Saturn Transits Aquarius, Part II: The Great Equalizer

Saturn Transits Aquarius
Part II: The Great Equalizer

Brad Kronen
Great Equalizer

Could the planet known as the “Lord of Karma” taking its leave of the sign of Status in order to enter the sign of egalitarian justice precisely as the world is in the midst of facing a global pandemic be taken as a sign?…..Sure looks that way to me.



“Trouble is the common denominator of living.  It is the great equalizer.”
– Soren Kierkegaard


Part I of this series left off as the “Lord of Karma” otherwise known as the planet Saturn was in the highly karmic, or final degree of the sign it naturally rules over, Capricorn before the ringed planet entered the sign of Aquarius on March 21st where it will stay until March 7th, 2023.


Part I also began by discussing the Ancient Universe which we must touch upon once more in order to highlight the uniqueness of this upcoming Saturnine transit.


Aquarius – the sign of Saturn’s Ancient Planetary Rulership
The sign of Aquarius the Water Bearer has a special tie with Saturn – and it’s a smidge more important than being next door neighbors with Capricorn, the sign the ringed planet naturally rules.


The existence of the three planets furthest from the Sun were discovered over the last three centuries prior to the one we are currently in.


Neptune was discovered in 1846. Pluto in 1930.
But even more importantly for the current transit at hand, the “modern” planet which rules over the sign of Aquarius, namely Uranus was discovered in 1781.


The Solar System of the Ancient Universe was comprised of the seven planets that could each be seen by the naked eye.  With seven planets being assigned to 12 signs, some planets did some astrological overtime by overseeing not 1 but 2 residents of the Zodiac.  This was quite the easy planetary breeze for the heavenly body which rules over every variation of hard work imaginable.  Thus, prior to 1781 Saturn clocked in some serious planetary overtime by ruling over its own sign of Capricorn along with its Zodiacal next door neighbor, Aquarius the Water Bearer.


In other words the “ancient planetary ruler” of the Uranian ruled sign of Aquarius is none other than the Lord of Karma, himself, the ringed planet Saturn.


Saturn shall be traversing through familiar territory yet again as the ringed planet has left its own sign of Capricorn and now transits through the sign of its ancient rulership, Aquarius.


The last of the Air signs may share the same planetary ruler with the last of the Earth signs and the two may be next door Zodiacal neighbors to each other, but that’s where the similarities end.  Aquarius is of such a diametrically different essence than that of Capricorn, you’d swear these two signs were on polar opposite points versus Zodiacal neighbors.


Aquarius – The Sign That Dares to be Different….Or Else.
OK Let me get this one out of the way first and foremost, since this error of mistaken astrological identity is accepted by not just a decent number of non-clan members…many Aquarians believe it too.  OK Then, Ready?


(switching megaphone on.) AQUARIUS IS NOT A WATER SIGN.(switching megaphone off.)


In non-fictitious fact, my extremely old and very frayed toothbrush that I stopped using a few years back has more water molecules than the entire Zodiacal lot of you combined because despite what many may think, the sign of Aquarius is an Air sign and the furthest thing possible from anything resembling the element of Water.


To put an end to all the Zodiacal confusion, your Author thought it best to stay on Air signed track by altering Aquarius’ subtitle! Instead of saying “the sign of the Water Bearer” I will instead be using descriptive phrases of the more airily moving kind.  For example, those who prefer a mnemonic with the letter “A” I’ll say “the sign of the Air Blower” and with the letter “B” I will be going with “the sign of the Breeze Bearer”.
Done deal.


And it’s not just the sign of the Air Blower that needs to differentiate itself by name, its modern planetary ruler does as well.


The planet of the modern day that rules over the sign of the Breeze Bearer is the heavenly body that goes against the planetary crowd.  Whereas every other member of our Solar System has a name of Roman origin, Uranus stands apart from the planetary norm by virtue of its name being based in ancient Greek.


This foundational trait of sticking out like a sore thumb without even trying is predominantly why Aquarius is the sign most reputed for its uniqueness and fierce sense of individuality and those born beneath it are inherently quirky and are in no way “normal”, “average”, or “typical” which is exactly how your everyday Aquarian (as if there were such a thing) likes it.


And just so everyone is all on the same leveling board of the Aquarian spaceship, the words “normal”, “average”, or “typical” are the most offensively vile curse words one can say to an Aquarian and it is highly recommended they never be uttered aloud in their presence.



