Brad Kronen Publishes First of its Kind Astrological Theory in his Book “The Hubris Manifestor & The Solar Personality”


Link to learn more and order Brad Kronen’s book “The Hubris Manifestor & The Solar Personality” on



Read All About It! Renowned Astrologer Brad Kronen Devises a Unique Astrological Theory that’s the First of its Kind! In this book which focuses on the concept of Hubris, which is the quality an excessively prideful person has of feeling they are above the jurisdiction of the gods along with the Laws of their fellow Man,  Kronen not only traces the mortal source of this very human affliction of character back to ancient times but also discusses Hubris in the modern day through the scandals of self undoing made by 4 people born under the Solar sign of Leo – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and Martha Stewart.
Kronen does this all while applying his wholly unique astrological theory he calls “The Hubris Manifestor”, an astrological aspect which represents a person’s Hubris manifesting into physical form. Join Brad as he takes you back to ancient times and also leads you into a brave new world of astrological theory that is utterly unique and a first of its kind.



hubris manifestor book (back)

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