Brad Kronen Explores Holidays that are Holy Days with his book “The Astrology of Easter & Other Holy-Days”



Easter Book


Did you ever wonder why Christmas falls on the same day of the year but Easter doesn’t?


Why does Easter have bunnies delivering eggs? Bunnies don’t lay eggs….do they?


What’s with all the pastels?


Why is lamb eaten at Easter and not rabbit?


These and many other nagging holiday questions are addressed in Brad Kronen’s book “The Astrology of Easter & Other Holy-days”.  And Kronen doesn’t put all of his eggs in just one holiday basket.  The renowned astrologer looks at other holidays that are considered religious “holy-days” which admittedly are obscure and barely known by the general public but are rich in traditions based in religion, history, and astrology as well. Holy-days such as:

St. Patrick’s Day, Michaelmas, as well as the Feast of St. Lucy.

Saint Patricks Day Shamrock Leaf Symbol Isolated On White, Vecto

And for all you Hibernophiles (lovers of any/all things Irish) Kronen conducts a St. Patrick’s quiz about the legend behind the man that is challenging but insightfully fun all the same!


Brad Kronen’s book about holidays that are holy-days is a fun and enriching learning experience for everyone, all the way through from cover to cover.


Link to Brad Kronen’s book “The Astrology of Easter & Other Holy-Days” on


Easter Book Back

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