The MENSA Members of the Zodiac
With the sign of the Air Blower being the last representative of the element known for its communication skills and powers of rational thought (Hint: AIR) those born beneath this sign tend to be highly intelligent. Additionally with their modern planetary ruler referred to as the “brilliant planet” as well as  the“planet of genius” what makes the Aquarian’s intelligence stand out is their ability to produce thoughts that are highly original with many of them having never been conceptualized before.


Take original thoughts that have never been conceptualized before and what’s it spell?  “Inventions” or at bare minimum “Registered Patents”.


With that IN MIND (get it?) it should be no surprise that a goodly portion of the world’s inventors like Thomas Edison along with the most precocious Wunderkinds like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were all born beneath the sign of the Breeze Bearer.


Aquarius – Duality in Motion
The Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are mentally stimulated the most by the concept of the joining of polar opposites otherwise known as juxtaposition or duality.  The last of the Air signs physically embodies this mental concept the most with the life of the Aquarian being Duality in Motion.


Aquarius is known as the “sign of groups”.  The Aquarian deeply desires to be part of a group, any group but their inherent quirkiness puts a lid on that thought mighty quick.


The sign of the Breeze Bearer is also known as the “sign of Friendship”. In this day and age the group most people identify with most is their friends.  But with blustry words such as “cold” “chilly” and “icy” to describe the Aquarian personality, they by far are the sign that’s hardest to buddy up with. An Aquarian’s friendship must be earned over time, and one risks getting maced in the face if they try being BFF’s with one born beneath the sign of the Air Blower too soon or prematurely.


And lastly, the sign that is so naturally unique and different is also known as the “egalitarian sign” where no matter a person’s age, gender, religious/political affiliation, nor their favorite character from the Star Wars Trilogy, etc. etc. everyone is treated and spoken to exactly the same by those born under the sign of the Breeze Bearer.



So after all that hot air, the sign of Aquarius deals with the following concepts:

Individuality, Originality, Intellectual Genius or Brilliance, Quirkiness, Invention, Friendship, Groups.

Along with some other traits we didn’t have The Age of Aquarius to discuss: Futurism, Rebellion, Anti-Traditionalism, Anarchy, Anti-Sentimentalism, Science, Technology, anything Sci-Fi (in particular Star Wars related), and (Surprise!) Astrology


At this point, your author thinks it’s about freaking time we get to his societal predictions for Saturn’s Transit Through Aquarius!  And we might as well start things off with an issue that’s been first on the entire world’s list as of late…


Covid Cure & Preventative Vaccine Developed: With Saturn being the planet which oversees the tangibly reliable as well as organized planning and Aquarius being the sign of science, technology,and of groups, such as the biggest one possible which we all belong to namely humanity, you can karmicly count on not only a cure for Covid-19 being found during the Lord of Karma’s trek through the sign of Science, but a vaccine being made available to the public that’s been stringently tested and consistently reliable because it’s not just Science we’re dealing with here, it’s Saturnine Science.


And call me an Air Blower by default, but your author will so not be surprised to discover the scientific genius who ends up inventing this much needed cure will in all likelihood be a bonified Breeze Bearer.


At worst expect the cure and vaccine to become a reality by 2023 and at best as early as this upcoming fall or winter.


Covid-19 Cure

With the planet of the concrete currently traversing through the sign of Science and Technology, how can a cure for Covid-19 NOT happen sooner than later?




Technological Advances Exponentially Spike and Expand Through the Proverbial RoofThe last time Saturn made its way through the sign of Aquarius was from 1991 – 1994, a fledgling time when a user wasn’t necessarily required to know the ins and outs of DOS just to use a computer and when having 5MB of RAM with a 150Mb Hard Drive was a seriously big deal! With Saturn transiting the sign which oversees all things computer related as well as any advances of the technological kind, I’m sure whatever quip I could come up with regarding the innovative inventions that are soon to hit the world of technology during Saturn’s transit through the sign of Aquarius will already be obsolete in a most comically unfunny way before the words even escape my no longer tech savvy mouth ….


Pixar 1991

Since the upcoming advances in technology will be taking place within the microchips that soon will be replacing our minds and not through any kind of  inefficiently obsolete “thing” I thought it best to show a picture dating back to the previous time Saturn last transited Aquarius in 1991.  It shows some stupidly named start up company called Pixar that must have gone bust soon there after.  At least I had a better haircut back then.



Speaking of previous Saturn transits….

