Brad Kronen Proudly Presents his book “The Discovery of Neptune & Its Ensuing Romantic Age”

Neptune Book Front Cover

In this unique and informative book, renowned astrologer Brad Kronen reveals that the 1846 discovery of the planet Neptune and its subsequent influence on one of the greatest periods of human creativity otherwise known as The Romantic Age are events that cannot be considered as random or chance happenings. Kronen shows these two seminal occurrences which took place during the mid-19th century are both perfect examples of Divine Timing within humanity’s evolution.

The discovery of the planet Neptune is a point of heated debate right through to the present day and Kronen not only goes over the contending scientists argued over as the planet’s rightful discoverer he clearly breaks down the events leading up to the Watery Planet’s observational discovery on September 23rd, 1846 by we Earth folk to clearly show who the undisputed winner is that deserves the laurels of victory.

In Part II Brad discusses how soon after Neptune’s discovery, the Watery Planet began its transit through its ruling sign of Pisces which in turn brought about the greatest period of creative output the world had ever seen in nearly every form of creative self-expression imaginable otherwise known as the Romantic Age.

Kronen emphasizes that another period of time reflects the same Neptunian atmosphere identical to that which occurred during the Romantic Age – the present day.
Does modern society experience an entirely new Romantic Age that uniquely reflects 21st century life?

“The Discovery of Neptune & Its Ensuing Romantic Age” informs us that could very well be a part of our world’s unfolding future given that Neptune is poised to be Humanity’s Muse of inspiration once again.

Available at at the link below in either Paperback or Kindle versions:

Link to purchase Brad Kronen’s book “The Discovery of Neptune & Its Ensuing Romantic Age” on

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Neptune book Back Cover

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