Brad Kronen Explores the Discovery of Pluto with the Rise of Nazism in his latest Book, “Evil’s Devotion”



Evil's Devotion


The two decades prior to the mid-point of the 20th century bear a unique significance on numerous levels – historically, sociologically, ethically, and astronomically.  In 1930 an event occurred that not only forever altered Man’s working knowledge of the Solar System, it also permanently changed the foundation of that great cosmic circle in the heavens better known as the Zodiac – the observational discovery of the planet Pluto.  Naturally adhering to the cosmic law of “As Above, Is Below”, soon after humanity became aware of Pluto’s existence, our own planet witnessed a number of things take place on the world’s stage that could only be described as being thoroughly Plutonian in essence.

And the most Plutonian of those things was the rise and subsequent fall of Nazism and the Third Reich.


Nazism was a sociological phenomenon never before seen where an entire nation was brainwashed with an ideology of racist hatred and believed lies.  With that said, it’s no cosmic coincidence the evil genius named Josef Goebbels who both orchestrated as well as created this system of societal brainwashing otherwise known as Propaganda was born a Scorpio, the sign ruled by the planet Pluto.


Pluto also oversees anything of an obsessive nature.  When obsession is placed wholly within the positive spectrum, it is called by a different name – “Devotion”.  The three greatest devotees within the Third Reich who devoted their every waking energy along with their very lives to Nazism and its supreme leader, Adolf Hitler, are the subject of Brad Kronen’s book entitled, “Evil’s Devotion: Josef Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, & Eva Braun”.


They say if History goes unheeded, it’s karmicly guaranteed to repeat itself. It is the author’s most sincere hope the horrors brought about by the Third Reich shall never again be repeated. However present day politics are showing more and more that not only are the Nazis being emulated as seen with the separation of immigrant families at the American southern border along with ICE raids and round ups taking place in the dead of night but the deceptive media tactics first introduced by Josef Goebbels in Nazi Germany are being repeated down to the last detail with the American public left scratching their heads as to whether much of today’s news is “fake” or factual.


And to be clear, news that is “fake” be it coming from either the Right or the Left is news that is “Propaganda”.


The knowledge gained from looking back to the Past can only better assist modern society in facing the subtleties and nuances of the 21st century and beyond.



Further information along with purchasing Brad Kronen’s book, “Evil’s Devotion: Josef Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, & Eva Braun” can be found at the link listed below:


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