Brexit’s Imminent Arrival & Great Britain’s Political State of Inertia – Part II


Brexit’s Imminent Arrival & Great Britain’s Political State of Inertia

Part II

Brad Kronen

Brexit Map

“Loose talk about proposals for negotiations is irresponsible. We agreed that it is now time for Boris Johnson to produce his own proposals in writing – if they exist. If no proposals are received by the end of September, then it’s over.”

Atti Rinne, Prime Minister of Finland and current President of the European Union with Emmanuel Macron, President of France at a Paris press conference on September 18th, 2019.


Part I of this series was an attempt to make a surface scratch in better understanding a complex and controversial issue that has become so prominent in today’s news – “Brexit“.  With that basic overview in mind, let’s jump ahead to this upcoming October 31st the date which represents the deadline for Great Britain to make a final decision on whether it withdraws from the European Union.  Said in a more timely fashion, let’s look ahead to see if the United Kingdom does indeed “Brexit”.


Brexit October Deadline

Above: a Progressed Chart for Great Britain cast for October 31st, the date when that country must make a finalized decision whether or not to withdraw from the European Union.


Irish Interception

Theoretically a natal chart is made of 12 evenly divided areas or Houses with each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac having rulership over each House.  In Astrology, an interception is when the 12 Houses of a chart are unevenly distributed, resulting in one sign along with its polar opposite sign both being fully absorbed each within a single House, with neither sign having rulership over any of the 12 Houses.


With an interception, the energies of the 2 intercepted signs are still a part of whichever house they are located in but are generally overlooked where the person (or in this case nation) has blinders on regarding the energies of the intercepted signs and eventually, is made aware of them all at once and usually in an unexpected or surprising way.

Overlooked energies that are
made aware by unexpected means.  Sound familiar?

In both progressed charts cast for Great Britain when the referendum was held in 2016 as well as for this October 31st, there is an interception in the 12th House of Secrets and its opposing 6th House of Details in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.


Scorpio is the sign of death or said another way withdrawal.  Both the Republic of Ireland along with its neighboring British country, Northern Ireland are Taurus ruled countries given both lands are located on the same island which overall is ruled by the sign of the Bull.  Additionally the European Union is said to be Taurus ruled since it serves as a financial institution along with the fact the EU’s outside headquarters in Strasbourg, its inside entrance of its headquarters in Brussels, as well as its 20 Euro banknote all depict the bullish myth of Europa.


Europa Statue EU Strasbourg

Given its status as an international financial institution along with having sculptures which depict the bullish myth of Europa on the outside of its headquarters in Strasbourg (seen above) and inside its headquarters in Brussels, the European Union is for certain a Taurus ruled entity.


To state Great Britain’s sign interception formulaicly:

During both the referendum and the upcoming deadline of October 31st Great Britain must deal with the overlooked (interception) details (6th House) regarding the Northern Irish border (Taurus) if the country wishes to realistically solidify its withdrawal (Scorpio) from the EU (Taurus).


The progressed charts for the Brexit referendum of 2016 and its upcoming deadline are primarily the same but with a few subtle yet profound differences.


The Progressed Moon of Great Britain

Given its close proximity to our home planet the influences associated with the Moon oversee a variety of things for we Earth dwellers. On one lunar hand, Earth’s satellite rules over the realm of human emotion at large but also deals with concepts central to our existence, namely “Home” and “Family” most especially the influence of one’s Mother.  When the concept of “Home” extends beyond the individual to a sociological level, the Moon can represent the pulse of the public along with patriotism or nationalism at large where the concepts of Home and Mother transform to become an attachment to one’s “Home”-land or “Mother”-land.


It must be stated that in a Progressed Chart, the most important planet by far is the Moon.  On the day of the referendum Great Britain’s Moon bordered the Ascendant but was still located in the 12th House in the sign of Gemini.  This would indicate Britain’s citizenry may have voted for Brexit with nationalist pride that day yet may not have been sure exactly what it was they were voting for, given the Moon being placed in the 12th, considered a “Hidden” House.  If the Moon had crossed directly over the Ascendant that day, the public’s overall sentiment would have been far more overt and decisively upfront with the voting issue at hand.


