A Plague on Both Your Houses: Astrologically Analyzing America’s Role in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Plague on Both Your Houses: Astrologically Analyzing
America’s Role in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

by: Brad Kronen


In William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” the character of Mercutio, a member of the House of Montague is mortally wounded by Tybalt, a member of the warring House of Capulet.  Unfortunately, no one believes this tragic event has even taken place.  Being the bonified jokester, when Mercutio tries to inform those around him he has been seriously injured, he is met with jeers and pointed laughter since everyone assumes that the clown is up to his old tricks once again of making a mockery of anything serious.  To show how gravely serious he actually is, Mercutio curses both Capulet and Montague alike by loudly stating “A plague on both your Houses!” before collapsing into an unconscious state and dying soon thereafter.

An intensely dramatic scene which our country is eerily simulating today.

As all of us are well aware, a plague has descended not just upon our country, but on the entire world at large in the form of a global pandemic.  Not only has the Coronavirus made its presence known among Democrats and Republicans, but to citizens of every variation, both nationally and globally alike.

With the official tally of confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection otherwise known as COVID-19 approaching 4 million throughout the world as of May 7th, the current situation seems more dire than ever before with no workable solutions in immediate sight.

Not only are those sentiments reflected in the skies above astrologically, so too is the Universe giving foreboding warnings of things to come should no changes be made to Humanity’s current trajectory on its path towards self-destruction.

A Transitional chart for the United States dated May 6th, 2020

On this past Wednesday, I intuitively sensed the energies within our current world had altered and this was affirmed by the transitional chart I cast dated May 6th, 2020.

It must be emphasized that although I chose our nation’s capital of Washington D.C. as the geographic point of location, the chart cast is not for the United States as a country in particular. Rather it serves more as a freeze frame of where the planets of our Solar System are at this time in relation to their influence over the current state of our world at large in the Here and Now.

But even with the above being said, my astrological interpretation for this particular chart will focus on the current challenges and decisions the United States will need to face as a nation in relation to events affecting the entire world.

The chart dated May 6th, 2020 which shows where each of the planets are currently positioned is as follows:

Plague Chart 05062020

As Above, Is Presidentially Below

Even with everything previously stipulated and emphasizing that the chart in question was not cast for the United States as a country, things still have quite the American slant.  Although the chart was cast for 12 noon on May 6th, 2020 with a geographical perspective of Washington D.C., it still is integrally connected to the man who has the most power in that town just the same.  For just as Donald Trump was born with his Ascendant, or Rising Sign in the leadership sign of Leo, the chart I cast has a Leo Ascendant as well.

This could be interpreted that the current cosmic weather not only relates to this country, but to this country’s President in particular since the delineation of the Houses reflect those delineated by the President individually, since both charts share the same Rising Sign.

A Cosmic Indication of Self Imposed Change

The Chart’s “Self” is represented by the Sun placed in the sign of Taurus in the 10th House of the Public and is in a wide conjunction to Uranus, the planet which oversees Change, “Out of the Blue” or Sudden Events, as well as Science and Technology.  Taurus is the sign that relates to two crucial aspects of American society: money and the economy at large. Since the coronavirus made its presence known in the late autumn/early Winter, the President has viewed the pandemic mainly from an economic perspective.  It seemed as if the President looked at this calamity strictly in terms of dollars and cents. In Trump’s mind conquering the virus meant keeping the economy solvent by “getting back to work”.  It was the President’s oversimplified and rose colored view of the virus’ effect on the economy that caused him to repeatedly disappoint the nation by providing empty economic promises such as Easter marking the end of both social distancing and imposed lockdowns.

With the Sun in the sign of the Economy (aka Taurus) in a wide conjunction with Uranus, the planet of Change which happens to currently be in its worst possible sign (aka Taurus), going forward the Universe is warning us that looking at the pandemic strictly by its effects on the economy can continue no further and needs to be completely replaced with a global perspective that is expansively humanitarian in essence.  With the Sun and Uranus being in the House of the Public in the sign of the Almighty $ (aka Taurus), should no changes be put into effect the Universe foretells that the first thing to go will be the American economy in and of itself.

