Jupiter Transits Aquarius: Part 1, People Have The Power!

Jupiter Transits Aquarius:
People Have the Power!

Part 1
Brad Kronen

“People Have the Power
The Power to Dream, to Rule
To Wrestle the Earth from Fools
I believe Everything we Dream
Can Come to Pass Through Our Union.
We can turn the World Around
We can turn the Earth’s revolution.”

– Patti Smith, “People Have The Power”

Did all of you know that the planet Jupiter is considered a star? Swear by the King of Planets!  The planet also known as “The Great Benefic” is so gargantuan in scale, the reflected sunlight from its surface provides the largest planet in our Solar System with a magnitude of Illumination so bright that Jupiter is categorized as being both a planet and a star in its own right.

Were the lot of you also aware that the sign of the Water Bearer is known by its additional name of “the electric sign” due the last of the Air Signs’ planetary ruler, Uranus, overseeing the physical phenomenon of electricity along with the colors associated with the 11th sign of the Zodiac are anything tinged in the “electric” shade of neon, namely of the orange, green, pink, and icy blue variety?  Swear by Aquarius!

Well Folks, it’s almost Time to hit the Cosmic dance floor and do your best Electric Slide because come this December Jupiter, the planet of Bounty and Blessings,  will be shining an extra bright  shade of electric blue  due to the mighty King of Planets finally vacating the sign  it functions worst in to begin a new transit of planetary motion as it travels through the “electric” sign of the Future.

Said another way, come this December 18th until December 30th 2021, Jupiter transits through the sign of Aquarius!

This particular trek of The King of Planets traveling through the sign of the Water Bearer is far more momentous than in past years. This is due to  The Great Benefic teaming up by the exact degree and minute with another member of our Solar System, the heavenly body known as “The Great Malefic”, the ringed planet, Saturn.  The joining of the Great Benefic with the Great Malefic in the exact same location of the Heavens happens once every 20 years and because this aspect is not common by it occurring once a generation, is referred to by its elevated title, “The Great Conjunction”.

More on this hope-filled astronomical event a bit later after reviewing Jupiter’s most recent Zodiacal trek through the sign of its Fall, aka Capricorn along with how the King of Planets’ expansive energies teamed up with the planet named the “Lord of the Underworld”, otherwise known as Pluto throughout 2020 and their merger together in a Cardinal sign transformed the two into quite the plague producing planetary pair.

The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction of 2020, also known as The Coronavirus Global Pandemic

Speaking of secondary and tertiary terms which this particular article seems chock full of in Jupiterian proportions, did you know another way of saying ”pandemic” is by using the word “plague”?  Swear to the Lord of the Underworld! 

To mark these rather intense times we are all living through these days, your author penned a most comprehensive article entitled “The Astrology of Plagues and Pandemics”.  In it I discuss a running astrological theme I discovered each time a global pandemic descended upon our world – the exact conjunction of the  planets Jupiter and Pluto in any of the 4 Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.  


2020 has been a most noteworthy year, not only because we are in the midst of experiencing the global pandemic of the Corona virus but that it was destined to emerge in our world due to Jupiter and Pluto meeting up in exact conjunction in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn not once but THREE separate times this calendar year unto itself!  The Great Benefic has played planetary Tag! with the Lord of the Underworld twice already this year, saying “You’re It!” to Pluto when the two planets met in exact conjunction this past April 4th and June 30th.

The planetary plague producers will converge for a third and final time this upcoming November 12th. Afterwards the King of Planets will be forced to shake out the Plutonian death smell from his presence in order to don his best party clothes and dancing shoes as the Great Benefic at long last takes his leave of both Pluto and the sign of its Fall, aka Capricorn, to join hands with the planet Saturn. A whole new 20 year cosmic cycle of  planetary renewal begins when this convergence otherwise known as the Great Conjunction takes place this upcoming December 21st

(Roaring din of cosmic crowd on its feet as it wildly scream-cheers in thunderous applause.)

One last thing to mention regarding the Great Benefic’s dark side (which we all possess, need Brad remind you).  The previous time the plague producing planetary pair of Jupiter and Pluto were last conjunct in the sign of Capricorn was the year 1771, a time when a particular pandemic called “The Russian Plague” occurred where the city of Moscow was the location hardest hit by its pestilence.  Swear to the Soviet Union!

Epidemic- outbreak of a rapidly spreading disease.

Prior to 2020, the previous time the two planetary Plague producers of Jupiter and Pluto last met up in the sign of Capricorn was in the year 1771, a plague-fulled time when “The Russian Plague” descended upon that country’s capital city of Moscow.

So how’s about we put the plague-filled past behind us and look forward to some Jupiterian blessings and bounty of the Aquarian kind!

Brad’s Predictions of Societal Blessing

For those who are unfamiliar with your author’s  immensely generous nature, allow me to explain.  Each time either of the planets with the surname of the “Great Benefic”, aka Jupiter, or the “Great Malefic”, aka Saturn, changes planetary costume by transiting into a different sign of the Zodiac, your author has graciously taken it upon himself to predict how society at large will be affected in the upcoming future by these astrological changes he likes to call Brad’s Predictions of Jupiterian/Satunine Societal Blessing.

Because there is SO very much planetary activity going on these days what with the upcoming Great Conjunction which translates to both Saturn and Jupiter changing signs at around the same time, your author wanted to avoid a planetary glut and tackled the Saturnine portion of his Predictions of Societal Blessings program this past April.

Part 1 of Brad’s series “Saturn Enters Aquarius”


Part 2 of Brad’s series “Saturn Enters Aquarius”


And well, well, well! Looky here! Not only are the 2 Planetary “Greats“ meeting up together in a planetary union that only happens once every 20 years  but they will each be dressing up as their favorite Star Wars character  when the Great Benefic and the Great Malefic join forces in the very first degree of 0 degrees and 33 minutes within the sign known for its egalitarian approach to Life that’s associated with the Future, itself, otherwise known as Aquarius!

(More thunderous applause erupts from the cosmic crowd.)

Aquarius – The Sign of We The People

If there is one unifying trait shared among each person born beneath the sign of Aquarius is they all subscribe to the behavioral theory of egalitarianism, the belief that all people should be treated equally, no matter their status in life.

Being the egalitarian resident of the Zodiac that oversees the 11th House of Groups, Aquarius is a sign that is truly concerned with the overall good of society at large.

How beautiful is it then that a whole new 20 year cosmic cycle is soon to begin right before the New Year and taking place in the very first degree of the sign of “We The People”.

The Future is Ours, Everybody!  People have the power!

Part II of Brad’s Predictions of Societal Blessing as Jupiter transits the sign of Aquarius coming up!

**Brad Kronen is the author of over 30 books which focus mainly on Astrology. Besides the planet Jupiter, Brad has written extensively about another member of our Solar System – the planet Neptune in his book entitled “The Discovery of the Planet Neptune & Its Ensuing Romantic Age”. In it, Brad disusses the profound influence the Watery Planet had on our world when directly following its discovery some of the finest masterpieces were created in nearly every mode of creative expression known to Man, better known as the Romantic Age.

“The Discovery of the Planet Neptune & Its Ensuing Romantic Age” is available for purchase on amazon.com. Click on the image below of the Watery Planet to see a complete listing of Brad’s published work:

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