Luck Gets Lean and Mean: Jupiter Transits Capricorn, Part II – Societal Predictions

Capricorn by Johfra Bosschart

Luck Gets Lean and Mean
Jupiter Transits Capricorn
Part II
Societal Predictions

by Brad Kronen


“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”
Jack Nicholson, born with natal Jupiter in Capricorn


In Part I, the planet Jupiter’s upcoming transit into the sign of Capricorn was fundamentally discussed.


Sticking to the fundamentals and before any predictions of the Jupiterian future are made, let’s look strictly at the areas of Life affected with this encroaching planetary changing of signs.


Jupiter Transits Capricorn
December 2nd, 2019 – December 19th, 2020


The following positive areas of human Life are associated with the planet Jupiter:

Luck, Abundance, Blessings, Good Timing,  Saints and Saintliness, God, Protection, Generosity, Humor, Kindness, Growth, Higher Education, Multi-culturalism, Globalism, Philosophy, the Law, World Mindedness


Equally as significant, Jupiter deals with the following negative areas of Life:

Gluttony, Wastefulness, Exaggeration, Empty Promising, Over Amplification, Know it All/Superiority Complex, Sloppiness, Boasting, Haughtiness, Hedonism, Excessive Pride, Judgmentalism


The areas of Life in the positive spectrum associated with the sign of Capricorn are as follows:

Career, Work, Status, Time, Business, That which is “Corporate”, Gainful Experience, Structure, Order, Administration, Tradition, Responsibility, Rules & Regulations, Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way


And the negative areas of Life associated with the sign of Capricorn are as follows:

Workaholism, Materialism, Stinginess, Restriction, Status Flaunting, Rigidity, Hyper-Conservatism, Emotional Coldness, Inflexibility to Change or that which is New


The Great Benefic’s Blessings Made Less Obvious

Capricorn may be the sign of Jupiter’s “fall”, another way of saying the planet’s most challenging environment for its energies to function in, but we must keep in mind, Jupiter is the planet of  Abundance and provides  Luck, Blessings, and positive energy wherever its location in the Heavens and especially to those born under the sign it is transiting through at any given time.

The Great Benefic’s “good stuff” will still accompany the largest planet in our Solar System  as it transits through the sign of its fall, aka Capricorn, but much like that sign’s overall style of dress, Jupiter’s benevolent energies will mirror the King of Planets’ new surroundings by becoming more  demure and toned down versus vibrantly overt or flashy.


With that in mind, those who are inherent risk takers, dare devils, or naturally lucky may perceive the King of Planet’s upcoming transit as a period completely void of the Jupiterian “good stuff”.  The Great Benefic’s luck and blessings will still be present but in a more subtle, far less obvious way.


Conversely, those who believe themselves to be naturally unlucky may be pleasantly surprised during Jupiter’s upcoming transit through the sign of its fall that not only has their usual bout of bad luck subsided but that a noticeable change of good fortune has finally come their way.


Brad Kronen’s Societal Predictions for Jupiter’s Transit through Capricorn: December 2nd, 2019 – December 19th, 2020


 Please note the following predictions are being made with the intent of benefiting society at large and not any one particular sign.


2020’s Booming Economy (Where the Rich get Richer)


Growing Australia Economy 2020

With Jupiter transiting through the sign of both “business” and that which is “corporate”, aka Capricorn, 2020’s economy looks to be healthily strong despite the further promulgation of the “rich getting richer/poor getting poorer” tactics instituted by many governments worldwide as of late. (Photo:


Since Capricorn is considered the sign of “business” and of that which is “corporate”, Jupiter’s transit through that sign points to 2020 being a year of consistent economic growth and a booming American economy.  Many old school and Vedic astrologers believe the Great Benefic’s transit through the sign of its fall is accompanied with some kind of financial crisis or plummeting of the stock market but with Congress passing the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” at the end of 2017, (an act of  government your Author vehemently opposed) the elimination of corporate taxes should safeguard against any kind of financial crisis… least for the duration of the upcoming calendar year.

