Defending The Human Family: Facing A Global Pandemic in these Not So United States


Defending The Human Family:
Facing A Global Pandemic in these Not So United States

The Continuation of “A Plague on Both Your Houses”

Brad Kronen


Minnesota George Floyd Riots

A person carries an American flag turned upside down while walking past a liquor store torched aflame by rioting which took place in the streets of Minneapolis on Saturday night, May 30th.


“Human rights stand upon a common basis; and by all reason that they are supported, maintained, and defended for all the human family. The essential characteristics of humanity are everywhere the same.”

— Frederick Douglass, Civil Rights Freedom Fighter, 1854


In the most remote of possibilities,  there could be those choice few who have been living under a proverbial dwelling sized rock that still may not be aware of this one fact –  the world is in the midst of facing a global pandemic.


Just as an entirely new decade commenced at the start of 2020 was precisely when the Coronavirus and its physical manifestation of disease, COVID-19 took its entrance upon the world’s stage and made its highly contagious and potentially deadly presence first known to the residents of this planet.


As we approach the midpoint of the year on May 31st, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally stands at slightly over 6 million with the number of deaths from the disease worldwide at present being 369,789.  In the United States alone as of May 31st the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in this country stands at slightly over 1 million 800,000 with the death toll of Americans who have died from the disease to date being 105,246.


Over the past 6 months alone, astrological events have taken place which have indicated massive changes were soon to alter our world as we knew it, regardless of how any one individual interpreted these changes as to whether they’d be ignored and resisted or conversely whether they’d be heeded and embraced.


I discussed these recent astrological transitory changes in great detail and have interpreted them from a societal perspective in  some of my most recent writing pieces.  One being a 2 part series which analyzed the recent transit of the planet Saturn exiting its naturally ruling sign of Capricorn and entering the humanitarian sign of Aquarius for the upcoming 2.5 years entitled:


Saturn Transits Aquarius, Part I: The Past Merges at Present

Saturn Transits Aquarius, Part II: The Great Equalizer


And my other analytical piece entitled “A Plague on Both Your Houses” which discusses the role the United States will need to play alongside the rest of the world if this country wishes to get itself through this current Age of Coronavirus which we find ourselves mired  in at present:


A Plague on Both Your Houses: Astrologically Analyzing America’s Role in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic


Which leads us to the  Here and Now of the Present time.


As a tool of prediction, Astrology not only can prepare we Earth dwellers by giving us a cosmic “Heads Up” in advance, it can also aid in the solution making process by providing us with ranges of time which can serve as “windows of opportunity” for implementing constructive change should we deem it necessary to do so.


In my article “A Plague on Both Your Houses” I mentioned how the United States, especially its President, currently has a window of opportunity, albeit an extremely limited one, to change its current trajectory path which leads to self destruction. The piece was written on May 6th, the exact day the world’s North Node, or karmic destiny changed signs.  To quote that article:


“The sign of the North Node represents the traits and qualities which the world of the Here and Now should aspire to in order to continue growing on an evolved scale.  With the Nodes moving in a counter-clockwise motion, the world’s North Node is currently placed at the highly karmic or last degree of Gemini…. 
This all translates to the world being given a small window of opportunity to change its course of focus and to clean up its overall act, most especially the President.”


I go on to predictively say:

“With the switching of the North Node into the communication based sign of Gemini, any information that is petty, reactionary, or base will no longer be tolerated. And the President has a small window of time to change his communications game.


The astrological term known as the “Vertex” refers to a karmic cause and effect point occurring within the positive spectrum.  This same theory applies to the “Anti-Vertex” as well but from the perspective of the negative spectrum.


The chart cast for the current cosmic weather reveals an Anti-Vertex of 25 degrees Gemini indicating that Trump’s words had better change and fast. For not only is Gemini the sign where the North Node and the very karmic Anti-Vertex are currently placed in, it also correlates with the sign the President was born under with 25 degrees Gemini occurring roughly around June 14th, otherwise known as Donald Trump’s birthday.


