All Hail the Newly Crowned King of Moons!

All Hail the Newly Crowned King of Moons!
Brad Kronen

Saturn Moons


For those who didn’t know, yours truly positively LOSES HIS MIND whenever Life mirrors Astrology. And this cosmically reflected theory came through loud and clear this past Monday in a monumental way.


On October 7th, 2019 the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center or (MPEC) officially announced the discovery of 20 hitherto unbeknownst Moons orbiting the planet Saturn.  With a new tally of 82 Moons this now means Saturn has the largest number of orbiting satellites in our Solar System making the ringed planet the newly crowned “King of Moons”.


The planet known as “The Great Benefic“, Jupiter may be the “King of Planets” but the planet known as “The Great Malefic“, aka Saturn now has more courtiers. In other words, the Great Malefic has elbowed the Great Benefic out of the planetary spotlight with Saturn currently having the most Moons of 82 edging out  Jupiter’s long time record of 79.


Astrologically Translating the Astronomical News

 This announcement was as significant astrologically as it was astronomically. For starters, Saturn edged out Jupiter for having the most Moons in the Solar System with its new tally of 82.  When looking at the number 82 numerologically it breaks down to the source number of 10, given:  8 + 2 = 10. 

Astrologically, the planet Saturn is closely associated with the number 10 given it is the planetary ruler of both the 10th House of Career as well as the 10th sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn, the place in the present day skies the ringed planet is currently located.


2019 – the Year of Saturn’s Rise and Fall

2019 has shown itself to be quite the Saturnine year given the events that have taken place during the Ringed Planet’s periods of exaltation or “rise” and fall.

In Astrology, each planet in our Solar System rules over each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, however the influences of each planet functions best in a sign it does not rule over naturally known as the sign of its “exaltation”.  Conversely that same planet’s influences function in their least conducive environment whenever it is located in the polar opposite sign of its exaltation otherwise known as its “utter fall”. 

The planet Saturn is in its exaltation in the sign of Libra and is in its utter fall in the sign of Aries.

In 2019 during the time period of Aries on March 29th (29 is a Saturnine number since it takes approximately 29 years for the ringed planet to fully orbit the Sun), an astronomical event occurred called the Occultation of Saturn.


In Astronomy an occultation is described as “an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer.” This past March 29th in South Africa, Saturn was occulted by the Moon where from our perspective on Earth it appeared as if the Great Malefic was being eaten or as some would say in the modern day “photo bombed” by our own planet’s satellite.  This is beautifully captured by photographer Cory Schmitz in the video below:





But the tables became cosmically overturned as our Moon along with every other planetary satellite in the Solar System was made to kneel before their newly crowned King when Saturn was named the Solar System’s King of Moons on October 7th, a date which takes place within the 10th month of the calendar year during  the sign of Saturn’s exaltation better known as the Zodiacal period of Libra.


Saturn can be seriously….well, Saturnine

In Astrology, the ringed planet is given dominion to rule over things that aren’t very “sunshine and lollipops”.  In other words, Saturn astrologically rules over such saturnine things as Hardship, Loss, Restriction, and Fear just to name a frustrating few.


But even with that Saturnine stuff said, I have always maintained that the planet known as the Great Malefic is Humanity’s greatest teacher.  Why?  Unlike the Great Benefic which rules over such super great things as Luck, Blessings, and Good Fortune, we human folk tend to learn best when the environment around us is challenging and saturnine versus when things are dropped in our laps through no effort of our own and without any obligatory work being done.


With that in mind, of Saturn’s 20 newly discovered Moons, SEVENTEEN go in retrograde, or backwards motion directly opposing the Great Malefic’s planetary motion. The ringed planet never makes things smooth and easy for us on Earth but that could also be why this heavenly body bears another title alongside its newly christened “King of Moons”.  Not for nothing, Saturn is also called “The Lord of Karma” which its vast majority of  recently discovered Moons attest to by following the dynamic of the Karmic Law of  Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way otherwise known as “what goes around, comes around”.


All Hail the newly crowned King of Moons & Blessed Be.


*Brad Kronen knows a thing or two about planetary discovery given he wrote an entire book on Mankind’s discovery of the 4th largest planet of our Solar System, Neptune.  Kronen finally provides an unequivocal solution to the heated controversy behind the Watery Planet’s rightful discoverer.  A debate that began in the year of Neptune’s discovery of 1846 and continues all the way  to the present day.  Entitled “The Discovery of Neptune & Its Ensuing Romantic Age” Brad’s book can be purchased at or by clicking on the link below:

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