The Astrology of Plagues and Pandemics

The Astrology of Plagues & Pandemics
Brad Kronen

Above Picture: A medical authority figure from the Middle Ages called the “plague doctor”.  Because the Black Death was proving to be quite deadly by virtue of it being highly contagious, often the only people who were allowed to interact with its victims were the plague doctor and the grave digger.  With his entire body being covered, along with usually wearing the gauntlet gloves of a jousting knight, the plague doctor’s outer person was protected as humanly possible from exposure to infection.  His “beak” was part of a facial mask crammed full with pleasant smelling  spices and flowers meant to “purify” the air he breathed, and his long pole allowed him to get close to examine his patients….but not TOO close.

And to think we bitch about medical masks?

These are plague-filled times which we are living through these days.  And just so everyone is on the same plague-filled page, this is far from the first time our world has had to face that life altering force which in the present day we know from experience as a global pandemic.

Pandemics may not be commonly occurring events, but they take place far more often than most would think. 

So much so, Astrology provides we Earth Folk with signs forewarning the arrival of these nightmarish pockets of time. And as most today are already well aware, 2020 just so happens to be one of those plague filled times.

As we soon shall see, the destructive and disruptive energies unleashed upon the world during a pandemic are never random nor haphazard.  Rather, it could be argued these intermittent periods of Hell on Earth descend upon humanity for the purpose of instilling various changes that more likely than not would not have come to pass otherwise.

And the two heavenly bodies which belong to our Solar System whose convergence the Universe will at times  incorporate as a tool of global change brought about by the pervasive pain and suffering which accompany a global pandemic?  Jupiter & Pluto.

The Mythological Brothers Grim

In ancient Greek Mythology, the world of Man was divided into 3 sections, each being ruled over by one of 3 gods who were divine siblings.

The Heavens and the Earth were ruled by the King of the Gods, Zeus.

The Seven Oceans of the world along with all areas under water were the god Poseidon’s domain.

The Underworld and anything dealing with the dead were overseen by their brother Hades.

The names of Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon may sound a bit more astrologically familiar when their Roman counterpart planetary names of Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune are used instead.

Much like the ancient King of the Gods, Jupiter is by far the largest planet that orbits around the Sun and astrologically represents that which is expansive and all consuming.

The planet Pluto resides in the furthest reaches of the Solar System and like the ancient  god Hades deals with Death, that which lies beneath the surface, as well as all things which are hidden.

Astrologically, it’s believed pandemics emerge when the orbital path of the planet of Expansion and massiveness (Jupiter) converges with the orbital path of the planet of Death that rules over anything that’s deadly which lies beneath the surface (Pluto).

The meeting of two planets in the same location of the sky is known as a “conjunction” and the planets Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct to each other every 13 years. Fortunately for we humans this is definitely NOT to say how often the world undergoes a pandemic crisis! 

More specifically, the plagues and pandemics which have historically happened on Earth took place when the planets Jupiter and Pluto were in conjunction with one another, but only during those choice times when the conjunction had occurred in any of the Cardinal signs of Aries. Cancer. Libra, or Capricorn.

Working our way backwards, let’s astrologically look at when these past periods of plague have historically taken place, but not before observing how the dynamic of Cardinal energy is the perfect astrological atmosphere for a pandemic’s sense of contagion to come across at its most deadly.

Pandemics and Cardinal Signs: It’s All About Timing

What makes a pandemic truly terrifying is its contagious nature and how quickly it can spread across vast areas of land and large cities just by one infected person contagiously giving the illness to everyone around them and they, in turn doing the same, and so on and so on and repeat.

Plagues are deadliest during their earliest stages of emergence or said another way when a newly infected person is their most contagious. How a pandemic infects so many, so quickly is from many an infected person being unaware they are even sick due to the symptoms of illness not showing themselves until a few days have passed following the initial point of transmitting the disease.

The essence of how the plague is its most effective during its earliest stages fits quite nicely with the dynamic energies of any of the four Cardinal signs.

