Jupiter Transits Aquarius, Part II: When You Wish Upon An Aquarian Star

Jupiter Transits Aquarius
Part II
When You Wish Upon An Aquarian Star

Brad Kronen

Two large fuzzy dots, Jupiter and Saturn, labeled, against a star field. Jupiter is about six times bigger than Saturn.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn have been growing ever brighter in the Autumn skies as both heavenly bodies prepare for their orbital paths to exactly cross during the Great Conjunction, a once per generational event which will be taking place this upcoming December 21st.
(Photo: earthsky.org)

“Like a bolt out of the (Aquarian) blue
Fate steps in and sees you through.
When you wish upon an (Aquarian) star
Your dreams come true.”

Excerpt from the 1939 song “When You Wish Upon A Star” from the Walt Disney film, “Pinocchio”


Below is from Brad’s article “Saturn – The Anti-Agnostic”

One of the most profound experiences of my life was walking down 3rd Avenue in New York City’s East Village some twenty years ago, late on a Saturday night in the dead of winter. A blizzard had pummeled the island of Manhattan the previous day and continued to do so well into the following morning. 

As I made my way home that night I walked past a homeless man stationed next to what seemed to be a stout barrel positioned atop a pronged stand.

On closer inspection, the barrel was a telescope, and a mini-powerhouse one at that. Propped in the newly fallen snow next to the telescope was a cardboard sign that announced in uneven, randomly capitalized handwritten letters: “ONCE IN A LIFETIME VIEW – 75 CENTS”.

I asked the homeless man what I would see. His reply could not have been any more frustrating: “Pay up 75 cents and you’ll know soon enough.”

This is where being born beneath the sign of Gemini can really be a nuisance because at this point I had no choice. My mental curiosity HAD to know what the telescope would reveal, even at the risk of contracting pink eye from a lens that wasn’t given thorough cleanings in between all the other gullible chumps who saw a whole lot of nothing prior to my arrival.

I pulled out a dollar bill to which the homeless man reiterated he only accepted exact change. I then irritably fumbled for 3 quarters.  Upon receiving payment, he wrapped both arms around the telescope, heaved the bulky piece of equipment a few feet to my right and placed it down into the snow with a dull thud. The impoverished man then looked up at the sky with a squinted gaze while his hand manipulated the lens a few notches. Without looking into the lens, he said “Go Ahead.”

I slowly stepped up to the lens and as trite as this sounds what I then saw took my breath away – quite literally. I remember making a gasping sound as if I had emphysema and gulping down the sharp winter air like it was the last reserve from an oxygen tank.

Within the telescope’s lens was the mighty planetary giant, Jupiter and from the angle I was gazing at, the King of the Solar System was escorted by 4 of his most notable squires, the Galilaen Moons.  Two sets of satellites were positioned on either side of the biggest of planets, each perfectly suspended with divine scale-like balance.

The image was so clear and detailed, not only could I see the striated tan, gold, and orange swirls of Jupiter’s surface, I  also was able to observe its mysterious “Giant Red Spot“, an ever moving storm which at that particular moment in time was traversing the bottom lower quarter of the gaseous Titan’s orb.

I stood there gawking incredulously though the telescope lens before hearing the homeless man’s voice ask “You ready for another?

He scurried past me and began the same ritualized hugging and moving of the telescope, this time a good distance from where I was standing. He once again didn’t look into the lens but instead announced “All set.”

Nothing could prepare me for what I saw next.


The ringed planet was placidly lying in the black velvet casing of outer space on an almost ¾ tilted axis. The Sun’s reflected light at that angle had transformed the planet’s circular orb to that of a brilliantly illuminated ball of radiating, sparkling white.

Saturn’s rings also reflected the Sun’s light at this perfect angle, with each ring gleaming individually and brightly shining like the most precious of South African diamonds after being recovered from the bowels of the earth and sharpened to perfection.

The sight was so profoundly pristine, I involuntarily started to cry. And even though the path of my tears began to harden on my face due to the bitter cold, I still had to linger looking at this rare and truly heavenly vision.

Looking back, I believe I had gone into a state of mild shock.  If in a more rational frame of mind, I would have given the man a minimum of at least a few $100 bills.

I would think there aren’t that many occasions when a person can single-handedly prove the existence of a Higher Power to you in a matter of 12 minutes or less.”


In a way, I like to consider myself as someone who has experienced as close to the Great Conjunction as humanly possible before it actually occurred, given I was provided the opportunity to see the Great Benefic and the Great Malefic at their observable best, but separately, not together in the same location of the Heavens as they will be this upcoming December 21st.

For those of you just joining the planetary program, a once in a generation cosmic event is soon to take place.  An event so uncommon, its importance is emphasized by its elevated title, the Great Conjunction.

The term simply refers to the planets Jupiter and Saturn meeting up in the same place in the sky , but because it takes 20 years for these two astrological power players to synch up together, it is a welcome change of cosmic pace when it does occur. Just for the record, after experiencing how truly atypical a year 2020 has been so far in a most invasively challenging, constant flow of hardship kind of way, the term “welcome change of pace” which would usually describe the Great Conjunction in times past doesn’t apply this time around. More like the Great Conjunction has now taken the form of a life sustaining flotation device that will hopefully keep us from drowning in the swirl of never ending chaos as we all hold our breath while waiting for one of the wort years in collective memory to finally come to an end.

