinct, none the less:

“Eva Braun was just another of Hitler’s millions of victims, although a willing one.”

*Brad Kronen has written numerous books on Astrology’s role during key events throughout History.  One of them entitled “Evil’s Devotion” looks at three of Adolf Hitler’s most devout disciples – Josef Goebbels and his wife Magda, along with a name that may sound a tad more familiar, especially after reading this piece.  You guessed it, none other than Mrs. Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, herself.  “Evil’s Devotion” can be purchased at amazon.com by clicking on the link below:

Amazon.com: Evil’s Devotion: Josef Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, & Eva Braun eBook: Kronen, Brad: Kindle Store

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