The 4 Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the members of the Zodiac whose times of year take place at the starting point of each of the 4 Seasons.  The Cardinal signs are their most productive whenever beginning things anew or at their very starting point.  The biggest challenge a Cardinal signed person faces is being able to follow through to completion the things they start so naturally well.

With that in mind, the astrological formula for a pandemic to take place is when the energies of the planet of Massive Expansion (Jupiter) are brought together in exact conjunction with those of the planet of Death and that which is hidden beneath the surface (Pluto) during those choice times when their conjunction has taken place during those signs which are at their most effective whenever they are newly beginning or at their starting point (Cardinal).

Pandemic = Jupiter + Pluto + Cardinal sign

Let’s now take that formula and apply it to a selection of some of the worst pandemics which have befell Humanity.

The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction of 2020, also known as The Coronavirus Global Pandemic

Before analyzing the plague-filled times which we find ourselves currently in, It should be clarified that another way of saying ”pandemic” is by using its resulting term “plague”.  That is to say “Pandemic” is to “Plague” what “Coronavirus” is to “COVID-19” the latter is the individualized result from the generalized former. 

As mentioned earlier, the planets Jupiter and Pluto meet up in conjunction of one another once every 13 years. 2020 truly stands out since not only are the two planets touching base in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn, they are doing so at 3 separate times throughout this calendar year unto itself due to Jupiter going back and forth over the point of conjunction from retrograde motion.  The two planets have been in exact conjunction so far this year on April 4th, June 30th, and will be once again this upcoming November 12th.

Here it should also be mentioned that Capricorn is the sign in which Jupiter’s energies function at their worst. In Astrology, each sign of the Zodiac is ruled over by a planet of our Solar System, however each planet functions at its best or worst in a sign it does not rule, known as a planet’s Exaltation and Fall.  Capricorn is the sign of Jupiter’s Fall.

2020 has been a memorable year in more horrible ways than anyone would care to remember, but let’s look at the year that has already passed to put the Coronavirus Pandemic in better astrological perspective.

January of 2020

Just prior to ringing in 2020, Jupiter had newly entered the sign which not only had the usual fare of the Sun and Mercury given early January takes place during the sign of Capricorn, but the planets Saturn and Pluto were already positioned in that sign as well.  Hence as Jupiter drew ever closer to Pluto by newly entering the sign of its Fall in January was right around the time when it was first reported that a terrible wave of illness from Wuhan China had begun to spread outwards throughout the globe.

March of 2020

In March of this year, on the 11th to be exact, not only did the World Health Organization declare the Corona virus to be a “global pandemic” but the planet of the physical body, Mars, had joined the plague-producing planetary pair of Jupiter and Pluto already positioned in Capricorn, as well as that sign’s  planetary ruler, also known as “The Lord of Karma”, Saturn, had newly entered the highly karmic, or 29th degree of its own sign on that exact same day as well.  With the exception of a choice few heavenly bodies, over half the Solar System was located in the sign of Capricorn during that time.

One wonders if the Coronavirus Pandemic will have yet another wave of newly infected cases when Jupiter conjuncts with Pluto for a third and final time this upcoming November 12th.

In a separate article whose link is listed below entitled “The Great Conjunction of 2020: 20 Is A  Mystical Magic Number” I discuss the important significance of this upcoming December 21st, the day when an astrological aspect known as “The Great Conjunction” takes place.

The Great Conjunction is when the orbital paths of the planets known as “The Great Benefic”, aka Jupiter, and “The Great Malefic”, aka Saturn converge by exact degree together in the same location in the Heavens. It is an uncommon astronomical event that happens once every 20 years and Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction with each other this December 21st in the very first, or 0 degrees in the sign of Aquarius.

It’s believed that when the Great Conjunction takes place, a whole new cosmic cycle lasting 20 years begins and is a period when chances are their strongest for making one’s hopes for the future an eventual reality.

By virtue of the hopeful nature implied with the Great Conjunction that’s about to occur, your author is inclined to believe the choke hold the Corona virus has placed the world in all year will soon to be a thing from the past. This translates to my hopeful belief that a reliable vaccine for the public will be found this upcoming November or December.