In my article entitled “The Great Conjunction of 2020: 20 is a Mystical Magic Number” I mentioned how the Great Conjunction is an event which marks the beginning of a whole new cycle of cosmic growth and renewal for the Future. With Jupiter dealing with our big hopes and dreams for the Future along with Saturn overseeing the work that’ll be required of us in order to make any of those dreams an eventual reality, there couldn’t be a more opportune time to reevaluate how our lives will be unfolding during the times ahead. But in order to garner this blessed period’s full potential we each must look to the future with as pure a sense of optimism as humanly possible.


Kind of hard to do when your grandmother died last month from complications caused by COVID-19 or when your savings are on the verge of being completely depleted given the Corona virus removed your job in March and nothing has come even remotely close to replacing it.

Not to downplay any of the mass suffering that has accompanied this calendar year, but if everyone would take the following into consideration:

— By virtue of the fact the Great Conjunction is soon to take place this upcoming December 21st, not only will the Dark Ages of imposed quarantines and public facial masks soon be things of the past but the overall pain and suffering brought about by the Corona virus pandemic will be coming to a long awaited close as well.

— What’s crucial is not letting the awfulness associated with the current times we find ourselves in dominate our world view to such an extent that concepts such as “Hope” or “Optimism” haven’t the slightest chance of survival.

Which would inform your author that right about now would be quite apropos to begin his Predictions of Societal Blessing!

Brad Kronen’s Predictions of Societal Blessing
Marking Jupiter’s Transit Through the Sign of Aquarius
December 18, 2020 – December 30th, 2021

2020 has been made miserable thanks to an uninvited guest whose visit has been never ending with a first name of “Corona” and last name “Virus”, hence I’ll begin by addressing the source of all the world’s current woes by taking that never ending guest from Hell’s bags and tossing them to the curb because Brad’s first Prediction states:

A vaccine to the current pandemic shall be found before the end of 2020

Photo: Express Pharma.com

Because of the uncommon nature of the Great Conjunction occurring once every 20 years, Brad will be putting his money where his predictive mouth is by stipulating that a vaccine should be found by November or December of this year at the latest. How it will then be distributed throughout the world will be left to humanity’s discretion to screw up, I’m only referring to initial discoveries being made.

This prediction isn’t that much of a stretch when considering that at no other time have all the major pharmaceutical and medical companies along with every scientist with a sizeable reputation had a stake in finding a vaccine for the first global pandemic in the 21st century which has affected the population of the entire world at large.

If anything, you’d have quite the impressive customer client base from the get go.

21st Century Technology Morphs Into A New Dimension Altogether

Photo: Forbes.com

Remember the 70’s Sci-fi movie “Logan’s Run“? The film’s backdrop was at some distant point far into the future where the rudimentary work once tended to by humans was all taken care of by robots and drones as well as computers governed over society at large. Well people, now is when things start moving a lot closer to that movie.

Being the “futuristic” resident of the Zodiac, the sign of Aquarius deals with the concept of Technology at large. And with the planet of blessings, bounty, and massive expansion, Jupiter along with the planet of Hard Work and tangibilty, Saturn BOTH traversing through the sign of Technology this upcoming year, the tech world is scheduled to not only be expansively improving itself, it’ll be taking a quantum leap into an entirely new dimension of existence. Hence, the world should start to resemble more and more the backdrops of such visionary vintage Sci-Fi films like “Logan’s Run” or “Bladerunner

For those who may not recall the Sci-Fi cult classic “Logan’s Run”, some of your memories may be jarred by knowing the film contained the first speaking role for Hollywood Hottie and fellow Aquarian, Farrah Fawcett who played the role of Holly, the cosmetological receptionist.

Your author admits his limitations by knowing better than to attempt contributing any kind of projected tech trends or product upgrades, but if there is one thing Brad can say about the subject matter is this: regarding anything technological and the upcoming Jupiterian transit through the sign of the computer geek better known as Aquarius – all expectations will be exceeded along with any/all technological advancements/inventions/upgrades/etc. will be shattered as if the force of innovative progress will be trying to outdo its own self.

No need to work on perfecting your best “passing space vehicle” sound impression from “The Jetsons” folks because they’re soon to really be heard in the near future. A near future which of itself is about to morph into something strange and new just from all the technological advancement that’s poised to exponentially expand on its own!

With the Great Conjunction of the Great Benefic and the Great Malefic occurring in the very first degree of the sign of the Future and of Technology at large, the world will see that NOW really is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius by there being a demarcation line between what was then and in the past and what is now and going forward light years into the future.

Aquarius is also the sign of intellectual brilliance with those born beneath it applying their highly original, first of a kind thoughts to such things as innovation and even more importantly, invention.

There’s no need to talk about robotics and self driving cars because of the strong likelihood of anything I try to relay most likely will be obsolete by the time you read it anyway.

With that still in mind, there really is no need to provide predictions for the Future any further since the Future is Here and will be happening in the now by morphing and unfolding before each of our eyes.

Hopefully everyone will be re-fashioning their future aspirations to match the innovative excitement of what awaits the world at large.

O Brave New Aquarian World!

**Brad Kronen is the author of over 30 astrological books, including astrological dating guides tailor made for each sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars”. In honor of the sign where the Great Conjunction will be taking place this December, the Aquarius edition of “Love in the Stars” is listed below. Click on the image below to see a complete listing of all of Brad’s published works:

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