Brad Kronen Releases His Third Book Focusing On His Independently Created Behavioral Tool – The Hubris Manifestor

Brad Kronen Releases His Third Book

Focusing on his Independently Created Behavioral Tool: 

The Hubris Manifestor

Queen Crown 2

They say bad things come in 3’s. And this rule certainly applies when it comes to behavior deserving punishment from the gods, otherwise known as Hubris. But even more specifically, books written about Hubris. Renowned astrologer Brad Kronen has written his third book which profiles the behavioral tool he himself has independently devised which he has termed – “The Hubris Manifestor”, an astrological marker created strictly for those born beneath the one sign of the Zodiac whose planetary ruler is the Sun, itself, the Fire sign of Leo the Lion.

Should a Leo become famous in his own right, he must be aware of a balance being struck between his “Solar” and “Lunar” selves. For if over time the famous Leo finds all of his waking energies being spent under the spotlight of notoriety or the Lioness of acclaim invests most of her day being the center of everyone’s attention, they risk summoning the physical manifestation of their Hubris otherwise known as the “Hubris Manifestor”.

Book 1 of this series examined the lives of 4 famous Leos whose public scandals caused each of their own self undoing – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Monica Lewinsky. Book 2 looked at the lives and works created by 2 of the most talented film directors of the 20th century whose Leonine art brought out just as much protestation from the public as praise – Leni Riefenstahl and Roman Polanski.

Kronen’s 3rd installment of his Hubris Manifestor series focuses on the lives of 2 Leonine women who at the height of their powers ruled over their realms of expertise like Queens without rivals – the singer dubbed the “Queen of Pop”, Whitney Houston and the literary “Queen of Children’s Books”, J.K. Rowling.  Both Leo women reached the penultimate top within their respective fields by achieving world-wide fame along with amassing material wealth for both Leo Queens to live like Kings in their own right. However, both Leos have committed acts of Hubris so intensely serious, one risks the world she single handedly created as her penalty price and the other Queen has already paid with the dearest price possible – her life. Book 3 of Brad Kronen’s Hubris Manifestor series not only affirms that bad things really do come in 3’s but that Hubris is at its core both non-sexist and an equal opportunist by providing self ruin to just as many Queens as Kings who believe their actions are above the reproach of both gods and mortals, alike.

Click on the coronation crown below to purchase or to see a complete listing of Brad Kronen’s published work:

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