The Great Conjunction of 2020: 20 Is A Mystical Magic Number

The Great Conjunction of 2020:
20 Is A Mystical Magic Number

Brad Kronen

The Coronavirus Pandemic.

This current event casts a societal shadow so pervasively massive, any prospects for the future seem bleak at best, not just within this country but for the entire world at large.

Well, the Universe shall soon be putting a lid on all the nihilistic noise being made as of late with the occurrence of an upcoming astrological transit otherwise known as “The Great Conjunction of 2020”.  This astronomical event which takes place once every 20 years is a heavenly harbinger indicating that much needed change is about to enter our world and a cycle of things that have been building up from as early as Y2K are being brought to  a close so that an entirely new cosmic cycle can begin.

Said another way, come this December 21st two members of our Solar System will be converging in the same place in the sky at 0 degrees and 33 minutes within the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer signifying the beginning of a whole new cosmic cycle.  This once in a generation convergence is known as  “The Great Conjunction” and happens whenever the orbital paths of the planets Jupiter and Saturn meet at the same point in the Heavens, occurring once every 20 years.

An Astrological Transit that Happens Once Every 20 Years Taking Place at the End of 2020 – Does Anyone See A Pattern Here?

The Great Conjunction of 2020 bears a high level of cosmic significance given the fact this interrelation between the planets Jupiter and Saturn that takes place once every 20 years is happening just as the year 2020 is drawing to a close.

A 20 spot for your thoughts?

It would appear as if “20” is beginning to signify a bit more than just being the numerical place holder which comes directly after 19.

The Mystical Magic Behind the Number 20

When looked at esoterically, the number 20 is the combination of a prime number and an integer being joined together.  The prime number of “2” which symbolizes union and partnership is joined  with the God-like integer of infinity, “0”.

The year 2020 numerologically reduces itself to the number “4” since it is the end result of adding 2 + 2.  The number 4 is termed in Numerology as being a foundational builder number, given there are 4 elements in Astrology of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, 4 directional names of North, South, East, and West, as well as the core premise that any given building requires 4 walls on which to stand.

In Biblical interpretation the number 20 represents redemption brought about by a  “period of perfect waiting”.  This waiting period  is made perfect due to the vast amount of time that amounts to 20 years involving some form of heightened hardship being endured, allowing that which is hoped for to finally be able to manifest itself.

For example:

– In Judges 4:3, the children of Israel are made to wait 20 years before they are freed from the tyrannical oppression of the Canaanite King Jabin.

-In Kings 9: 10, Solomon must wait 20 years for both his home and Jerusalem’s Temple to be built.

Like the symbolism associated with Numerology’s foundational builder number of 4, Biblically the number 20 is used also to reference those particularly holy structures which have come about through the divine union of God’s power with the innovation of Man, such as the Tabernacle of Moses.   

In the Book of Exodus verses 25 through 27 the foundation of Moses’ Tabernacle is described as being made with “20 boards on each side” and the 4 walls of its outer court being “anchored by 20 pillars”.

In the traditional Tarot deck, the number 20 (the Roman numerals “XX”) appear in the Major Arcana card of Judgement. The card signifies one’s work as it pertains to a person’s vocational calling versus just a daily job.

Here it should be mentioned that despite the Great Conjunction of 2020 officially taking place on December 21st when the planets Jupiter and Saturn will be exactly conjunct by degree and minute, the largest heavenly body in our Solar System will at long last be crossing over from the last degree of Capricorn and into the same sign where Saturn is currently located at 0 degrees Aquarius on the day prior to the 21st, affirming the mystical magic of the number 20 once again.

Mystically, the number 20 speaks of the starting point of a spiritual journey and this spiritual component is emphasized when considering “The Great Conjunction” involves the once in 20 year convergence of two planets known as the “Great Benefic” along with the “Great Malefic”.

Oh and one last thing that isn’t necessarily mystical and frankly is more than obvious. Bad News, Trump fans and pop the champagne, everybody else, since the Great Conjunction happens only once every 20 years, it traditionally is associated with the transferrence of political power, hence whatever government is in power before the Great Conjunction will most definitely no longer be afterwards. In other words, sorry Mr. President, start packing your bags.

Making Dreams a Reality:  The Energies of Saturn and Jupiter Working in Tandem

Astrology is biased whenever dealing with the planets Jupiter and Saturn, mainly through the secondary title assigned to both heavenly bodies.

The planet Jupiter is sanctified through a lens of New and Improved!/Super Shiny Great!/Everything is All Good when hearing its secondary title of “The Great Benefic”.

Conversely, the planet Saturn is vilified through a lens of Old Age and Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way/Restriction and Loss/Everything is All Bad when hearing its secondary title of “The Great Malefic”.

Throughout every school of thought which deals with the Cosmos, not a thing within the known Universe exists that  is “All Good” or “All Bad” or “Unequivocally Blessed” or “Thoroughly Cursed”.  Everything has the potential to display itself within both the positive and negative spectrums and this is especially true whenever dealing with anything astrological.