Both the United States and its leader have their fair share of karmic homework cut out for them.”


This homework assignment was given a critical sense of national urgency through the occurrence of a single event – the tragic death of a man named George Floyd this past May 25th in Minneapolis and the nation’s subsequent reaction to it.


From what has been reported, George Floyd was detained by the Minneapolis police after a local deli owner called authorities claiming he had purchased cigarettes using a counterfeit $20 bill.  He was handcuffed and then was seen lying face down in a city street while being brought to a police car.  With Mr. Floyd still lying on the ground handcuffed, video footage from the smartphones of  various onlookers show (now former) Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin planting his knee straight down onto the right side of Floyd’s neck.  The officer’s knee remained there for a total of 8 minutes and 46 seconds, of which during the last 2 minutes and 53 seconds Mr. Floyd laid unresponsive and motionless before  emergency medical technicians arrive.  The video footage captures Floyd repeatedly stating he can’t breathe with his final words being “I’m about to die.”  George Floyd was taken by ambulance to Hennepin County Medical Center where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 9:25 PM.


George Floyd was 46 years old.  He is survived by two daughters, ages 22 and 6.


George Floyd

George Floyd
October 14th 1973 – May 25th, 2020


Casting a chart for the George Floyd Riots

For five consecutive nights following the tragic event in Minneapolis , peaceful protests emerged in major cities throughout the United States in reaction to the death of George Floyd.  This in turn led to rioting taking place with violence and looting occurring in major cities throughout the country such as New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, and of course, Minneapolis.


The chart I cast was set for midnight on May 31st, 2020 after being told a city wide curfew had been been put into effect for the entire evening in the greater Los Angeles area and that the National Guard would be arriving at that time.


The chart not only serves as a continuation and follow up to the dynamic energies presented in the chart I cast for May 6th, it is a key indicator that the current state of the nation must drastically change within an ever shrinking window of opportunity that remains open for both the people of the United States and its Leader and Chief.


The chart cast during the George Floyd Riots is as follows:


George Floyd Riots



Dealing with Riots Amidst a Global Pandemic Crisis

In the chart cast for May 6th, there was a stellium consisting of 3 planets (Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto) and 2 asteroids all squeezed together in the 6th House.  This is not surprising since the 6th House deals with anything health related and the most crucial issue during the first week of May was and still is, the threat of COVID-19 further affecting the health of those not only within this country, but throughout the world.  This is further reinforced by the asteroids which make up that large stellium representing the cause and effect aspects associated with the pandemic as symbolized by the Asteroid Wuhan and the Asteroid Pallas Athena.


The chart cast for May 31st tells us that the need to institute effective approaches in dealing with the pandemic is just as necessary now more than ever, except now the United States must face dealing with the Coronavirus’ deadly effects while addressing other issues that are just as critically time sensitive and equally as crucial – America’s race relations along with the abuse of power by the police.



No workable solutions have yet been implemented that will effectively control the spread of COVID-19 nor has any preventative protection been discovered in the form of either a vaccine or a cure.  But even with that being the case, the issues of race relations and how they contribute to the imbalance of authoritative power in the United States have reached such an alarmingly critical level, they bear just as much potential to destroy this country through societal means as the virus does physically.


The pandemic’s stellium is not in any way lessened but still needs to share national center stage with issues bearing  an equal amount of threat to American society.  This is symbolized by the virus’ conglomeration of 5 heavenly bodies being moved from May 6th’s  overtly obvious positioning in the 6th House of Health to May 31st’s covert placement within its 12th House of Secrets and Hidden Enemies.


May 31st’s  Angular Houses & Intercepted Signs


The most pivotal areas of any given astrological chart are those which deal with the “Angular” Houses, most especially the First House of Self and the 4th House of Home.  The potential danger still posed by the pandemic’s presence in the United States has been diffused by the content matter which lay inside May 31st’s First and 4th Houses but also by the subject matter that’s hidden by interception in that chart’s Succedent Houses of 2 & 8 –  and all of it dealing with that societal force of established protection otherwise known as “the police”.


