The Mars Retrograde of 2020 – It Only FEELS Like It’s the End of the World

The Mars Retrograde of 2020
It Only FEELS Like It’s the End of the World

Brad Kronen

Mars says Keep your Social Distance until there’s an over the counter Vaccine or else! (photo by

Global Pandemic? Check.  West Coast devastating Wild Fires? Check.  Deadly Hurricanes Scheduled for East Coast Hurricane Season? Check again.

And just when you thought things couldn’t be more ripe for the End of Days with the 4 Riders of the Apocalypse seemingly about to approach your front stoop for a nice long visit, yet another “Rapture-like” event gets to be added into the mix – MARS RETROGRADE!

And from the looks of it, the Mars Retrograde of 2020 is going to be quite the cosmic doozy, since not only will it be lasting a full 10 weeks but the upcoming Fall Season will be experiencing some major Martian malaise this year given the Red Planet’s shifting into Reverse will be occurring the entire time from September 9th until November 13th in the sign Mars rules over – Aries!

To emphasize what a big cosmic deal this transit is, the last time the Red Planet had a full Retrograde Cycle entirely in its own sign, a Mars ruled guy with a funny little moustache from a Mars ruled country that was in the middle of goosestepping all over Europe with his Mars ruled intent of dominating the entire World . That’s right boys and girls, the last time when Mars was retrograde entirely within its own ruling sign was when an Aries from Germany named Adolf Hitler was at the height of his aggressive powers during World War II in the autumn of 1941!

Allow your Author, if he may, to update those with no working knowledge of Martian by providing a quick overview of Mars 101 as well as the basic principles behind Retrograde Motion.

Planetary Cycles of Retrograde Motion

To reiterate a basic rule, Astrology is the observational study of heavenly bodies and their influences as seen from the surface of the Earth. With the exception of the two most visible things in the sky, namely the Sun and Moon, each of the planets of our Solar System travels around the Sun in its own orbital pathway. The planets differ greatly in size and mass making each heavenly body’s travel around the Sun vary in speed. The term “Retrograde Motion” refers to when a planet’s motion around the Sun is perceived as going backwards or moving in reverse. None of the planets actually move in reverse motion but because some move much faster than others, when our own space ball “catches up” with the velocity of another planet, that heavenly body will appear from the Earth’s perspective as if it were moving backwards or “retrograde” in its orbital path.

Interestingly Saturn and the trans-Saturnine powerhouse planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto go in retrograde motion 4-5 months each year. The planet closest to the Sun with the shortest and fastest orbital motion better known as Mercury is notoriously known for its retrograde cycles, since they occur the most frequently with each happening 3x per year for 3 and a 1/2 weeks at a time.

The planets which bookend our own, namely Venus and Mars both have retrograde cycles that do not occur often but are lengthy just the same. Venus Retrograde takes place every 16 months and lasts for six weeks each time.

Mars Retrograde occurs once every 2 years and lasts 8 – 10 weeks during each stint.

To know what to fully expect during a Mars Retrograde, the basic astrological principles associated with the Red Planet need to be touched upon.

Behold! Mighty Mars – The ancient Roman God of War & Aggression
Blah, blah, blah.

Mars 101

The planet which lies on Earth’s side which faces outer space is named after the ancient Roman God of War, Mars.

Whereas Venus deals with feminine energy and anything that’s peaceful and pleasing, Mars is just the opposite. The Red Planet oversees any/all of the following aspects:

Action, Motion, Masculinity, Aggression, Competition, Rage/Anger, War, the Military, the Police

Mars is also the planet of physicality and rules over our physical bodies in general. The Red Planet oversees such physical things as:

Energy – Are we low key or high strung? How fast or slow is our movement?

Metabolism – How often are we hungry?

Temperament – Are we Hyper or Laidback? Do we have a temper or hold anger issues? How impatient and/or spontaneous are we?

Physicality – How sexual are we? Do we need to replenish our body with a lot or a little sleep? Are we able to relax?

Mars rules over the sign of Aries and is the ancient planetary ruler of the sign of Scorpio. It naturally functions in the element of Fire and is least comfortable in the element of Water. The Red Planet is exalted, or its energies optimally function in the sign of Capricorn and is in its fall, or its energies function worst in the sign of Cancer.

The Mars Retrograde of 2020

The planet Mars will be in a Retrograde Cycle of motion from September 9th, 2020 until November 13th, 2020. During that period of time the Red Planet will be backtracking from 28 degrees to 15 degrees all within the sign it naturally rules over – Aries.