If the corporate rich are made even richer by no longer having to pay corporate taxes, then  the economy should stay in decent shape if only temporarily and at everyone else’s expense.


Globally, 2020 should prove to be a booming economic year for those countries ruled by Capricorn, most notably Mexico and India along with  a key administrative city also ruled by the sign of business administration which serves as headquarters to the European Union – Brussels, Belgium.



Skin Care Products and Cosmetics Abundantly Expand in both Customer Base and Price

Cosmetics for Men

From concealers to anti-aging cream, Jupiter in Capricorn will impart its powers of expansion over the cosmetics and skin care industries by drastically increasing their customer base with the addition of just one thing to their product formula – Men. (Photo:


The sign of Capricorn deals with overall business along with the corporate world at large but there are certain industries that are quite Capricorn in essence, specifically skin care products and cosmetics.  Why?


Each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac rules over an area of the human body.  With Capricorn being ruled by the planet of structure, Saturn, the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat is associated with those physical parts which give our bodies structure, namely the bones and skin.


Your author can tell if a person is a Capricorn simply by walking into their bathroom.  Should there be a vast selection of lightly fragranced, horribly expensive skin care products on display, you’re in the home of a Cappie.


When looking at skin care products that deal with strictly the facial area, another way of saying “cosmetics”, is it any wonder the two Titans of the cosmetics industry were companies with products that bore the name of their owners, who unto themselves were the most cut throat of competitive rivals AND  who both were born under the sign of  Capricorn – namely Helena Rubenstein, born on Christmas Day whose cosmetics empire is now under the name of L’Oreal and Elizabeth Arden, born on New Year’s Eve whose cosmetics empire is currently owned by Revlon.


One of Rubenstein’s most memorable sayings is an all time favorite of mine, mainly because it was said by a person born beneath the sign I like to euphemistically call the “Workhorse of the Zodiac”:

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”


Cosmetics have been around for some 7,000 years and have been present in nearly every society and culture on this planet, but it is just recently that a new market has made itself open to both the skin care and cosmetics industries – Men.  With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, traveling through Capricorn, the sign which deals with the skin, 2020 stands to be expansively explosive in both the skin care and cosmetics industries with more and more men purchasing products that since their industrial inception have always drawn top dollar to purchase.  Added to that expansive thought, there’s talk that this upcoming year will see the addition of something never before seen within the structure of the typical department store – a cosmetics counter pour homme (French for “Gents only”).


Over the course of 2020, the Great Benefic will be winning over society ats large with the following “structural” slogan –

Cosmetics.  They’re not just for girls or their dollies anymore.


Got Goat?

Speaking of other Goat specific industries….


Goat Milk

2020 may be the Chinese Year of the Rat but Jupiter transiting Capricorn at that time will also make it feel like the Year of the Goat with the popularity spike of other lesser known dairy products such as Goat’s Milk.


The sign of Capricorn’s animal symbol is that creature with a reputation for being cold, detached and rather ornery at times. Whereas Aries’ animal representative of the ram butts horns directly head on, Capricorn’s horn headed creature acts upon its unobvious aggresions by attacking the back of the legs with its sizeable horns from behind.  Mirroring the resourcefulness of the sign it represents, this is the only animal able to not just survive but reside in the highest of mountainous altitudes, all because it makes the very most of its resources by eating anything  it finds  – the goat.


2020 may be the Chinese year of yet another hyper resourceful animal, the Rat, but with Jupiter traversing the sign of Capricorn, the upcoming calendar year could just as easily be referred to as  “the Jupiterian  year of the Goat”.  Expect to see edible things associated with the clove footed curmudgeon spike in culinary popularity with cooking shows and recipes requiring goat’s milk, cheese, and/or meat to be staple ingredients with these goatish gourmet dishes being prepared with no substitutes!


