Defending The Human Family: Facing A Global Pandemic in these Not So United States

Some of the darkest pages of this country’s History deal primarily with one evil in particular – Slavery.  Where in times of old, humans beings were treated as if mere pieces of property through the sin of Slavery, its presence still echoes across the ages to the Present day in the form of America’s broken race relations.  Despite all parties being American citizens, those who are not Caucasian still find themselves in the 21st century being singled out with many non-whites today being treated as if they were citizens of a lesser, second class kind.  More often than not this is especially the case whenever a person of color must deal with the police.

Horrifyingly, the tragic fate which recently befell George Floyd is nothing new.  Police officers abusing their power through the harassment, violence, and deaths of this country’s black citizens is as old as American History, itself but has become even more prevalent especially over the last 5 decades.  Recent victims who lost their lives to police brutality that immediately come to mind are Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Willie Tillman, among countless others. George Floyd’s name may be one of the most recent but it certainly won’t be the last addition to a list that shows how exponentially worse  America’s race relations have become lately, along with the abuses of power displayed by the police.

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