If there is one planet that deeply resents being enslaved into submission worse than the loudest whiner of a conspiracy theorist being told they must sacrifice their individualized freedom and wear a mask if they wish to enter their local supermarket , it’s the Planet of Action, Mars. During that 10 week stretch of time, take everything covered in the Mars 101 section and reverse it. Our overall energies will be significantly reduced during that time in general but since this is taking place in Mars’ own sign, the reduction of energy will be even more pronounced and keenly felt. If we are fired up and ready to go when Mars is in Aries, we plain old just don’t freaking feel like it when it’s retrograde in that same sign. This should especially be the case for those who are Fire signs, meaning not just Aries but Leos and Sagittarians should also be experiencing a noticeable lowering of their energies along with not being motivated to do much of anything at all. Extend that group of the exceptionally underwhelmed and nonplussed to include anyone that is Aries Rising or Aries Moon and let’s not forget to throw in Scorpios too, since that sign has Mars as its ancient planetary ruler.

Accidents Waiting to Happen

The sign of Aries is not especially known for its natural sense of grace and good balance. More like the sign of the Ram is known as the Klutz of the Zodiac. Aries Guys, tell the nice folks out there exactly how many times you’ve walked into such random things as trees, doors, and/or flag poles because we all know it ain’t been just once. And admit it, Ram Ladies! How many unknowing victims hit the ground with you the first time you crashed down a flight of stairs while wearing some form of high heel?

Not only does the atmosphere become much more accident prone during a Mars Retrograde but when that transit is in Mars’ naturally ruling sign of Aries, things get downright dangerous! And with every Aries becoming an Accident Waiting to Happen as it is anyway, its best advised that during the 10 week Mars Retrograde duration every Ram child should do such perfunctory things as moving, drinking, or eating with few to no people located within their overall vicinity.

Needless to say everyone should be extra cautious far more than usual, especially behind the driver’s wheel of both car and bike alike during this accident prone period of time.

And people be warned! There may be less acts of aggression during a Mars Retrograde such as shootings or homicides, but overall things get more hyper-sensitive in an acutely bitchy/whiney/moody kind of way. You may not have the energy to actually kill someone this Mars Retrograde, but you should have no problem letting them know you’d like to.

To Be or Not To Be…. Introspective? Is That Really the Question?

Prior to the plague filled Age we currently live in, I used to tell people that Mars Retrogrades were important because it was the Universe’s main way of getting those who resided within the 21st century to sit down for 5 seconds, be introspective, and SHUT UP!

But is that really the question in this Age of Covid where quarantine may not necessarily have made people more introspective, but everybody has been forced to sit down and shut up due to there being nowhere open?

Look at it this way, the Mars Retrograde of 2020 may have been divinely scheduled to have this Coronavirus nonsense hit the curb once and for all.

(All you Conspiracy Theorists should cover your eyes while loudly humming your favorite Pearl Jam or mildly annoying musical tune right about now.)

Supposedly it’s being said the most effective way to eradicate this pandemic is for the vast majority of the populace to stay home, not actively partake in any crowded venues, and maintain social distancing.

Well, nothing says “I’m at home alone and actively avoiding crowds and people in general” better than Mars Retrograde in Aries!

And since this reversal of planetary gears is happening in Mars’ own sign, who needs Social Distancing? More like Socially Keep Your Distance Off My Front Yard and Don’t Come Back Til There’s A Vaccine is more likely at this stage of the Covid game .

It appears as if The Universe is moving us ever closer to those pre-Plagued times of yesteryear when nasal droplets freely flowed and people were not required to look like they were robbing a bank just to buy some groceries. How? By having a planetary transit unfold where the majority of us will be motivated at most to want to be left alone. It may feel like the end of the world is about to arrive, but Heads (Mars ruled body part) Up, People! The non-quarantined, Covid-free disco ball is just about to drop!

Ain’t that a kick in the Cosmic Pants?

**Brad Kronen has written numerous books on Astrology. Some of them which although at present have not held much essential use during the time of Plague shall soon enough prove to be more than essential once the world, specifically of the dating kind reopens again. Namely, he is referring to his 12 astrological dating guides tailor made for each sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars”. The image for the edition written specifically for our Mars ruled guest of honor, Aries, is shown below and can be purchased at Click on the link anyway to see a complete listing of Brad’s published work that you’ll soon be energized enough to devour all in one sitting!

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