Brad Kronen Presents His Latest Book “The Epic Tale of Cupid & Psyche”


cupid & psyche book

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Hercules. Achilles. Perseus.  Many today are familiar with these iconic heroes from ancient Greece due to such 21st century films as “Hercules”, “Troy”, and “Clash of the Titans”.   But ask anyone in the present day if they are at all familiar with the epic tale of “Cupid & Psyche” and it’s practically a guarantee, most, if not all, will draw a total blank.


This is quite surprising when considering the epic action and adventure ancient love story of “Cupid & Psyche” that’s nearly all but forgotten in the present day was the most commonly known and well-loved ancient Greek myth throughout most of Western culture during the 16th through 19th centuries.

Nearly all but forgotten in the present day
until now.


Let renowned astrologer and unique story teller, Brad Kronen, author of “Seven Tales of Hubris & Other Divine Things” take you back to antiquity to give a very old story an exciting new take with fresh eyes.  For not only does the tale of “Cupid & Psyche” have morals and lessons that are as applicable in the present day as they were in times of old, this is the one and only epic narrative from the ancient world where the story’s main hero is actually of the female variety, aka a heroine.


Now is the perfect time for Brad Kronen’s masterful retelling of this epic action and adventure tale that was nearly lost to obscurity to once again become a vibrant part of the collective awareness of 21st century society and beyond.


cupid & psyche book back cover

Back Cover

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