A Not So United States

Wishing that the economic woes brought on by the virus would all just go away, the President gave even more expansively empty promises such as the virus taking its exit from our world by suddenly disappearing as if by magic.  Since he not only oversees this country’s economy but the welfare of its people as well, when the President first chose to address the presence of the Coronavirus instead of his usual response of ignoring its very existence, Trump at first greatly downplayed the virus’ level of potency stating that the US stood to lose a handful of lives at most.  With the US currently having the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 at 1,200,000 and with nearly 75,000 American lives having been lost to the pandemic to date, the Trump Administration is forced to see the error of its ways in downplaying the threat of something that still holds the potential of destroying American society as a whole.  Not only have the latest COVID-19 statistics exposed the American government’s errors of judgement, the American people’s lack of confidence and trust in their leader is equally as obvious as well.  This is represented in the chart by the positioning of the Moon.

Whereas the 10th House represents a country’s administration, the Moon and its correlating 4th House symbolizes its people.  Not only does the Moon in the chart I cast oppose the publicly visible 10th House Sun in Taurus, it does so from the vantage point of its naturally ruling 4th House of its People in the sign of the Survivor, Scorpio.

With the Sun in the sign of the Economy opposed by a strongly placed Moon in the sign known for its natural tendency to distrust anything that seems disingenuous, the American people are not so willing to automatically trust the words of their President, especially when he speaks in the best interest of his country’s economy instead of his people.  This certainly has been the case as of late with the President recently suggesting an option to fight the virus was to consider injecting disinfectant.  For those who argue that the President was joking when he made his disinfectant statements, now more than ever is NOT the time to be joking in any way whatsoever when considering the stark and very grim reality that the Coronavirus has claimed more American lives over the last two months than the number of Americans killed during the Vietnam War in its entirety.


Saturn’s Recent Transit into the sign of Aquarius

In my latest 2 part series which analyzed the planet Saturn’s recent transition into the sign of Aquarius, the links of which are listed below I mentioned that when the heavenly body also called the Lord of Karma (aka Saturn) had entered the highly karmic last degree of the sign it naturally rules over, Capricorn, this past March 11th, it coincided with the World Health Organization officially designating the Coronavirus as a global pandemic – to the exact day.

Saturn Transits Aquarius, Part I: The Past Merges at Present

Saturn Transits Aquarius, Part II: The Great Equalizer

A ”stellium” is a section of a chart that has 3 or more heavenly bodies placed in the same concentrated area. The chart cast showing the current cosmic weather has a stellium of 5 heavenly bodies consisting of 3 planets, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius and 2 asteroids, Pallas and the Asteroid Wuhan all located in a House which has taken up much of the country’s attentions as of late – the 6th House of Health.

Demetra George, THE authority on the interpretation of asteroids has stated that whenever analyzing COVID-19’s influence in global events one must look to the Asteroid named after the city believed to be the virus’ source, the Asteroid Wuhan.  Additionally, whenever considering the  protective measures the world is taking to defend itself against the current plague, one must look at the asteroid mythologically named after the deity whose creation began as an adult fully dressed from head to toe in protective armor named Pallas Athena.

Astoundingly, the current chart’s stellium in the 6th House of Health shows the Asteroid Wuhan ahead of all the rest of heavenly bodies at 3 degrees Aquarius on the furthest side of the Lord of Karma with Saturn positioned at 1 degree Aquarius and the asteroid Pallas Athena flanking Saturn’s other side at 0 degrees Aquarius.

Saturn was in its own sign of Capricorn from December 19th, 2017 until this past March 22nd, 2020 and throughout that time the American government like the rest of the world’s political institutions became more and more ultra-conservative.  That, along with the American government’s focus seemed to strictly concentrate on an aspect of Life which both the planet Saturn and its ruling sign of Capricorn hold in the highest regard – the attainment of status.

So much so, the Trump Administration made huge budget cuts to such health oriented institutions as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institutes for Health (NIH).

Conversely at the end of 2017, Congress passed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” where taxes that American corporations were obligated to pay were for the most permanently removed. The government’s focus on the elevation of corporate America’s status over the last few years has been more than apparent most especially as the planet of the conservative (Saturn) transited through its own “sign of the corporate”, (Capricorn).

But over the last few weeks Saturn has exited from its home turf of conservatism and status and has newly entered the sign known for its emphasis on egalitarianism, globalism, and most importantly humanitarianism, the last of the Air signs, Aquarius.

