Brad Kronen Presents his First Published Book for 2019 – “Seven Tales of Hubris & Other Divine Things”

seven tales front


In his latest book, “Seven Tales of Hubris & Other Divine Things”, renowned astrologer Brad Kronen enters the world of ancient Greek myth and with his unique storytelling skills provides a one of a kind retelling of tales from antiquity – some well known and well loved, others not as familiar but vibrantly alive with morals that are just as valid today as they were in ancient times.

The majority of these tales of old deal with the concept of “Hubris”, a quality found among those particularly silly humans who feel they are above the jurisdiction of both the gods and their fellow mortals,

…and unfortunately pay a dear price for believing such folly.

So join Brad as he takes you far back in time and weaves his own version of some ancient tales that have just as much significance in the present day.



seven tales back

Back Cover


Link to purchase Brad Kronen’s book “Seven Tales of Hubris & Other Divine Things” on


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