Brad Kronen Presents his two books to counterbalance the Jupiterian Year of 2019 – “A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events: Parts I & II”

Sagittarius Skeleton


Throughout the near entirety of the calendar year of 2019, the planet associated with Luck and Good Fortune called the “The Great Benefic” otherwise known as Jupiter will be transiting through the sign the King of Planets naturally rules over, Sagittarius. With this double emphasis of the lucky planet travelling through the lucky sign, much attention has been given as of late to such concentrated Jupiterian things as Blessings, Abundance, and events that are as unlikely of occurring as they are rife with advantage, namely winning the lottery.

In his series, “A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events” renowned astrologer Brad Kronen takes a very different approach to this heavily emphasized Jupiterian “good stuff” by observing it through a lens that is seldom if ever used – the negative spectrum.

 This series analyzes the lives of three famous Sagittarians who experienced tragic endings from the diverse fields of Science, Art, and Politics, namely Fritz Haber, Alexander Rodchenko, and John Kennedy, Jr. Kronen observes that even among “the lucky ones” unfortunate events can unfold brought about by a lack of appreciation for Life’s blessings or approaching risk filled situations with the presumption that everything will work out as it always usually does without taking any precautionary measures or prior preparation.



One could reasonably say two of these notorious Sagittarians, namely Fritz Haber along with the artistic great whose life is discussed in this series’ second installment, Alexander Rodchenko, both ended up dying of a broken heart due to being rejected by their chosen “cause” which served both men as the source of their projected passions and ground- breaking work.  Of the three Sagittarians overall, John Kennedy Junior’s tale is by far the most tragic since not only did the Sagittarian’s presumptuousness and careless actions result in the political hopeful’s untimely demise but the lives of two other vibrant young people of vast potential were snuffed out as well.  The deaths associated with Kennedy’s recklessness were irretrievable losses that painful truth be told, were COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE.

It is by appreciating the goodness in Life along with realizing it is the combination of said goodness along with Life’s hardships and difficulties that our souls are given the best opportunities to optimally experience growth of both a spiritual and evolutionary nature.



A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events
Part I

Sag Events Part I


To order Brad Kronen’s “A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events, Part I” on


Sag Events (Back) Part I

A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events, Part I
Back Cover



A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events
Part II

Sag Events Part II


To order Brad Kronen’s “A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events, Part II” on


Sag Events (Back) Part II


A Series of Unfortunate Sagittarian Events, Part II
Back Cover

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