Interpreting the 6th House Stellium

It was earlier mentioned that the chart cast of the current cosmic weather has a stellium of 5 heavenly bodies all located in the 6th House of Health.  Not only has the planet called the Lord of Karma, aka Saturn newly transitioned into the sign of global egalitarianism, the two asteroids representing the positive and negative aspects associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, namely the Asteroids Wuhan and Pallas Athena have joined Saturn in the last of the Air signs as well.  The planets Jupiter and Pluto aren’t far behind within the 6th House of Health but remain in the Saturnine sign of status, Capricorn.

Interpreting this heavy concentration of planetary energies is as follows:

In order to move ahead and away from the pandemic crisis the world is currently mired in, both the government of the United States and its people must accept and understand that this catastrophic state of emergency is one which  threatens the health and well-being (6th House) of the entire global population (Aquarius) and therefore involves a unified effort (Aquarius)of hard work and cooperation (Saturn) from every nation around the globe. If we wish to successfully overcome COVID-19 (Asteroid Wuhan in Aquarius) by achieving such things as flattening the curve of infection (Asteroid Pallas Athena in Aquarius) as well as creating a vaccine (Asteroid Pallas Athena in Aquarius) the world  must act together in one unified approach (Aquarius).  Doing uncooperative things like ending social distancing too soon, opening businesses ahead of schedule, or even not wearing any facial covering in public (Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn) will only cause the virus to come back even stronger (Jupiter in Capricorn) resulting in further death and adding to the eventual destruction of humanity’s lifespan on this planet (Pluto in Capricorn).

America and the world at large can no longer act upon decisions based strictly on the needs of individual economies or in the best interest involving the finances of a choice few (Capricorn), the world must move forward as a united whole with humanity (Aquarius) basing all of its upcoming actions in scientific fact (Aquarius) strictly unto itself.

The Changing of the World’s Nodes and the Anti-Vertex

On the day I cast the chart, May 6th, the Nodes of the world had shifted signs. On that exact day the South Node had moved from Status seeking Capricorn into the expansive sign of globally oriented Sagittarius and even more importantly the North Node had taken its leave of emotionally sensitive Cancer and had newly entered the sign of Communication Gemini.  The sign of the North Node represents the traits and qualities which the world of the Here and Now should aspire to in order to continue growing on an evolved scale.  With the Nodes moving in a counter-clockwise motion, the world’s North Node is currently placed at the highly karmic or last degree of Gemini.  Additionally from May 1 – 6th the North Node was placed at a “Cardinal Point” or 0 degrees of one of the four Cardinal signs.  When something is placed at a Cardinal Point it is said to be in a place of notoriety or fame, be it positive or negative.

This all translates to the world being given a small window of opportunity to change its course of focus and to clean up its overall act, most especially the President.

In April, the President began giving daily press meetings from the White House with his “Corona virus Task Force”.   Where the American public expected to hear up-to-the-moment updates based in factual scientific statistical data, they were shocked to discover anything but.

Rather than relaying information about the pandemic that was clear and concise, the President instead created an atmosphere of belligerent confusion where he bullied reporters and displayed temper tantrums that would result in him abruptly vacating the room.

When the North Node was at 0 degrees of the Cardinal sign of Cancer, the President’s task force briefings earned him even further negative press than usual.  Trump’s tweets revealed the President actively comparing ratings numbers between his White House pandemic meetings and the shows of various late night talk show hosts whom our leader and chief would regularly mock and badmouth.

With the switching of the North Node into the communication based sign of Gemini, any information that is petty, reactionary, or base will no longer be tolerated. And the President has a small window of time to change his communications game.

The astrological term known as the “Vertex” refers to a karmic cause and effect point occurring within the positive spectrum.  This same theory applies to the “Anti-Vertex” as well but from the perspective of the negative spectrum.

The chart cast for the current cosmic weather reveals an Anti-Vertex of 25 degrees Gemini indicating that Trump’s words had better change and fast. For not only is Gemini the sign where the North Node and the very karmic Anti-Vertex are currently placed in, it also correlates with the sign the President was born under with 25 degrees Gemini occurring roughly around June 14th, otherwise known as Donald Trump’s birthday.

Both the United States and its leader have their fair share of karmic homework cut out for them.

**Cartoon Imagery by Seth Boyes

*Brad Kronen knows a thing or two about a planet’s energies influencing our planet in general, especially that planet’s discovery!  Kronen’s book entitled “The Discovery of Neptune & Its Ensuing Romantic Age” explores how Neptune’s  discovery  in 1846 literally transformed our planet through some of the greatest works of Art being created during that Neptunian influenced period otherwise known as “The Romantic Era”, available for purchase at the Amazon link below:

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