Luck Gets Lean and Mean: Jupiter Transits Capricorn December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020, Part I

Luck Gets Lean and Mean:
Jupiter Transits Capricorn

December 2, 2019 – December 19,2020
Part I



There’s an old saying: “Luck is both dumb and blind”.


Well come this December 2nd, Luck gets some corrective lens surgery, tosses on some seriously expensive eyewear, and carries a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  Because Look out, People!


Jupiter Enters Capricorn.


When it comes to cycular changes of the Zodiacally consecutive kind occurring among the rotating space balls located within this microscopic section of the Universe more familiarly known as the Solar System, a planet beginning a new transit cycle through any of the 12 signs of the Zodiac overall is an event that is imperceptible for us Earth dwellers.


But even with that said, Jupiter’s upcoming transit from the signs of Sagittarius into Capricorn is an event of consecutive change of such discernibly stark contrast, the extreme difference of dynamics alone should be felt by nearly all of us here on Earth.


To fully understand why, we must first look at the planetary traits associated with the heavenly bodies which symbolically serve as the “God” and “Devil” of our Solar System – Jupiter and Saturn.


Jupiter, The Solar System’s Heat Miser to Saturn’s Snow Miser

In 1974, Rankin-Bass Productions released a made for TV Christmas special entitled “The Year Without a Santa Claus” and in it the dualistic forces of Summer/Winter, Fire/Ice, Heat/Cold were played by two uber colorful characters named Heat Miser and Snow Miser.


How these two foil characters are portrayed is how I envision the planetary influences of two of the most pertinent planets in the astrological Solar System – Jupiter and Saturn.


Heat Miser and Snow Miser share equal billing and thus are of equal importance.


The two spotlight hogging characters may be polar opposites of each other but despite being the dualistic embodiments of Cold/Hot, the duality between Snow Miser and Heat Miser isn’t associated with  the opposing concepts of “Good versus Evil” nor “Better or Worse”.


The two elemental beings are siblings and both defer to their source of Divine Creation with the same level of obedient devotion, that being the parent of the ever squabbling brothers, “Mother Nature”.


Heat and Snow Misers

In the much loved 1974 animated Christmas classic,“The Year without a Santa Claus” the foil opposite characters of Heat Miser (left) and Snow Miser (right) share equal billing much like how the dualistic influences from the planets Jupiter and Saturn bear equal levels of astrological importance to humanity at large.


Unfortunately, instead of giving Jupiter and Saturn equal cosmic billing, in Astrology the two heavenly bodies tend to be myopically focused on with an  “all or nothing” perspective of extremes with Jupiter being seen as all good, whose planetary presence is always welcomed and conversely with Saturn being viewed as all bad, whose fear-driven influence should be avoided at all costs.


And with Jupiter also being known by its divine sounding subtitle of “The Great Benefic” and Saturn being regularly referred to by its more diabolical nickname of “The Great Malefic”, the pitting of planetary polar-opposites is made complete with Jupiter being equivocated with God, Itself and Saturn’s name sounding uncannily similar to the Prince of Darkness whom we human folk call “Satan”.


But in astrological reality neither can exist without the planetary presence of the other.  


Traversing Planetary Rulership

Astrologically, the planet Jupiter oversees the concept of Luck and Saturn rules over Hard Work.  Along with Hard Work, the Great Malefic also deals with Hardship and every variety of difficulty and/or challenge and besides the fortuitous force of Luck, the Great Benefic is associated with Good Timing and Blessings provided by the Universe at large.


Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the Zodiacal sign of Sagittarius and the sign which the Great Benefic’s energies function in the least effectively that also is categorized as the sign of Jupiter’s “Fall” happens to be the same sign whose planetary ruler is  the Great Malefic itself, that being Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.