With the Moon being in Gemini in the 12th House of Secrets during the referendum, it would seen as if Brexit was passed by the British people as a result of a “monkey see, monkey do” collective dynamic versus anyone being aware of exactly what withdrawal from the EU would fully entail for the United Kingdom.


The Progressed Moon & October 31st

Keeping in mind the Moon is the most significant planet in a progressed chart, in the time from when the referendum was held in 2016 to the final Brexit deadline coming up this October 31st, 2019, Great Britain’s Progressed Moon will have changed signs and houses.  On deadline day, the United Kingdom’s Progressed Moon will be in a far stronger position given the heavenly body will be placed in the sign it naturally rules over, Cancer.  Earth’s satellite will be in its natural sign along with being conjunct to the asteroid, Pallas placed at a highly significant 29 degrees Cancer. Both Pallas and the Moon will be conjunct in Cancer in the 3rd House of Communication and Planning.


Pallas is an asteroid that is astrologically associated with strategic planning.  The Moon positioned in its own sign of Home and Homeland conjunct a highly karmic 29 degree Pallas would indicate the British people could soon enough reach the realization how unwise it would be to withdraw from the EU should an overall strategy no be put into place.


Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson claims that come October 31st, Brexit will be happening – deal or no deal.  But according to the chart of Great Britain cast for that day, the British people (and its government) will greatly beg to differ from their Prime Minister’s reactive stance, especially should the deadline arrive without any kind of exit deal being worked out between EU administrators and the United Kingdom.


Progressed Venus & October 31st


Along with the asteroid Pallas as well as the planet Uranus as previously mentioned, the planet of Beauty and Aesthetics better known as Venus will be positioned at a very karmic 29 degrees in the last degree of Gemini on that fated day.


Besides overseeing all things beautiful, Venus also rules over that greatest of human emotions, Love.  With the planet of Love placed in the First House of Self, namely Great Britain’s collective sense of “Self” AND at a highly significant 29 degrees, it’s as if a gauntlet of intense seriousness will be flung at the feet of the British people where Venus will be asking every citizen of the United Kingdom, “If you truly love your country, you will choose the proper path to ensure its future.”


And speaking of the future….


A New Cycle of Cosmic Destiny Begins for Great Britain


The final differential detail between Great Britain’s Progressed Chart cast when the Brexit referendum was held in 2016 and with the chart pulled for that country’s upcoming deadline involves the Future itself and although the difference involves the shifting of just one mere degree, it is cosmically momentous just the same.


On deadline day, the North Node or Cosmic Indicator of Destiny of Great Britain will be at a cardinal point and thus the country will be starting  an entirely new cosmic cycle of evolutionary growth at that time.


Allow your author to explain what the big British deal is all about.


The North Node is a theoretical point located in a particular sign and in a particular House, or area of Life, of any given astrological chart.  The traits associated with both the sign and House placement the North Node is located in are the two things the person (in this case, country) should focus on to attain the most evolutionary growth.  When applied to an individual’s birth or natal chart, the North Node is associated with a person’s karmic destiny.  When applied to a Progressed Chart the North Node represents what should be focused on at that moment in time to achieve the most optimal evolutionary results in the short term. 


Great Britain’s Cardinal Point North Node

When a heavenly body or theoretical point is placed at 0 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, it is said to be at a “Cardinal Point”.  A Cardinal Point usually is an indicator of notoriety or fame which isn’t necessarily applicable when dealing with the chart of a sovereign nation but is still of vast importance when considering the sign placement of Great Britain’s Cardinal Point North Node.


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. 0 is the first of the 30 degrees which make up any given sign.  When the Cardinal Point in question is 0 degrees Aries for a nation’s chart it represents the beginning of an entirely new Era since 0 degrees Aries doesn’t translate to merely the changing of one sign to another, it symbolizes the arrival of an entirely new cycle of life given 0  degrees Aries is the very starting point of the Zodiac, itself.


Keep in mind the chart in question for the country of Great Britain deals with an upcoming event that will affect the entire nation, in this case Brexit. Great Britain’s cardinal point occurring to its North Node and in the 11th House on the deadline date of October 31st could be translated thusly:


Brexit, whether enacted or not, will influence how Great Britain will conduct itself from this point in time forward since the 11th is the House of the Future and the North Node for a country refers to its longevity as a nation.