In astrology that which is related to the police is represented by any of the following:
– the First House
– the Sign of Aries
– the Planet Mars


In the chart cast for May 31st the pandemic stellium now shares a double billing with the stellium of the planets Mars and Neptune along with the Asteroids Nessus  and Ceres all conjunct in the Neptune ruled sign of Pisces located in that chart’s Angular First House of Self. This is highlighted by not just 1 but 2 factors that are police related – Mars and its naturally ruling First House.



A Particularly American Dance with the Devil

Some of the darkest pages of this country’s History deal primarily with one evil in particular – Slavery.  Where in times of old, humans beings were treated as if mere pieces of property through the sin of Slavery, its presence still echoes across the ages to the Present day in the form of America’s broken race relations.  Despite all parties being American citizens, those who are not Caucasian still find themselves in the 21st century being singled out with many non-whites today being treated as if they were citizens of a lesser, second class kind.  More often than not this is especially the case whenever a person of color must deal with the police.


Horrifyingly, the tragic fate which recently befell George Floyd is nothing new.  Police officers abusing their power through the harassment, violence, and deaths of this country’s black citizens is as old as American History, itself but has become even more prevalent especially over the last 5 decades.  Recent victims who lost their lives to police brutality that immediately come to mind are Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Willie Tillman, among countless others.  George Floyd’s name may be one of the most recent but it certainly won’t be the last addition to a list that shows how exponentially worse  America’s race relations have become lately, along with the abuses of power displayed by the police.


Referring once more to the chart cast for May 31st, the planet Mars is associated with the police and although placed in its naturally ruling First House is positioned in the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, rather than the first sign it regularly oversees, namely Aries.  With Mars being conjunct, or in close proximity to Neptune in the First House, issues regarding the police (Mars) and their deception (Neptune related issue) are prominent issues (First House) that need to be addressed.


In the George Floyd case alone, it now has come to surface that the former Minneapolis police officer who physically abused Mr. Floyd, Derek Chauvin, had 18 complaints on his official record, one of them involving a fatal shooting.  According to the police report involving the incident itself, the police claim that Mr. Floyd was placed in handcuffs due to “resisting arrest“, yet surveillance footage from a nearby restaurant shows otherwise, prompting CBS news to officially comment after viewing the surveillance footage, it “shows officers calmly detaining him” and CNN to state the video”does not support police claims that George Floyd resisted arrest“.


The Asteroids Ceres & Nessus

As previously stated for the chart cast for May 31st, there is a First House stellium  involving the planets Mars and Neptune along with the Asteroids Ceres and Nessus all positioned in the Neptune ruled sign of Pisces.



In mythology, Ceres (Greek: Demeter)  was the goddess of the Harvest and her placement in any given chart usually represents abundance and growth as well as maternal nurturing since Ceres is mother to the Goddess of the Spring, Persephone.   Ceres’ motherly caring when badly aspected can also symbolize extreme grief by losing something considered dear to subversively dark forces that are beyond our control such as rape, violence, and   murder, given Ceres’ only child Persephone ends up being defiled and abducted by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.



If we interpret Ceres to be the effect of grief as a reaction to Life’s dark forces, Nessus represents the cause behind how those dark forces came to be.  In mythology, Nessus was a centaur, a creature whose upper half was human with the lower half of a powerful stallion.  Centaurs displayed great intelligence and wisdom through their human side but also could tap into their animal instincts through their acts of wanton cardinality and hedonism.  Unfortunately, Nessus had equal access to both aspects of his centaur self.  The beast-man develops quite a lustful appetite for a woman named Deianeira, wife of the demi-god Hercules.  When Deianeira is left alone one evening, Nessus attacks his prey.  Hercules comes home only to find his wife being raped by a centaur.  Fearing for his life, Nessus manages to escape being torn to bits by the hulk-like hero but perishes by the hand of Hercules just the same after being hit by one of his long range arrows (the Schwarzenegger of the ancient world had been taught the skills of archery by another of Nessus’ kind, the centaur Chiron). 


