Brad Kronen referenced in!

Brad Kronen’s writing has hit the referential big time, folks, with the online dictionary referring to Brad’s series about astrology and dating, “Love in the Stars”. And how cosmically apropos for you feline love hunters, aka Leos, the defined word wiktionary matches up with Kronen’s writing is the word “Lionly”!

Fits rather nicely for the author born with the sign of the Lion on the horizon.



From lion +‎ -ly.


lionly (comparative more lionly, superlative most lionly)

  1. Relating to or resembling a lion quotations ▲

      • 1738, Milton, John, “The Reaſon of Church-Government Urg’d againſt Prelaty, Book II”, in A Complete Collection of the Historical, Political, and Miscellaneous Works of John Milton, London: A. Millar, OL22864596M, page 66:


        For although I ſaid before, that the Church coveting to ride upon the lionly form of Juriſdiction, makes a transformation of herſelf into an Aſs, and becomes deſpicable…


      • 1879, George Meredith, The Egoist:
      • Upon these interjections, placable flicks of the lionly tail addressed to Britannia the Ruler, who expected him in some mildish way to lash terga cauda in retiring, Sir Willoughby Patterne passed from a land of alien manners; []
      • 1998, Lee Irwin, Gnostic Tarot:
      • Lionly strength expresses independence of will and a restless wandering based in deep curiosity and intense perception.
      • 2015, Brad Kronen, Love in the Stars:
      • Picture these lionly lovers jumping through romantic hoops, otherwise known as the initial courtship phase, and then a disagreement or difference of opinion occurs.



The reference from Brad Kronen’s book
“Love in the Stars: Leo Edition”

Available for purchase on

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