A True Goat’s Tail – I once did some volunteer work for a horse farmer living in a remote section of the Florida Panhandle a number of years back  who was recovering from surgery done on both of her hands.  The woman had a huge African goat with massive ebony black horns.  The farmer explained the goat’s mother had died while giving birth and because she was present during its birthing, the animal treated her quite literally as its mother, following her every step wherever she went. I helped the woman out for a little over a week and she insisted on making me lunch and eating it with me on her outside patio, to which of course her goat always accompanied us.  Towards the end of the week the goat and I became good friends where at lunchtime it would eat its meal right next to me as I ate while petting and scratching behind its ears.  The farmer said to me on my last day “I’ve got to tell you.  No one has ever won my goat over like you have. You must have had goats growing up.”  I replied “Nope. I treated it like a Capricorn.


I kid you not.” I retorted upon seeing the skeptical reaction on her face.


I explained whenever first making the acquaintance of a person born beneath the sign of the Goat, they tend to be “business formal”, which means distant but always well-mannered and polite.   The best way to guarantee not befriending a Capricorn when first meeting them is to initially act overly familiar or be overly friendly towards them.  As with the African goat, I was detached at first and became gradually friendly but only after the big horned beast indicated it was ready to do so.  The farmer responded “Ain’t that the truth! People who tried to pet-hug my baby right off the bat got a big surprise in the backside when they were leaving this place.”


Finding a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer's End

 With Jupiter traveling through the sign of the elderly, one of the most feared ailments associated with old age, Alzheimer’s Disease, could very well be eradicated with a cure by 2020.   Purple is the color for Alzheimer’s Awareness and that color along with the elephant are both associated with the Great Benefic, especially a pachyderm with its trunk turned upwards which signifies blessings and good luck.


Capricorn’s planetary ruler goes by another name besides just Saturn – “Father Time”.  Since the ringed planet rules over Time itself, the sign Saturn oversees is associated with the passage of Time along with Capricorn dealing with one’s elderly years, the aging process, and that period occurring later in life generally known as “the Golden (Goat) Years”.


With Jupiter transiting through the sign of Time and the elderly expect 2020 to yield some major breakthroughs in Gerontology, the scientific study of the human aging process.


By far the most dreaded ailment associated with the aging process  is  an affliction of the brain called Alzheimer’s Disease.  The illness kills healthy brain cells resulting in the mind first becoming forgetful, followed by a person not being able to remember anything from either the past nor the present, and culminating with the brain no longer able to function and one succumbing to the disease through death. At present, Alzheimer’s is incurable.


But dare it be said that with Jupiter transiting through the sign of the elderly, 2020 could very likely be the year when a cure is found that eradicates this devastating illness of the brain.


In early 2019 trial tests were done on Alzheimer patients with an antibody therapy called aducanumab.   The trials were stopped and deemed to be a failure, however a report released in September of 2019 stated otherwise.  The report said the anti-body trials yielded a significant deceleration of the disease’s damaging effects to the brain’s cognitive functions but the results were not readily observable due to the trials being stopped.  Combined with the recent findings from other studies regarding the onset of Alzheimer’s and how healthy cells “misfold” due to the buildup of  certain protein-based plaques in the brain, scientists believe an effective treatment based in  the knowledge gained from both studies has been found that at bare minimum will slow down the disease’s damaging effects which in turn is bringing a cure close within reach.


With some help from the Great Benefic, it’s quite likely the world will reach that goal of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease at some point during the upcoming calendar year.  And just in time too, when considering 5.8 million Americans are currently living with the disease with that number projected to climb to 13.8 million over the course of the next 30 years if a cure isn’t found.


Advances Made in the Fight Against Arthritis

Arthritic Hands


The sign of Capricorn’s planetary ruler not only oversees the aging process Saturn also deals with a particular dynamic of loss that goes hand in hand with the advancement of age – Constriction.