Even as he lay dying, Nessus implements his deceptive cunning to seek revenge against his perpetrator.  Gathering the blood which flows from the arrow’s fatal wound, Nessus gives Deianeira a vile of his blood informing the gullible girl of the healing properties the blood of a dying centaur possesses.  In actuality, it has just the opposite effect which Deianeira is horrified to observe Hercules dying in excrutiating pain after wearing a tunic doused in Nessus’ blood.  What his wife had presumed would be healing and helpful for her spouse becomes pain filled and poisonous resulting in the hero’s life being snuffed out,  Nessus’ revenge is made complete.



“Hercules and the Centaur Nessus” by Giabologna, 1599



Intuitive astrologer Anais in her blog focusing on the Asteroid Nessus claims that its transits can signify the end of a long lasting period of oppression and the presence of the asteroid assists with finally severing the ties that bind. She states Nessus coming into play by transit is the time for these oppressive ties to finally be stopped stating in her own words “that if we don’t sever them, they may just forever harm us, at the worst maybe even kill us.” As clearly was the case with George Floyd on May 25th.


The critical sense of alarm regarding the police and their abuse of power towards African American citizens is even further emphasized in the May 31st chart by an interception taking place in the sign which has traditionally symbolized the police – the Mars ruled sign of Aries.


An astrological interception is when the 12 Houses of a chart are unevenly distributed, resulting in one sign along with its polar opposite sign both being fully absorbed each within a single House, with neither sign having rulership over any of the 12 Houses.


With an interception, the energies of the 2 intercepted signs are still a part of whichever house they are located in but are generally overlooked where the person (or in this case nation) has blinders on regarding the energies of the intercepted signs and is made aware of them all at once and usually in an unexpected or surprising way.


And your author firmly believes a situation can’t get any more unexpected or surprising than one involving rioting…


In the chart cast for May 31st, the sign of the police, Aries is intercepted as are the 3 heavenly bodies positioned in that sign – the Asteroids Chiron, Lillith,  and Eris.



The mythological Chiron has already been mentioned by being the wise centaur who was the mentor-like teacher of the hero Hercules.  And like his fellow centaur Nessus, Chiron also dies by the hand of Hercules and his arrows. But instead of being pierced by a hunter’s arrow, Chiron falls victim to his super strong student also being one demi-god of a klutz when young Hercules clumsily drops a poisonous arrow onto his teacher’s hoof.  Chiron’s placement in a chart can represent the part of our psyche where we carry the most pain but try to cover up what we are lacking through overcompensation.


It’s been recently reported that the victim George Floyd and his perpetrator, Derek Chauvin both worked as bouncers at the same Minneapolis nightclub.  The nightclub manager who worked with both men claims the two didn’t know each other, which may very well have been the case for the naturally tall and muscular Mr, Floyd.  But after viewing the display of faux manliness shown by the police officer who while murdering his victim with his full body weight wedged into his neck did so with one hand casually placed in his pants pocket, I would bet Mr. Chauvin was more than familiar with his victim’s identity.  The overcompensation of manliness perversely performed by the former police officer was a ploy meant to cover over the fearful intimidation brought about by his victim’s natural masculinity and physical strength,



Lillith comes from ancient Jewish myth and is said to have been Adam’s first wife, before God created Eve.  She is in many ways the foil or polar opposite of the maternal nurturing shown by the Goddess of the Harvest  towards her child since not only does Lillith abandon Adam, she refuses to be mother to his children.  This same sense of snubbed nurturing can be applied to how people of color tend to view their local police force since they are meant to protect all who reside within the areas they serve, not just those who are white.




