Brad Kronen guest stars on the Sixth Sense Society’s Valentine’s Day Show!




Well folks, ‘tis that baby breath’d, chocolate covered time of year again, and this year Brad is going public with his words of astrological wisdom regarding Valentine’s Day.  In view of his 12 astrological dating guides entitled “Love in the Stars” Brad guest stars on “The Sixth Sense Society” with Hosts Krista, Michael, and Kristen where they cover the range of all things Valentine!

The Sixth Sense Society is an innovatively new channel on Youtube that explores the not so common side of Life by looking into esoterically fascinating topics that are shrouded in both mystery and intrigue.

The link to Brad’s hour long Valentine’s Day interview:

Brad Kronen interviewed on The Sixth Sense Society’s Valentine’s Day Show!

Brad Krista Kristen

Brad with Sixth Sense Hosts Krista and Kristen displaying Brad’s books  “The Epic Tale of Cupid & Psyche” & “Love in the Stars – Cancer Edition”.


Keep your hearts healthy and heart-y and have a Fantabulous Valentine’s!

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