The latest culprit in the ongoing battle between Humanity versus the Plague, the most recent version of viral contagion to descend upon our world, the Corona virus better known by its individualized form –  COVID-19.

The AIDS Crisis – Jupiter and Pluto Meet in Libra

When hearing about deadly viruses with no known cure or form of treatment wiping out entire sections of the populace, many of us can’t help but think back to the early days of the AIDS Crisis.

And what do AIDS and COVID-19 share in common? They are both viruses.  And with anything viral, timing is of the essence as was mentioned in discussing the nature of how pandemic viruses attack.

I always assumed the AIDS Crisis began when Jupiter and Pluto were placed within the sign of Scorpio which oversees among many things, sex, the sex organs, and anything of a sexual nature.  The AIDS Epidemic was at the height of its deadly powers when Jupiter and Pluto met up in Scorpio in December of 1994 and at that time complications from AIDS became the leading cause of death among adults ages 18 – 45. However the epidemic first emerged when the virus was insidiously spread by a choice few unknowing  people to the populace at large over a decade earlier when Jupiter and Pluto crossed orbital paths in the Cardinal sign of Libra in October of 1981.

Wait a minute, isn’t that?  An epidemiologist who was assigned to lead a medical task force when the Corona virus first hit was already well versed in dealing with viral epidemics – Dr. Anthony Fauci pictured above while working on an AIDS medical task force during the AIDS crisis in the1980’s.

A Pandemic of Near- Equal Deadly Proportions As Today: The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 aka Jupiter and Pluto’s Conjunction in Cancer

In August of 1918, Jupiter and Pluto converged in the Cardinal sign of Cancer starting the global pandemic known as the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. Nearly 1/3 of the world’s population became infected and it is estimated some 17-50 million people died overall.

Many don’t realize that the signs which are polar opposites of each other often share just as many similarities of character as they do differences.  Resembling a number of aspects to the health crisis of today, the most recent global pandemic before the Corona virus took place was when Jupiter and Pluto converged in the sign of Capricorn’s polar opposite, the Cardinal sign of Cancer.  Fortunately for us, pandemic control procedures such as facial masks and social distancing were first put into place and publicly enforced during the Spanish Flu Pandemic, and much like today, not without its share of resistance from the general public.

At least public spitting is no longer a popular pastime these days.

A recent service message regarding public mask wearing & COVID-19? More like a public health message to wear facial masks during the Spanish Flu Pandemic some 100 years earlier in 1918.

As like now, there was much resistance to the enforcement of wearing facial masks in public as a preventative measure against the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918….but thankfully for us at least public spitting is no longer the popular pastime that it used to be.

It’s Got A Viral Beat that You Can Dance To ……Death

The earliest days of the corona virus was when I began to research Astrology’s presence in relation to pandemics emerging on Earth. Noticing the upcoming conglomeration of so many planets converging in the sign of Capricorn i attempted to make my first historical pandemic inquiry this past March. Although my first search contained the wrong parameters, it produced some plague filled results just the same. Typing the words in my ISP, I initially asked “When were the planets Mars, Pluto, and Saturn last conjunct in Capricorn?” Not only did I get a year, I got a plague epidemic as well. “The Dancing Plague of 1518”. I had this to say about it in Part II of my series entitled “Saturn Transits Aquarius: The Great Equalizer”.

The last time those three met up in the sign of the Goat was in the year 1518.  And wouldn’t you know it?  I found out that medieval year from long ago had its own version of Covid-19 too, except this wasn’t a virus.  It was more like a fever…a Dance Fever of Death if you will.  Scientists are still unsure as to its cause but in the summer of 1518 the city of Strasbourg, France fell prey to an epidemic called the “Dancing Plague“. It began with one woman who after leaving her home one Saturday morning in July began to uncontrollably dance in the street….for six straight days.  Many more came to join the woman and her maniacal dancing in the Strasbourgian streets.  First 10, then 50, then 100 so that when the “dancing mania” finally stopped 3 months later that September, some 400 people had literally danced themselves….to death! 

