Brad Kronen Presents his Book – “The Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock”

Capriccorn Icons of Culture Shock Book


What do the following Pop Culture icons all share in common? 


AnnieWoody WoodpeckerLennox, Elvis The PelvisPresley, SissyBlood  Splattered Prom QueenSpacek, DavidSpace Alien Drag Queen” Bowie,  Marlene “Drag King” Dietrich?


Got your goat?


Brad’s latest book, “The Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock” focuses exclusively on the last representative of the element of Earth better known as the sign of Capricorn.  The renowned astrologer takes a detailed look at the sign that’s often pigeon holed for its close association with such conservative things as corporate culture, materialism, and the pursuit of elevated status.


Much to his own astrological shock Brad discovered that the Pop icons who have created the most culture shock at the commencement of their careers have consistently been born beneath that most reputedly conservative of signs.  In other words, Western society’s biggest culture shockers have been Capricorns.

Join Brad as he presents his list of the Top 10 (The Mystic Mountain Goat is the 10th sign of the Zodiac) Capricorns who made their biggest impact on the fabric of modern society by seriously shaking up the status quo through their becoming  Icons of Culture Shock for the rest of us.


The Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock” shows that beneath the surface of even the most conservative Goat Guy or Girl lies the heart of a cultural rebel.


A must read for both Cappies and non-Cappies alike!


Available on via the link below  in both Paperback and Kindle versions:


Link to purchase Brad Kronen’s book “The Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock” on

Capricorn Icons Back of Book


Back Cover

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