Constrict – (verb) to cause to contract or shrink, to compress, to slow or stop the natural course or development of


The most prevalent example of constriction which affects the elderly? Arthritis.   Keep in mind the sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn deal with the aspects of our bodies which give us structure, namely our skin and bones.  Arthritis is a constrictive disease which affects those things that connect our bones to one another – the joints.  The joints are located on various areas of the body, but where arthritis does the most physical damage and in effect causes the most disruption to normal functioning is to a person’s hands and fingers.  Arthritic constriction can become so severe, over time the hands can be reduced to being practically unusable and are left in a near constant state of high discomfort and pain


With the Great Benefic traveling through the sign ruled by the planet associated with Arthritis, dare it be said that scientific advances will likely be made over the upcoming calendar year that may not necessarily eradicate the constrictive disease but could greatly alleviate the pain and discomfort which accompany it.


Also expect to see blessings being bestowed on surgeries performed on the joints such as knee replacements, where the procedure is perfected that in turn could make the recovery time shorter and greatly improved.


An Uplifting Note for Capricorns and Cancers Alike


For the Capricorn

For the children of Saturn (aka those born under the sign of Capricorn) Jupiter’s fall may be in your very own sign but do keep in mind 2020 is considered one of the “luckiest” years in the life of every Capricorn with the Great Benefic being  located in your sign for the duration of the upcoming calendar year.


Your author fully realizes the typical Capricorn pays no attention to the concept of “Luck” and focuses strictly on Life’s advancements coming about through hard work. Even with that said there is a Jupiterian concept every Goat Guy and Girl  may want to incorporate much more than usual during the upcoming year that could benefit every Cappie quite significantly – Risk.


The Great Benefic bestows the most rewards to those who take risks.  The natural impetus for the Earth signs at large is to stick with what they know and rely on such things as repetition and the comforts derived through familiarity. Thus risk taking is not a priority for the typical Earth sign, nor is it something they find in any way enjoyable.  


However, if the last representatives of the element of Earth (this means you, Capricorns) can figure out a way of not always doing the “same old, same old” this upcoming year along with investigate further those things that should cross your paths which are NOT part of your daily grind over the course of 2020, the opportunities, benefits, and overall abundance which could  occur are noteworthy to say the least.


This last piece of Capricorn advice may not technically be “uplifting” but is a warning which needs to be relayed just the same.  With Jupiter in your sign throughout nearly all of 2020, the Capricorn may be feeling so good during that time, many Goat Guys and Girls may be motivated to do a lot more of what their sign does best – Work.


So much so, the Capricorn work day of their usual 10 hours could increase to 12 or 14, all because the Goat person was feeling fine from Jupiter’s good vibes.  But Cappies be warned!  Extending your already longer than usual work day  isn’t a bad thing unto itself but doing so without adjusting one’s recuperative amounts of sleep or food intake can be potentially deadly.


To reword a saying famously typed over and over by a person quoted at the beginning of this piece and curtailing it specifically for the hyper-working Capricorn:


All work and no food or sleep makes Jack a dead Capricorn.”  Just sayin’.

Capricorn Skeleton

In 2020, the “Workhorses of the Zodiac, aka Capricorns,  may be feeling Jupiter’s good vibes so acutely, they may be motivated to work well beyond their usual work day of 10 or so hours. But if things like rest, nutrition, and hydration aren’t adjusted to match their Herculean work schedules, the Goat Guy or Girl risks working themselves into an early grave.




For the Cancer

Did all of you Moon children (that means you, Cancers) know your sign is the polar opposite of Capricorn?  Did you also know the planet Jupiter is so ginormous in scope the sunlight reflected from its surface gives it a magnitude of brightness making the King of Planets to be classified as a star as well as a planet?  How this translates to your sign is thus: Wherever the Great Benefic is located in the Heavens at any given time, its light of luck, blessings, and abundance shines across to its polar opposite point.  Since Cancer is the polar opposite sign of Capricorn, 2020 is considered to be one of the luckiest years for those born beneath the sign of the Crab as well as the Goat.   I would suggest for every Cancerian to sidle upwards a few paragraphs to the “For Capricorn” section and read what was said about “risk taking” followed by earnestly applying that concept to your Crustacean selves in order to fully benefit from the potential Jupiterian “good stuff” coming your Crabby way in 2020, Cancers. You’ll all be boiled red with relief.