Eat your heart and every other body part out, Denny Terrio!

By not adding the Planet of Expansion, aka Jupiter to the formula , my search became non-expansively reduced going from a global pandemic to some moldy bread forcing villagers to partake in a deadly version of the Safety Dance’s polar opposite dance craze, all within the city limits of 16th century Strasbourg.

The Black Death: Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Aries

The terms “pandemic” and “plague” were first introduced to most people during elementary school, when their History lessons touched upon the Middle Ages and the outbreak of the worst pandemic in recorded history insidiously called “The Black Death”.

Also known as “The Pestilence” and “The Great Mortality” the Black Death’s peak years took place between 1347 and 1371 with the astrological cause being the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in the Cardinal sign of Aries in March of 1347.  It’s estimated some 75 – 200 million people died during the Black Death which amounts to over 60% of the population of continental  Europe at that time.

This version of the Plague commonly came in “bubonic” form where huge black boils or “buboes” would form in the groin and armpit areas, oozing blood that was thick and colored a dark black. 

Death followed soon thereafter with many dying a few days at most after being infected and others succumbing to the illness a mere few hours after incurring it.

Science has made some recent discoveries regarding the Black Death’s astoundingly fast rate of transmission. It’s generally agreed upon the pandemic arrived in Europe in 1347 from ships sailing along the Silk Routes of Asia and docking to port in Genoa, Italy. These ships contained black rats whose fleas carried the Plague. However  in 2018 scientists theorized the Black Death spread so quickly not because of animal – human transmission brought about by rats biting people as long thought, but rather through human-human transission in the form of human fleas and lice infecting those whose clothes they resided within.

How astrologically intriguing that Science has recently affirmed the reason why  the greatest pandemic in humanity’s  history spread so quickly which took place in Aries, the resident of the Zodiac otherwise known as “the sign of self” was caused by none other than Man, himself.

A “Danse Macabre” from mid-15th century Germany.

The Black Death was all encompassing and indiscriminate.  It struck with lightning speed and its victims came from every possible walk of Life, be they beggar or bourgeois, royal or religious. No strata of society was immune to its deadly grip.  Even with that said 2 lasting things emerged from the time of the Black Death that very much resonate in the modern day, especially with contemporary society having to adjust to Life with the Corona virus. Both originated during the aftershock of the Black Death in the early 15th century and emphasize the universality of Death as well as embrace its inevitability: The phrase “Momento Mori” which translates to “Remember one day you, too, shall die” along with the visual allegory known as the “Danse Macabre” or the “Dance of Death”.

Believed to have come from a mural painted in a Parisian cemetery in the 1420’s, the traditional backdrop of the Danse Macabre shows skeletons in the midst of dancing wearing the clothes of a king, a Pope, an emperor, a child, and a miller or laborer.  Each skeleton happily holds each other’s hands as they dance together in a circle. The Image relays the message that no matter one’s status in Life, we are all made equal by Death.  The skeletons dance exuberantly. Their joyous expressions serve as a reminder to each of us, no matter what century we find ourselves in, that while we are on this Earth we must live our lives to the fullest since Life is such a preciously short thing in and of itself.


In Conclusion

None of us will ever be fully certain as to why pandemics exist. Are they forms of population control Mother Nature has at her disposal to keep Humanity’s growth in check by not letting too many people co-exist at the same time?  Or, with Science recently discovering the plague has existed within the world of Man for approximately the last 5700 years, are pandemics ways of upgrading the human race, to make sure our species can handle living with those things that have existed in Nature just as long as we have, if not longer?

As this article has shown, while certainly not common occasions which take place often, Pandemics are definitely not isolated events, either. Astrology points out they have been happening with some degree of certainty for centuries.

When looking at the pandemics that have occurred over the last century, one can analyze their causes and subsequent effects in an attempt to postulate why they came to pass.

The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 & World War I

With the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 taking place while Jupiter and Pluto converged  in America’s Sun sign of Cancer, not only was the United States one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, but the first cases of illness originated from and were first observed in the U.S. at an army base in Kansas.