Referring once again to the stark contrast mentioned earlier regarding the Great Benefic’s upcoming change of signs, come this December 2nd, Jupiter will be leaving its home turf of Sagittarius, the sign it naturally rules over and has been positioned in since November 8th of 2018.  and will be switching into Capricorn, the sign of Jupiter’s fall that’s ruled by none other than the Great Malefic, Saturn.  Jupiter will transit through Saturn’s sign of Capricorn from this upcoming December 2nd until December 19th of 2020 when the Great Benefic leaves the sign of its “Fall” and enters the sign of Aquarius.


Lady Luck Starts her Corporate Temp Job

In spite of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius and Saturn ruled Capricorn being next door neighbors with each other on that big ‘ole Wheel o’ Fortune better known as the Zodiac, the two signs couldn’t be any more inherently different.  And the  Life categories that make these astrological next door neighbors keep a good and sizable distance away from each other?  Luck and Work.



For the children of Jupiter, aka Sagittarius, Luck is a staple force in their lives.  For Saturn’s offspring, aka Capricorn, Luck isn’t even a valid concept  in their mind nor does the word even exist in their vocabulary.


Luck is haphazard.  Luck is random.  We don’t work to gain Luck’s favor, it simply is bestowed upon us for no defined action or reason.


Of the 12 signs, Sagittarius is by far the luckiest.  Being ruled by the planet of Luck, Jupiter, those born beneath the sign of the Centaur have a propensity to be consistently lucky and also have quite the uncanny knack for being in the right place, at the right time.


Many (Not all!) of Jupiter’s kids can become so accustomed to their atypically high levels of Luck  or said in more generic terms, “things going their way”,  that far too many Sagittarians won’t possess a defined work ethic, simply because they’ve never had to work too hard for, well, anything.




From birth, Saturn’s busy bunch inherently believe nothing in this world is free and there is a price to pay for everything. And there’s only one way a Capricorn pays for any given price –  good old fashioned elbow grease. If the Cappie wants something, they work for it.   Given their sign rules over the very visible 10th House of Career and Status the typical Capricorn has a natural work ethic like no other.


The Capricorn has an inherent need to work, the Sagittarius does not.  If forced to choose, the Capricorn would opt to work regardless of their financial state.  Conversely, if forced to choose, the Sagittarius would never work again for the remainder of their earthly existence.


Most Sagittarians can’t wait for that day  when they’ll hit the big lottery jackpot! Most Capricorns have never once played the lottery during their entire earthly existence and wouldn’t know the first thing on how or where to even purchase a lottery ticket.


With that in mind, for the duration of the calendar year of 2020, Lady Luck will try her utmost to keep that one business outfit she owns clean as she starts her full time corporate temp job that will require some major work hours but with no overtime pay….


Lady Luck Casino

No casino time for you, Ms Luck!  Beginning December 2nd and for the duration of the calendar year of 2020 you have been contracted to a corporate temp assignment, aka a Capricorn influenced, labor-intensive work environment.


Whenever the Great Benefic or Malefic changes signs by transit, for the past 15 or so years I have provided predictions as to how either planet’s influences will affect the residents of this planet both positively and negatively as it traverses through its recently changed  Zodiacal territory.  Just as nothing in the cosmic Universe is “all good or completely blessed” nor “all bad or thoroughly cursed”, despite Jupiter’s upcoming transit taking place in the sign of its Fall, the Great Benefic always provides blessings and opportunities no matter which section of the Zodiac the King of Planets is traversing.


In Part II, renowned astrologer Brad Kronen provides his predictions for Jupiter’s upcoming transit for the calendar year of 2020 through the Saturnine sign of Capricorn.



*Brad Kronen is a prolific author and has written numerous books about Astrology’s influence over key historic events.  Since Jupiter will be changing signs during its alotted time of Sagittarius in December of both 2019 and 2020, you may be interested in reading Brad’s book about the Great Benefic and the joys associated during its time of Sagittarius otherwise known as the Christmas season entitled “Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius” which can be purchase on by clicking on the link below:






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