Brad Kronen Writes His Second Historical Book of Non-Fiction, “The Controversial Life of Pius XII, The Wartime Pope”

Vatican Flag 3

March 2nd.  The date is quite significant for the headquarters of the Catholic faith, better known as The Vatican, not just for its past history but also for its upcoming future.

On March 2nd, 2020, secret archives regarding the pontificate of the “Wartime Pope“, Pius XII will be made accessible to church scholars and historians.  And Pope Pius XII is widely believed to be the most controversial Pope of the 20th century, if not of all time.

March 2nd also marks the birthday of said Pope as well as is the date when the same Pope in question was elected as the Catholic Church’s “Pontiff” or “Supreme Leader” by the College of Cardinals back in 1939, just as the world was about to enter a 2nd war of global proportions.

Intriguingly, what makes the pontificate of Pius XII so controversial does not involve any of his active deeds.  Rather it’s what this man DIDN’T do during his papacy that makes him the center of heated debate between scholars and historians, Catholics and non-Catholics alike in the present day.   Debates of controversy so intense at the present time, they’re called the “Pius Wars“.

On one side, Pius’ supporters consider him to be one of Catholicism’s greatest leaders while those opposed to his papal reign have dubbed him with the nefarious title, “Hitler’s Pope“.

Brad Kronen’s second history book of non-fiction entitled “The Controversial Life of Pius XII, The Wartime Pope” takes an in depth look at the life of the man who could  soon gain entry into Catholicism’s hallowed hall of spiritual elite by becoming “Pope Saint Pius XII” or could soon be recognized as one the Catholic Church’s deepest sources of shame.

Click on the Vatican flag below for more information or to purchase Brad Kronen’s latest work, “The Controversial Life of Pius XII, The Wartime Pope” at



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