Brad Kronen Discusses the Relationship Between Fate and War in his Book “The Cosmic Force of War”





Not many terms in the English language can bring forth such visceral reactions of fear, shock, and confusion quite like the word “War”. However in this first of its kind book that is unlike any other entitled “The Cosmic Force of War”, renowned astrologer Brad Kronen provides credence that the term “War” may very well  possess mystically cosmic connotations as well.

Applying his extensive knowledge of History, Kronen astrologically analyzes the beginnings of two of the world’s most recent global conflicts, or “World Wars”.  His book concludes that neither conflict was in any way coincidental along with both World Wars, dare it be said, were “destined” to come to pass.  By casting charts for two seminal dates which literally changed the course of Modern History,  June 28th, 1914 for the First World War and December 7th, 1941 for the Second,  Brad provides esoteric food for thought that Mankind isn’t solely responsible for the wars they’ve waged by virtue of  World Wars I and II each lending themselves to be,  for lack of a better term, a “cosmic force” of societal change.


Paperback version of Brad Kronen’s book “The Cosmic Force of War”for purchase at



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