Saturn Transits Aquarius, Part I: The Past Merges at Present

Saturn Transits Aquarius
Part I: The Past Merges at Present

Brad Kronen


March 11th, 2020 – The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declares the Corona Virus to be a global pandemic with the strong likelihood of the virus making its presence in every country on the planet.


March 11th, 2020 – The heavenly body known as the “Lord of Karma” transits into the highly karmic or last degree of the sign it naturally rules over, or in other words the planet Saturn becomes newly positioned in the sky at 29 degrees Capricorn.


Since antiquity, the planet Saturn and its influences have been viewed with such intense fear, the ringed planet has often appeared to rival The Rapture for its association with nihilistic dread. The energies of the heavenly body that’s also known by the foreboding titles of “The Lord of Karma” and “The Great Malefic” have long been considered to be thoroughly destructive with the planet’s sole purpose being to seemingly inflict as much pain and hardship upon we Earth folk as humanly possible.  Much of the reasoning as to why the ringed planet has been viewed with such overwhelming fright is based upon Saturn’s positioning in the Heavens prior to modern times.


Before there were cars, computers, television, or ice cubes, the Lord of Karma was believed to reside at the edge of no return, where just beyond the ringed planet was a void of nothingness and Life ceased to exist.  Similar to the age old belief that the Earth was flat, because Saturn was the furthest heavenly body that could be seen without the assistance of a telescope, the planet’s positioning in the Heavens was viewed by ancient Man to be the Universe’s final cut off point.  Wherever the ringed planet was placed in the sky was believed to be the end of all Creation.  


Pole-vaulting ahead through Time and adding an abundance of scientific facts and ice cubes, we now know this ancient view of the Universe is no longer the case. Even so, the foreboding sense of dread associated with Saturn’s cycles of transit are almost as widely accepted in their superstitious single-mindedness today as they were during times of old.


Added to that, the recent global spread of a contagion the likes of which have not been experienced since the Black Plague makes these modern times look not so modern at present.


To be admitted, the world is getting a heavy dose of that fated darkness long associated with the Great Malefic during the Here and Now of today as if it were the distant past, but it must be emphasized that astrologically, nothing in the Universe is considered to be “thoroughly” evil or “all” good.  And should things become heavily skewed in either spectrum, there is ALWAYS something each member of humanity can learn for their own individual benefit and evolutionary growth.


And it is because of factors such as these that your author is compelled to write his societal predictions whenever the Lord of Karma changes his robes each time the ringed planet forages into a new sign of the Zodiac every 2.5 to 3 years.


Seven spheres of the Ancient Universe Augsburg 1481 (2)

Above: A depiction of the Seven Planets of the Ancient Universe illustrated in a book from 1481 found in Augsburg, Germany entitled “Das Buch der Natur” or “The Book of Nature”.  The picture shows the world of the 15th century with its medieval castles and serfs at the bottom followed by the “seven layers” of the ancient Universe directly above the realm of Man.  Layer 1 shows the Moon, followed by Mercury and Venus in Layers 2 & 3, with the Sun residing in Layer 4.  Mars is next in Layer 5 drawn in yellow and Jupiter is above that in Layer 6 drawn in blue. The last heavenly body represented is Saturn in Layer 7, drawn in red.  Since Saturn was believed to be the very end of the known Universe, all that remains is the firmament of Heaven represented by its crowned ruler (aka God) and his surrounding army of angels.



Saturn is the last of the “personal” planets right before the final three residents of the Solar System known as the “generational” planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  Where the influences of the personal planets are analyzed in relation to an individual’s personality, the generational planets’ distance from the Sun makes their transit cycles much longer to complete and thus their influences affect society as a whole.


Because of Saturn’s pivotal positioning being  the last of the personal planets that’s directly before the generationals, the ringed planet is often referred to as the “Ambassador of the Universe”.



 Saturn Transits Through Capricorn – Things Get Seriously Saturnine and Capricorn-ian


Astrologically, Saturn oversees the following areas of Life:

Time, Karma, Status, Career, Hardship, Wisdom, Pain, Structure, Seriousness & Intensity, Business, Order, Restriction, Loss, Administration, Tradition, Loneliness & Isolation, Responsibility, Maturity, Rules & Regulations, Sobriety, Boundaries & Standards, the Elderly & Old Age, Depression, Work, Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way


Each planet in our Solar System rules over each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  Saturn is the planet which rules over the sign known for its maturity and a work ethic like no other that is motivated most by the societal concept of status – the last of the Earth signs, Capricorn.


Needless to say, things have become mighty Capricorn-ian as of late!  Since December of 2017, the ringed planet has been traversing through the sign it naturally rules over.   Saturn has been transiting through the sign of Capricorn since that time until as recently as this past March 21st.  But a whole new Saturnine transit has begun with the ringed planet traveling through the last of the Air signs of Aquarius the Water Bearer since then until March 7, 2023.


But before we delve into what to expect with the Lord of Karma’s trek through the last of the Air signs let’s first review just how Capricorn-ian things have become during the ringed planet’s most recent stroll through its home turf of the last of the Earth signs.