Jupiter seen in full perspective

As stated in Part I nothing in the known Universe is “All Good” or “All Bad” and the Great Benefic is not exempt from this cosmic rule.


Amplification when placed in the negative spectrum can materialize as Gluttony, Exaggeration, and Overdoing things at large.


Jupiter will soon be entering an element that deals with the tangible, that being Earth.  What one owns or one’s things fall under the concept of the “tangible” but even more importantly so does Money.  With Jupiter transiting through the element of Earth and in the sign of Businessand Administration, the Great Benefic could very well be shedding some much needed light over the tangible in the worlds of business and government.  This translates to 2020 could end up being remembered as a year when the  overamplification of  the tangible is exposed to the public through a variety of forms based solely in the negative spectrum such as corruption, money laundering, bribery, financial kick-backs,  along with the gross misuse and/or mismanagement of funds by various business and government officials.


Jupiter’s upcoming transit through the element of Earth may also amplify conditions on our planet so that humanity will be forced to tend to the needs of an ailing Mother Earth.  This could be in the form of destructive weather conditions or unfortunately could materialize through those events when the earth is amplified with movement, another way of saying Earthquakes.


But even with that said, may each of us, Capricorn and non-Capricorn alike, bask in the goodness of the Great Benefic’s starry light of blessings over the course of 2020. 


****12/3/2019  Mighty Jupiter, people! The Great Benefic does not waste a precious moment of its transitory time! Less than a day after entering the sign of its Fall, this article emerged:

More proof in the Jupiterian pudding which by the way since Sunday is now being made in “Unflavored” and is sugar free and low cal. On December 2nd the planet of Luck, Blessings, and Abundance, Jupiter entered the sign of Capricorn. Said another way, this past Sunday the planet Jupiter entered the sign of its fall, meaning for the upcoming calendar year the planet known as “The Great Benefic” will be transiting through the sign it works in least effectively. Well get a Jupiterian mother lode of this….


With Jupiter transits many people can’t help but inquire about the lottery and hitting it big by winning the grand prize jackpot. Jupiter oversees a plethora more things than just jackpots and lotteries, but since we’re on the subject….the lottery board for the state of Arizona announced today that the biggest jackpot winning ticket had reached its expiration for its winnings to be claimed. In June of 2019 one person bought the winning ticket which hit the jackpot by having all the winning numbers totaling 14.6 million big ones, the biggest unclaimed amount in the state’s history. The biggest unclaimed lottery ticket of all time was in the Georgia state lottery and was purchased in June of 2011 with the ticket being worth more than 77 million dollars. At that time in 2011 the heavenly body known as the Great Benfefic was also in a transitional month as it is now where Jupiter had just exited the fire sign of Aries and had newly entered the earthy “money sign” of Taurus. In Arizona when a winning lottery ticket is unclaimed, the rightful owner has six months to claim their lottery winnings. The 14.6 million dollar ticket was bought on June 5 of this year in San Lorenzo Arizona and that person had until December 2nd to claim their money, the very same date when the planet of Luck left the fire sign of Sagittarius and newly entered the sign of its fall, earthy Capricorn.
Wicked cool, huh?  Plus did I not say Lady Luck was starting her long term temp assignment that day?  She’s got enough on her plate this week to be running off to Arizona with an obligatory drivethru to Sin City.  No one can say  I didn’t tell the collective you so.


Link to CNN article:



*Cover image – “Capricorn” by Johfra Bosschart


**Dedicated to a Capricorn friend of mine, a Goat Guy who left this world far too early and is dearly missed – Travis Suiter.  May the Great Benefic’s star-like light shine upon your soul during its transit through your sign, Travis, and well beyond.


***For all you Goat Guys and Girls, the Great Benefic’s blessings could very well take the form of a new love interest entering your life in 2020.  So why not be prepared for the romantic surprise by purchasing Brad Kronen’s astrological dating guide specifically tailored for the sign of Capricorn posted below:


















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