With the country’s karmic destiny, or North Node being positioned in the first Zodiacal sign of “Self”, it could logically be inferred that Great Britain’s withdrawal from the EU is imminent,  given the country’s North Node being placed in the sign of self sufficiency and autonomy, Aries AND at 0 degrees AND at a Cardinal Point.


Even with that said, your author prefers to translate the above quite differently.


Great Britain’s North Node cannot be considered without what has already been discussed regarding the rest of its chart along with an aspect that has yet to be addressed.


A Leo Stellium

 A stellium is when three or more heavenly bodies are located in the same area of a chart.  For both charts cast for the Brexit referendum in 2016 and the Brexit deadline date of this upcoming October 31st, Great Britain has had a stellium of the heavenly bodies of Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn all placed in the 4th House of Home in Leo, the sign of imperialism. 


Part I mentioned that Brexiteers promoted Great Britain’s withdrawal from the EU by appealing to the British public’s sense of nationalistic nostalgia.  They did this by referencing the “good old days” of British colonialism when Britannia ruled over an Empire so vast, “the Sun never set”.


In other words, Brexiteers helped move the voting referendum to be in favor of Brexit by appealing to the country’s lingering sense of imperialism that of itself stems back to when Britain was a colonial superpower.


The only problem is:

– The British Empire has long since imploded.

– Britain currently is no longer a superpower in neither the colonial or economic sense of the word.

– Societally equalizing things such as Civil Rights, Women’s Suffrage, Gay Rights, the ADA (British version DDA), and lest we not forget The Good Friday Agreement have all been enacted since those hazily nostalgic Victorian days and the present time along with such societally destructive things like slavery, eugenics, and while we’re at it, colonialism at large have been either debunked, disproved, or disbanded since then as well.

– Colonial expansion and exploration have been replaced by global connectivity.


With Great Britain’s sense of Self (Sun), communications (Mercury), structure (Saturn), and sense of superiority (Jupiter) all placed in the royalty sign of Leo, the calendar may have changed but Britain’s imperial proclivities still remain very much in tact at present.


What else could explain how in the 21st century an entire country’s governing body failed to include the jurisdiction of a rightfully valid part of its sovereignty as Great Britain has done in neglecting to address Brexit’s effect on Northern Ireland?


Brexit’s biggest snarl is the unforeseen problem of the island of Ireland needing to once again be separated and re-partitioned due to the area being comprised in the hypothetical Brexited future of an EU member country (Ireland) and a non-EU, Brexited country (Northern Ireland).


Britain’s Progressed Moon may have changed  signs over the course of the Brexit referendum to the present time but its Taurus – Scorpio interception, which represents the government’s  imperial hubris of failing to include their fellow countrymen in Northern Ireland won’t be magically disappearing any time soon.  In fact the Northern Irish border STILL has yet to even be addressed.

One of the few promises Theresa May managed to keep to Parliament before being ousted as Prime Minister was maintaining the integrity behind the Good Friday Agreement, the 1998 peace concession between Britain and Ireland which did away with the partitioned “line of malice” and brought much needed Peace to Northern Ireland.


At present, Mrs. May’s replacement, Boris Johnson hasn’t even addressed Brexit’s most problematic setback of the Northern Irish border.


A setback which at the present time has no foreseeable solution…at least while Brexit has its final fleeting moments in the Sun as the 31st of October becomes ever more imminent.


Ulster Flag

It looks as if Ulster will have the upper hand behind Brexit’s ultimate demise.


In any case, going by the words of the EU President Atti Rinne said on September 18th which open this piece, it appears Britain’s current Prime Minister hasn’t even gotten around to putting any of the United Kingdom’s concerns in writing at this beyond critical stage of the Brexit game.


Astrologically, it looks as if the sovereignty of the nation known as the United Kingdom has a glimmer of hope in retaining a global presence in the unfolding future of the 21st century and beyond, provided the country’s Old World imperialist mindset and New World blunders the likes of Brexit are not part of the national mix going forward.


Brexit - The Last Hurdle

A cartoon by Peter Brookes for The Economist on September 20th entitled “The Last Hurdle” that sums the whole bloody Brexit mess up rather succinctly.



Brad Kronen has written a large variety of astrological books ranging from its role in historical events to astrological dating guides for each sign of the Zodiac.  For a complete listing of  Brad’s books go to or click on the link listed below:

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