Many astrologers are claiming 2020 is not only the beginning of a new decade but of an entirely new Era as well.  This majorly significant year has been marked by a number of rare astrological occurrences.  One of them being the conjunction of the planets Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.  The last time those three met up in the sign of the Goat was in the year 1518.  And wouldn’t you know it?  I found out that medieval year from long ago had its own version of Covid-19 too, except this wasn’t a virus.  It was more like a fever…a Dance Fever of Death if you will.  Scientists are still unsure as to its cause but in the summer of 1518 the city of Strasbourg, France fell prey to an epidemic called the “Dancing Plague“. It began with one woman who left her home one Saturday morning in July who then began to uncontrollably dance in the street….for six straight days.  Many more came to join the woman and her maniacal dancing in the Strasbourgian streets.  First 10, then 50, then 100 so that when the “dancing mania” finally stopped 3 months later that September, some 400 people had danced themselves….to death!  Swear to Saturn!


Eat your heart and every other body part out, Denny Terrio!


Dancing Plague of 1518


Upgrading the World for the 21st Century and Beyond – Saturn is the planet of Business and its Administration, thereof as well as Time and Tradition.  Aquarius is all about Modernization and the Future at large.  Combine the planet with the current sign its in and anyone doing business today had better be 21st century compliant…or else.  This applies most especially to any business, company, charity, social club, etc. that is already established and up and running. People, staying technologically savvy and updated for most of the populace is not fun and can be downright overwhelming at times.  But seeing how we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius already, (since 1969, in your author’s not so humble opinion) any given person in the Western world has to not only be computer automated but relatively updated to these modern times if they want to move ahead in a world that’s on the verge of technologically morphing before all our eyes.  Granted, this will come upon most of us so fast we’ll be rubbing our eyes for quite some time from the force of change’s wind storm but if relatively prepared we can bravely go forward into this brave and ultra-new technological world instead of being left behind in incomprehensible shock.  Besides, that kind of thing is so 20th century, anyway.


For those difficult ones who feel the need to argue about precisely when the Age of Aquarius has or has not begun, I’m more than open to discuss, but not before all parties read my piece which thoughtfully and correctly analyzes this contentious topic linked below:

This really “IS” the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius


21st century compliant (2)

Strap yourselves in tight, kids. Because technological advancement is about to morph the world any nanosecond now!


Keep Your Eyes Opened Good and Wide But Be Warned!  Things May Look a Bit Revolting –  As was stated in Part I, Aquarius’ modern planetary ruler was discovered in 1781, a time in Western History when revolution abounded with the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, and the Haitian Revolution of 1791.  Part I also mentioned how Capricorn-ian the world has become as of late with Saturn, the planet of conservatism traversing through its own conservative sign of Capricorn since late 2017.  While not wanting to come across as liberally revolting, the first part of this series provided examples of countries throughout the world whose governments have shown a marked rise in the administration of ultra-conservative policies without making any mention of American politics.  Well sorry to make things revolting, but a tiny portion of the American government’s long list of ultra-conservative actions must be mentioned.


As Saturn was beginning its transit through its own conservative sign in December of 2017 a bill was passed by Congress nebulously called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” which basically overhauled America’s system of taxation.  Claiming it would “pay for itself“, the government added $1.5 trillion to the United States deficit in order to provide tax cuts to American citizens and businesses.  The tax cuts were temporary for citizens, with the middle class seeing an eventual rise to their taxes and permanent for businesses with the top corporate tax rate being reduced for the long term from 35% to 21% .  Along with people’s income tax being lessened, especially that which was paid by the uber-rich, it seemed like all this government tax reform was going to do was merely widen the chasm-like gap of unequal distribution of wealth in this country, with the rich getting richer and the poor…well, you know.


2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill – an act of Congress that funneled even more money to corporations and the uber-rich that did not, as was initially promised, “pay for itself”.


Two years down the pike following this massive overhaul and it would appear that  the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act did not, in fact, “pay for Itself” according to nor do they say it is likely to do so in the future.



The Great Equalizer
I mentioned how the thing that motivates the work ethic of the Capricorn most is the attainment of status.  However it would appear that during the planet of Status’ (Saturn) most recent travels through its naturally ruling sign of Status (Capricorn), the attainment of Status was overemphasized by the American government but at the expense of things that were non-Status related but just as valuable.  Things such as: Environmental Protection, Healthcare, and Education, just to name a paltry few.  And now the Lord of Karma has left the sign of Status by newly transiting the egalitarian sign of Aquarius.  By entering the sign of global equality right as the world is in the midst of facing a pandemic crisis which no one is immune from, it’s fair to say that going forward the Lord of Karma has no other choice than to become The Great Equalizer.

Father Time will tell.





Brad Kronen has written a number of books with many of them focusing on the role Astrology plays in the formation of key historical events. Click on the link below to see Brad’s selection of books on



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