Brad Kronen Explores Mystical Catholicism in his book “The Mysticism of Mary”

Mysticism of Mary Kindle Cover

Did you know the Virgin Mary has a special kind of haunting called a “Marian Apparition“?  Did you also know many of those whom the Mother of Christ appears before end up being “incorruptible”, meaning their bodies don’t rot after they die? Rip my heart out and call me incorruptible! This non-decomposing fun fact and so much more are covered in Brad’s latest book, “The Mysticism of Mary” a fascinating and detailed look at the Catholic Church’s force of the ancient feminine better known as Mary.

And who wants to make a bet about assuming to understand the correct meaning of the term “Immaculate Conception” but after reading Brad’s book they now know better?

Organized Religion…..never a dull moment.

Speaking of which, among the three largest organized religions in the United States, namely Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, none worship any kind of female deity or divine feminine presence.

None, with the exception of a Christian sect called Catholicism which pays homage and gives devotion to Mary, the Mother of Christ.

In his book “The Mysticism of Mary” renowned astrologer Brad Kronen discusses the role Mary serves as the Catholic Church’s force of the ancient feminine; from the mystical events which mark the birth and death of the Blessed Mother to those eerie but oh so beautiful supernatural events already mentioned  known as “Marian Apparitions”.

By incorporating his knowledge of History, Religion, and Astrology, Kronen shows how the Mysticism of Mary sustains the Catholic Religion into the modern era and beyond by embodying that which is divinely mysterious and prophetic along with being the fiercest defender of the Faith against the agents of Darkness.

The links for more info about Brad’s book “The Mysticism of Mary” as well as how to purchase the piece in either Paperback or Kindle versions are listed below.

Mysticism of Mary Cover

Mysticism of Mary back cover

Link to for more information or to purchase Brad Kronen’s “The Mysticism of Mary” in PAPERBACK

Link to for more information or to purchase Brad Kronen’s “The Mysticism of Mary” KINDLE VERSION

Blessed Be & Ave Maria Coeli

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