Brad Kronen’s Latest Book “Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius” Uncovers the Origin of Both Santa Claus & Jolly St. Nick!

Brad Kronen’s Latest Book “Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius”
Uncovers the Origin of both Santa Claus & Jolly St. Nick!
Brad Kronen

Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius Book


Happy Holidays, Everyone!


This holiday season and upcoming calendar year mark a highly significant astrological period – the largest planet in the Solar System also known as Jupiter will be transiting through the sign it naturally rules over, Sagittarius.  Jupiter is also known by a more benevolent planetary title, “The Great Benefic”.  Not only does the King of Planets protect our fragile blue marble of a home by preventing asteroids and hurtling space rocks from regularly pelting Planet Earth with the gravitational pull from its massive magnetic belt, Jupiter astrologically symbolizes good luck, good fortune, abundance, and overall bounty.   Few realize the Great Benefic’s domain of rulership includes those exemplary representatives of human goodness, better known as “saints” as well.  

By virtue of Jupiter’s influence, it’s not surprising the time of year when the King of Planet’s sign of Sagittarius takes place is the holiday season. During the holidays the world at large celebrates the bounty that surrounds all of us by a goodly portion of society partaking in that force of unconditional generosity and compassion otherwise known as “goodwill towards men”.   

And THE International Ambassador of Goodwill Towards Men, you may be wondering?  A Mr. S. Claus

In honor of the Planet of Blessings and Saints transiting through the sign of goodwill towards Men for the upcoming calendar year, Brad’s latest book has been written especially for the 2018 Holiday Season and is titled “Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius”.  In this unique piece, Brad traces the origins of Santa Claus through various astrological, religious, and historic sources.  The book’s culmination is when Brad makes a first of its kind astrological discovery about the life of the actual man whose numerous good deeds Santa’s essence is modeled after – a 3rd century Turkish bishop named Nicholas of Myrna.

A visually stunning book printed in glossy color that displays Saint Nicholas’ many acts of generosity through paintings made during the Middle Ages and Renaissance that unto themselves may convince even the staunchest of Scrooges that Yes, Virginia! There IS a Santa Claus.

Brad’s latest book is available on in both paperback and Kindle editions and can be purchased at the following link below:


Brad Kronen Love in the Stars Set


And while we’re still on the subject of “Abundance” for those who don’t know, Brad has also recently written 12 astrological dating guides tailor designed for each sign of the Zodiac!  Any and all of the 12 from Brad’s series, “Love in the Stars” can be purchased at the link below:


Whichever of Brad’s books you choose, they make the perfect Christmas gift.


A Blessed and Beautiful Holiday Season & A Prosperous 2019 To You and Yours!



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