However, even with that said it’s when the energies of the Great Benefic and the Great Malefic meet at the same starting point that the possibility of making our dreams for the future a concrete reality becomes a very real and tangible thing.

A dream that hopes for a better future remains exactly just that without the presence of one thing – REALITY.

Astrologically, dreams of a better future are under Jupiter’s domain while anything which deals with the reality of the Here and Now is overseen by Saturn.

Each planet must rely upon the other if that which is hoped for in the future is to manifest itself into an actual reality.

Should Jupiter’s influence become the domineering force, our hopes for the future continue to remain pie in the sky wishful musings which never materialize.

Should Saturn’s influence take over, the work needed to transform our dreams into reality dissipates into a fizzle cloud of exasperated self-defeat and are never allowed to even begin.

The best chance these 2 very different energies which resemble the polar opposite of one another of Jupiterian improvement of the future and Saturnine hard work that’s rooted in the reality of the Here and Now have of effectively joining forces is when both planets are on equal footing by being located in the same place in the sky. In other words, when the Great Conjunction takes place.

But when this once in 20 year event happens is most definitely NOT when we should be re-evaluating our goals for the future.  They need to be already modified with a renewed sense of resolve ahead of time in order for us to begin the process of making our revised dreams a reality the moment the Great Conjunction goes into effect this December.

It’s highly recommended that between now and December 21st, everyone should take some time to themselves to be alone and introspective. While doing so, visualize how you would like your future to unfold and then compare the differences that lie between your current and future selves. Ask yourself if those differences are realistic enough to eventually be achieved over time. On December 21st offer these introspective thoughts of strategic planning which focus on times yet to come before the Universe in either meditation or prayer and ask to be provided with the necessary tools or opportunities that will allow your hopes for the future to be transformed into a concrete reality.

The Great Conjunction is a sign from the Heavens that not only is this painfully long pandemic period of isolation and waiting brought about by such things as lockdowns, quarantines, and financial hardships finally coming to a close but also that a bright future awaits each of us, if we will it so.

The concepts of self-determinism and the Future at large are being reinforced by the sign in which the Great Conjunction of 2020 will be taking place.

Aquarius – The Sign of We The People

The Great Conjunction of 2020 will officially take place on December 21st when the planets Jupiter and Saturn are in the same place in the sky at the very first or 0 degrees in the sign of Aquarius.

A personality trait shared by nearly every if not all persons born beneath the sign of the Water Bearer is egalitarianism, the belief that all people are equal, no matter their social, political, or financial status.  The typical Aquarian is fiercely committed to treating, especially speaking, to each person they encounter in the exact same manner, be they be rich or poor, commoner or celebrity.

Your author holds the arguable position that the Age of Man which today’s society currently resides within is the Age of Aquarius.

How wondrous that the upcoming Great Conjunction will be taking place in the very first degree of the sign that also is the same area of the Zodiac which the world currently finds itself in  through its present Age of Man.

The fact this once in 20 year event is taking place in the egalitarian sign of Aquarius means that every resident of this planet is being given a window of opportunity to take full control of the steering wheel that is their future destiny.  Each of us at present can actively change the course of the future by taking the time to reflect on where our lives are headed and if that is still our intended destination. If there any defined differences, now more than any other time over the next 20 years is when we can actively focus on changing course with the strongest likelihood of making it realistically happen over time.

Along with being the egalitarian sign, other key traits associated with the sign of Aquarius is it being the resident of the Zodiac that is mainly concerned with the Future that naturally oversees the 11th House of Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams.

A window of astrological opportunity is soon approaching where we each will be given the best chances to make our hopes for the future something viably real .  This will be due to the fact the planet of the Future and the planet of Reality will be brought together in the sign which deals with Hopes and Dreams as well as the overall Future, itself.

Astrology is often used as a  tool for predicting the future, but at present it also is providing the world of Man a unique opportunity by letting the residents of Earth know our Future is whatever we want it to be.  At this present time, Astrology is informing humanity at large that the dreams we currently are making which involve our individualized futures have the potential of becoming visions that are based in  the most crystalline of realities.

So boldly look forward to the unfolding Future which awaits… not allowing the recent Pandemic Past to hamper the beautiful view.

**Brad Kronen is the author of over 30 books which deal with both Astrology and History. This recent article focuses on the upcoming future but some of Brad’s best published work deals with the key role Astrology has played with pivotal historic events in the Past. Kronen’s book entitled “The Cosmic Force of War” examines the astrological atmosphere associated with 2 of the most crucial events of the 20th century that have shaped the 21st century world of today – World Wars I and II. “The Cosmic Force of War” is available at as well as a complete listing of Brad’s published work can be viewed by clicking on the image of the Seal of Solomon pictured below:

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