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Brad Kronen Adds to his Unique Astrological Theory in Book 2 of his series “The Hubris Manifestor & The Solar Personality”

Did you know since ancient times the Universe has had its own karmic penal code specially designed for the Solar personality?

Did you also know your author has recently devised an astrological technique on how to apply this penal code to the birth charts of the Solar ruled in the modern day and has come up with a name for the astrological term he invented?


In December of 2018 renowned astrologer Brad Kronen wrote Book 1 of this unique series entitled: “The Hubris Manifestor & The Solar Personality: Arnold, Bill, Martha, and Monica” where he took his first of its kind astrological theory and applied it to the public scandals of four famous Leos – Arnold Schwarzenegger, President Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Monica Lewinsky.

In Book 2 of this series which focuses on the physical manifestation of Hubris occurring to the Solar ruled, two additional Solar personalities are put on display in the Leo Hall of Shame – the two most controversial film directors of the 20th century Leni Riefenstahl and Roman Polanski.

Both Leos achieved international acclaim for their films and breadth of artistic vision. Both Leos received numerous awards for their creative contributions. Both Leos have committed acts of Hubris that defy comprehension.

Allow Brad in his latest book to once again show by famous example that it doesn’t pay to get a God Complex ….especially when the Gods are watching.

Available in both Paperback and Kindle Version!

Read more "Brad Kronen Adds to his Unique Astrological Theory in Book 2 of his series “The Hubris Manifestor & The Solar Personality”"