Susan B. Anthony – Mother of the Aquarian Age & Beyond, Part I: The Female Aquarian of American Representation

Susan B. Anthony
Mother of the Aquarian Age & Beyond

Part I: The Female Aquarian of American Representation

Brad Kronen

Susan B. Anthony photograph


Oh the myopia of 21st century America!

How very little of today’s  modern society  is able to appreciate the freedoms that have been afforded them which were first achieved through the Herculean efforts and sacrifices made by a choice few.  A choice few who by their heroic example expressed a virtue this noble and truly great country values most: “American Expansionism”.

The current calendar year unto itself is a highly significant time which marks the evolutionary expansion of American democracy. 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, otherwise called the “Suffrage Amendment” which is better known as the Women’s Right to Vote.  This year also honors the pioneer who tirelessly fought for the rights of women in this country, since 2020 marks the 200th birthday of the founder of Women’s Suffrage in the United States, the great Susan B. Anthony.

And it was on Ms. Anthony’s actual 200th birthday this past February 15th that I learned the woman whom many refer to as  America’s “Female Emancipator” was not only born under the same sign as the majority of America’s Chief Executive Officers, her birthday is three days apart from the President whom many refer to as the “Great Emancipator”, Abraham  Lincoln

It’s far more than just coincidence that both the male and female Emancipators of American History, namely Mr. Lincoln and Ms. Anthony were born during the sign associated with that same concept of Emancipation, along with other specific “nation-building” traits as Egalitarianism and Revolution – the last of the Air signs, Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

The Element of Air & Its Binding Tie of Duality

The three signs housed beneath the mentally driven element of Air, namely Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, all share a common astrological bond. The Air signs at large are stimulated/inspired/agitated/ and motivated most by a single mental concept – Duality, also known as the joining of polar opposites.

We can visually associate this mental concept to the first two Air signs just by looking at their symbology.  Gemini’s symbol is the image of the dualistic Twins, with one sibling being the polar opposite foil of the other.  Libra’s imagery shares a similar theme with the sign of the Scales evolutionarily achieving overall balance due to each scale being the dualistic equal of  the other.

The imagery of the sign of Aquarius sets it far and ahead from the element of Air’s first two incarnations.  And it must be mentioned that although the last of the Air signs is represented by the symbol of the “Water Bearer’, neither the sign of Aquarius nor its symbology have anything to do with being in any way “wet”.  With the element of Air’s essence being visually obvious with Gemini’s and Libra’s zodiacal symbols, it rises to an even loftier positioning with its third and final representative. 

Aquarius’ imagery becomes far more cerebral since the “Water” that’s carried by the last of the Air sign’s symbolic “Bearer” isn’t actual H2O but rather are mental concepts derived from the highest levels of human intelligence.  These individualized “flashes of brilliance” tend to not only be firsts of their kind, many of them possess an egalitarian purpose of benefiting everyone. Hence, most born beneath the sign of the Water Bearer aren’t just naturally intelligent, their thoughts tend to be of an extremely original and inherently unique nature. Quite often many of these Aquarian “strokes of genius” are conceived for the good of all, much like how the opportunities provided by a new invention, a thing never thought of before, enhances the evolution of Mankind at large.


Aquarius’ Planetary Ruler & Its Need to be Different from the Norm

Observing the planet which rules over the sign of the Water Bearer strictly through an astronomical lens sheds some light on the dualistic nature of the Aquarian personality; for no matter how hard they try or how much they long to be a member of a defined group, the inherently fierce individualism and natural quirkiness displayed by the typical Aquarius forces them to stick out like the sorest of thumbs.

The seventh planet furthest from the Sun has an axis that’s tilted sideways, giving Uranus THE most erratic orbital path of planetary motion. (Picture an egg flying through outer space on its side). Where the other planets’ axes range between 3 degrees (Jupiter) to 29 (Saturn, Neptune), Uranus stands far apart from the rest of the heavenly bodies orbiting the center of our Solar System with its axis being tilted 98 degrees off its orbital plane.  Because its orbital motion propels it practically on its side, Uranus’ magnetic field doesn’t emanate from the center of the planet and its north and south poles lie where all the other lemming planets have their equators. All of these planetary oddball qualities combined provides Uranus with a surface feature which most don’t realize:

Much like Saturn, Uranus too, has encircling rings.

Uranus and its rings giantworldsorg

But these can’t be just your average, run of the mill, cookie cutter, around your planetary waist, hoola hoop rings.  Uranus’ rings circle up and around the planet’s atypical orb.

As if that wasn’t Solar System different enough, whereas the other planetary residents all have poser Roman names, Uranus is the only heavenly body orbiting our Sun that bears the unique distinction of a name that’s Greek in origin.

Lastly, Aquarius’ planetary ruler is also known as “the revolutionary planet”.  Historically, this is due to Uranus being discovered in 1789 during a time when the most noteworthy of revolutionary wars were taking place in the West – the American War for Independence in 1776, the French Revolution in 1789, and the Haitian Revolution in 1791. Hence, it should be no surprise that when Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton established one of America’s first suffragist newspapers in 1868, they  called it “The Revolution” whose egalitarian motto dualistically read on the front page of every edition: “Men, their rights and nothing more. Women, their rights and nothing less.”

Susan B. Anthony Revolution newspaper 02051868

Susan B. Anthony’s and Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s weekly suffragist newspaper dated during the time of the Water Bearer, February 5th, 1868 with the aptly Aquarian title, “The Revolution”. Although the suffragist paper had an extremely short span of publication, “The Revolution” bore a major amount of influence on the American Women’s Rights Movement.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton further elaborated  the paper’s purpose when she said  “It is not the ballot alone that Woman needs for her safety and protection, but a revolution in our political, religious and social systems; in fact the entire reorganization of society .” ::The Revolurion”‘s final edition interestingly enough was printed as the sign of Revolution was drawing to a close on February 17th, 1872.


Aquarius – The Sign of Representation

To represent.

When a person is faced with the challenge to represent an entire “group”, there is an expectation for there to be a duality of the self. Simultaneously, one must be both alike and separate. One must blend by belonging to a defined group, yet must also stand out by virtue of one’s individual attributes and unique capabilities.

From an astrological perspective, those who best bear the burden of responsibility associated with the dualistic act of representation tend to consistently be born beneath the sign of Aquarius, The Water Bearer.

And no better examples exist of Aquarians of Representation than the male and female Emancipators of American History, the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln and the pioneer of Women’s Rights, Susan B. Anthony.

President Lincoln not only upheld and fiercely defended the societal qualities which the sign of the Water Bearer holds in highest regard, that being Egalitarianism and Equality for All, he also composed one of the greatest Aquarian Mandates ever written, The Emancipation Proclamation.

Susan B, Anthony did not live long enough to see her status as a woman change in the United States but when the 19th (Women’s Right to Vote) Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was passed in 1920, it was called the Susan B. Anthony Amendment in her trailblazing honor.

Just as Lincoln stood out from his group of Unionists by not being from the North or South but a “Westerner” who fiercely defended the continuous union of American States, Susan B. Anthony was an individual who far and away stood out from her group of Suffragettes by being a woman who was unmarried her entire life and had no children.

Part II will examine how America’s Female Emancipator further embodied her Aquarian Sun sign by reviewing Susan B. Anthony’s life with three themes that are quintessential to the last of the Air signs – Inflexible Stubbornness, Fierce Friendship, and that Aquarian La-La land where every man, woman, child, unicorn, and leprechaun are all considered  equal – UTOPIA!

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