If the energies of the planet Saturn and its ruling sign of Capricorn had to be reduced to a word to describe those two astrological terms politically, it would be “Conservative”.  And my, my, my how Capricorn-ian conservative things have become since the conservative planet has teamed up with its very own conservative sign!  And not just in the United States, it seems as if over the last few years most of the world has gotten conservative in a seriously Saturnine way.


Smack dab in the middle of Capricorn’s time of year on January 1st, 2019 the country that’s home to the world’s largest tropical rainforest, Brazil swore in its most conservative President to date, Jair Bolsonaro. Since taking office, the politician accused of achieving “profits over preservation” plans on expanding the Amazon as a source of both nuclear and hydroelectric power.  Bolsonaro openly rejects scientific data which speaks of the oncoming dangers caused by global warming as evidenced by the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest having spiked an additional 30% during the first year of his Presidency.


The leader of the country that he himself has termed as “illiberal” has always been known for his hyper-conservative views, but Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s conservatism reached an all new autocratic high while Saturn transited through its ruling sign as of late.  The politician who had his country’s borders lined with barbed wire fences during the European migrant crisis so that Hungary could be protected from oncoming “Muslim invaders”, has recently turned on his own people by instituting Budapest’s elderly and homeless populations be isolated and quarantined for the duration of the Corona Virus pandemic.


Much like criticisms that have been said about Hungary, India too, has experienced more and more “democratic backsliding” since its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has been in power since 2014, most especially over the past three years.


Skipping over the pond to not-so-jolly olde England, right around this time one year ago, Great Britain’s conservative government  was deemed as being not conservative enough when the leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May was ousted as that country’s Prime Minister so that ultra-conservative Boris Johnson could take the wheel, most especially in overseeing one of England’s most conservative actions in recent history that began just as Saturn started its journey through Capricorn otherwise known as “Brexit”.


To see just how conservative Brexit is in a Capricorn-ian kind of way, please read Brad’s 2 part analysis of Great Britain’s plans to end ties with the European Union entitled “Brexit’s Imminent Arrival & Great Britain’s Political State of Inertia”, Parts I & II.

Brexit’s Imminent Arrival & Great Britain’s Political State of Inertia – Part I

Brexit’s Imminent Arrival & Great Britain’s Political State of Inertia – Part II



Pluto Provides Warning Against the Excesses of Status Back in 2008  

 The planet furthest away from the Sun has a unique way of overseeing societal change.  Where the Lord of Karma emphasizes whatever  lessons need to be imparted as it takes its leave of one sign into another, Pluto takes no prisoners by dropping its calling cards of destruction whenever the planet newly enters a sign. When the planet named “The Lord of Death and Transformation” transits signs,  things will have gotten so out of hand as to appear as if Chaos rules supreme before Pluto begins inciting change in any manner. It does this by destroying everything within its path and much like a tiny seed left in the scorched earth after a devastating forest fire, stimulates change with everything needing to be rebuilt from the ground level up. 


This was done in December of 2008, when the planet Pluto newly entered the sign of Capricorn.


At that time Pluto both instituted change as well as provided us with a grave warning that if we Earth folk wished to have an unfolding future, we could no longer be swayed by the allure of Capricorn-ian status.  This Plutonian calling card was sent collectively through the stock market crash caused by the American housing bubble crisis, and individually when Bernie Madoff was caught and imprisoned for committing the greatest Ponzi scheme in history.  Madoff’s excessive greed was used as an individualized Plutonian example, but the man’s maniacal materialism finally being stopped caused the destruction of numerous lives, both financially and literally with not just his duped clients committing suicide, his own son did as well.


The Emergence of the Corona Virus: The Lord of Karma Consults The Lord of Death


Since Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn in 2008 other planets have done the same with all of them converging in the last degrees of that sign just quite recently.  This convergence includes the planets, Mars, Jupiter, and you guessed it, Capricorn’s planetary ruler, Saturn.


Of the four planets that have most recently been grouped together in Capricorn, Mars’ transits are shortest and much faster moving.  Thus by the time the planet of action and the physical body entered the sign that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto were already placed in during the first week of January in 2020, reports began announcing the spread of a virus that had the potential of becoming a global pandemic.


With the American government not heeding any of the warnings presented in January and opting for commerce not to be in any way disrupted, as the Lord of Karma was placed at the very karmic or last degree of the sign it naturally rules over from March 11th through the 21st of 2020, the United States took the lead for the country with the most recorded cases of people infected with the Corona Virus in the world.  


We’ll leave this update of Saturnine sadness for now in order to be ready and excited for Brad’s societal predictions marking Saturn’s transit through the sign of Aquarius that will be revealed in Part II of this series!


Aquarians! With Saturn being the planet of commitment, there is a stronger than likely chance many of you single Breeze Bearers may get hitched as the ringed planet makes its way through your sign.  With that in mind, a little preparation can only help with Brad Kronen’s astrological dating guides that are tailor made for every sign of the Zodiac and can be purchased at the link below:







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