The United States didn’t join the First World War until the tail end of the conflict, but even so American soldiers made trench warfare extra Hellish when the pandemic was brought by them to the Western Front in Europe where it quickly spread in mid-April of 1918.  The pandemic could be the reason why World War I which had been raging for four years with very little change was finally brought to a swift conclusion a mere six months following the plague being introduced to the Great War’s  focal point of fighting.

The AIDS Crisis & The Sign of Relationships

Said in as neutral and non-morally judgmental a tone as possible, the AIDS pandemic began in 1981, directly following the 1970’s a decade known for its hedonism where the concept of “free love” was a social norm and not necessarily frowned upon.  At that time Jupiter and Pluto were touching base in Libra, the Cardinal sign that is the most relationship oriented of the Zodiac that has a tendency to be prissy, especially regarding matters which involve sex.

From a societal perspective, the moral prissiness associated with the sign where the AIDS crisis first originated that prevented President Reagan from not only addressing the pandemic crisis but from even saying the word “AIDS”, may have also been the very thing that motivated groups like Act UP! to form and address the details which surrounded the pandemic so that it no longer was seen as a death sentence as when it first emerged back in the 1980’s.

The Coronavirus Pandemic & The Sign of Status

Before Jupiter had entered the Cardinal sign of Capricorn at the end of 2019, the other half of the pandemic producing planetary pair, Pluto got a decade of a head start when it entered that sign in November of 2008.  Two weeks after doing so later on December 10th of that year the FBI got a call from two brothers with the last name of Madoff who reported their father had just admitted his financial securities firm was “one big lie”.

Not only did Bernie Madoff’s maniacal greed cause the U.S. economy a loss of $65 billion, the man who created the greatest Ponzi scheme in history had blood on his hands given his company’s collapse resulted in some of his clients taking their own lives, which included one of Madoff’s sons.

Capricorn is known as the “sign of status” and for the last decade we have seen the concept of Status take hold of this country to such extreme levels, it’s no wonder American society at large was stopped dead in its tracks when the Corona virus global pandemic emerged earlier this year as Jupiter and Pluto along with half the Solar System were crammed in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn.

When Pluto first entered the sign of Status in 2008, the planet of Death and Transformation used Bernie Madoff as the planet’s calling card of societal warning as if to say “If you wish to still have a future, greed, especially of the corporate kind can no longer continue like this.”

It took something as severe as a global pandemic to drive that out-of-control freight train of status obsessive greed off its tracks.

As stated earlier, with the arrival of the Great Conjunction this December 21st your author firmly believes these plague-filled times shall soon transform into a period of renewed hope for the future.

Which begs the post-pandemic question: Will humanity have renewed itself as well?

**Brad Kronen is the author of over 30 books which focus on his two greatest passions in Life- Astrology and History. A topic which has been discussed in this article that’s also a focused subject in one of Brad’s books is the First World War. Entitled “The Cosmic Force of War” Kronen takes an esoteric lens and examines two seminal events from the 20th century which have been integral in shaping our present day world – World Wars I & II. “The Cosmic Force of War” is available on Click on the Seal of Solomon image below to see a complete listing of all of Brad’s published work:

2 thoughts on “The Astrology of Plagues and Pandemics

  1. Fascinating! And thank goodness: “[…] with the arrival of the Great Conjunction this December 21st your author firmly believes these plague-filled times shall soon transform into a period of renewed hope for the future.”


  2. This offers a very interesting perspective. It’s comforting to look at historical patterns and see how they repeat in order to push forward the evolution of humanity and how inextricably everything is connected.

    As an aside:

    “At that time Jupiter and Pluto were touching base in Libra, the Cardinal sign that is the most relationship oriented of the Zodiac that has a tendency to be prissy, especially regarding matters which involve sex.”

    This made me giggle pretty hard. I know it’s not the overall point of the writing, but I definitely think I have a tendency to be prissy and moralistic around sex. (libra moon and rising). So this was hilarious to me.


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