In mythology, Eris was the Goddess of Discord and Confusion and her presence was definitely felt the night George Floyd was killed when considering the actions of the Minneapolis police.  According to the reports submitted by the Minneapolis Fire Department, “the police officers gave no clear information regarding Floyd’s condition or whereabouts, which delayed their ability to assist the ambulance.”  Wikipedia claims that from that point  “It took the fire department five minutes to reach the ambulance.”



The Duality of Interception

When an interception takes place, not just one sign is completely enveloped in a single House and has no rulership over any of the 12 Houses, the same applies to that sign’s polar opposition.  Both signs’ influences may be overlooked but are still very much there just the same with their presences being finally noticed through sudden and/or unexpected means. In the chart cast for May 31st, the interception of the sign of Aries as evidenced by the warped overcompensation of power (Chiron in Aries), the overt lack of caring shown to the loss of human life (Lillith in Aries), as well as the purposeful confusion (Eris in Aries)  by members of the Minneapolis Police may have first gone unnoticed but all was suddenly and unexpectedly made very obvious by an event which occurred in the sign opposite to Aries that also was interceptedthe death of George Floyd.  Aries’ polar opposite sign is Libra, which was intercepted in the 8th House of Death and within that House  was George Floyd’s Sun, given the man was a Libra born on October 14th, 1973.


An American Dilemma

In the chart cast for May 6th, I clarified that it was meant to be oriented for the planet at large versus a particular country.  The chart cast for May 31st however is a uniquely American dilemma given this country’s broken race relations and countless examples of the police abusing the lives and rights of people of color who are citizens of the same country.  Nowhere else on the globe do we see these societal issues elevated to such critically dangerous levels.


This is symbolized in the May 31st chart by the Sun conjunct Venus Retrograde in Gemini in the Angular 4th House of Home and Homeland.  The Sun represents our country at large and the sign of Gemini refers to our country’s own citizens  or said another way American society.  With the planet of Love being next to the Sun but going in retrograde or backwards motion, Venus retrograde in Gemini signifies that at the present time the citizens of the United States are acting  towards their fellow countrymen in ways that  anything but loving.


Communication is the Key to America’s Salvation

As mentioned earlier the North Node has shifted into the communications based sign of Gemini and is at the highly karmic, or 29th degree of that sign until June 22nd.  As we have seen since the President took office, Donald Trump’s communication style has focused on keeping Americans divided through his constant bullying and continuous resistance to accept  any responsibility for the deplorable state the country is currently in by blaming everything but the kitchen sink and everyone else who isn’t himself.


With the North Node in the May 31st chart positioned in the 5th House of Leadership, the onus for initiating change lies strictly on the shoulders of one person – the President.


With the state of the nation being so critically urgent in the Here and Now, the first step the President can take to begin offsetting the deadly divisions that are so prevalent within America is to speak to the country as a whole and address the death of George Floyd along with the riots which have occurred throughout the United States as a result from that tragic event having taken place.  Solutions don’t need to be made at this point but the issue needs to be openly communicated as one of the greatest threats currently happening to America’s security as a nation at this time.


To not mention the occurrence of this event having taken place is akin to saying it did not happen.


The United States’ role as a global superpower stands to be annihilated if American society destroys itself from within.  Openly communicating that thought in and of itself could be the start of the path which leads to this country’s salvation.


May Perpetual Light shine on the soul of George Floyd.



Apparently the President’s communications have not been well received by the American public especially in the area of race relations following the death of George Floyd.  For the overall good of the country we can only hope this shall no longer be the case in no uncertain time:




Brad Kronen has written numerous books on the role Astrology plays in each of our lives.  Along with his 12 astrological dating guides tailor made for each sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars”, Kronen has also written about Astrology’s involvement in 2 pivotal events that shaped our 21st century world, namely the advents of World Wars I and II. Entitled “The Cosmic Force of War” Kronen analyzes these two historically seminal events in an entirely new and never before seen way.  It can be purchased at by clicking on the Seal of Solomon shown below:





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