A celestial event eook place of major societal importance at the end of 20120 signifying Life as we had known it- had forever altered= The Great Conjunction of 2020.  This happening in outer space can be seen as societal change – both in the long and short term.  We can view this event in the extreme short -term as something that has already come and gone OR we can approach it as the first major start of society transforming itself in the most recent “Age of Man”. – that being the ever-approaching “Age of Aquarius”


For the better part of my conscious l[fe, I have always considered Neil Armstrong’s historic “one small step for Mankind”and humanity’s Moon Landing on July 20th. 1969 to be the iangibile beginning of the Age of Aquarius.  In Astrology’s “Ages of Man”, each Age lasts for approximately 1,000 years with every Age being marked by the traits associated with whatever sign of the Zodiac of the Age we are currently in.And for those who did not know, the Ages of Man move in a  counter=clockwise motion unlike the rest of the known Universe.

For centuries and during the duration of every person’s known lifetime on this planet,we have existed during the latter portion of the Age of Picses, a time when the lives of nearly every man and woman was considered against the most important aspect associated with this Watery, spiritual Age  – Religion.Whether a person played an active role in Christendom or not, one’s life played a role either for or against the extent Religion actively affected a person’s life.

As the world approaches a new Age of Man the evolutionary themes that were so vitally existential to Mankind’s continuing evolution on this planet have changed.  The need for the existence of a Higher Power have been for the lack of a better term, been replaced. A Godhead and the existence of a Creator providing the”spark of Life”needed for Man’s Evolution on this planet to continue have been replaced by such Man-made knowledge as evidenced by the following Aquarian ruled disciplines of study – Computers, Science, and Technology. Mankind’s fuller awareness of the tangible World through belief systems as “Blind Faith”are being further reinforced by such Aquarian-ruled things as scientific fact and empiric data.This is NOT to say that during this latest Age of Man, Humanity will no longer feel the need for the existence of a Higher Power in their lives! We must remember that Astrology’s Ages of Man focus on Mankind’s ever-furthering EVOLUTION on this planet and should never be viewed as dogmatic rules and regulations on how we are to exist!

The Cosmic Expansion of Air

Western Astrology is based in the foundation of Four Basic Elements with each element representing a major aspect of Life itself.- Earth .Air,  Fire, and Water.The element of Air has traditionally  represented Human Communication in its many forms-but recent cosmic events have hinted that this too will be foundationally changing.

The Great Conjunction of 2020 in Detail:

As already mentioned ,a major celestial eve nt took place a t the end of the year 2020 .  – the Great Conjunction of 2020. In Astrology, a “conjunction” occurs whenever two heavenly bodies move within 10 degrees of each other in the sky.  In 2020,the two heavenly bodies in question were the planets Jupiter and Saturn.  The two largest planets in our Solar System not only met up in a different sign, but for the first time in 800 years, they conjoined in a new element, Air in the very same sign that reflects the latest Age of Man- Aquarius. But that’s not all,

2021 & Its Mercury Retrograde Cycles

Nearly Three times every year, some years more often than that , and lasting for some 3 ½ weeks the planet which astrologically oversees Human Communication, Mercury. goes retrograde, or backwards in its orbit around the Sun.  2021 is exceptional if for the fact all 3 of its Mercury Retrograde Cycles are occurring in each of the three Air signs signifying that the role of Human Communication  is soon to change,or for lack of a better word- EXPAND for all Humanity at large.

Traditionally the element of Air has  astrologically dealt with the patterns we humans have established over time immemoriam to  commuinicate amonngst each other. This could include individualized human speech to the more modern cell phone or conference call. The upcoming ”Heads up” Astrological signs could indicate that Technology as we once knew it could morph into something utterly new ,where hanging on to old paradigms of communication no longer apply.  Electronics could instead be powered by telepathic or psychic energy with all modes of communication operating from never-before realized or understood power sources.

Our awareness of these changes of communinication will approach us as seemingly fast as Mercurial Quicksilver given the first Mercury Retrograde occurring withinthe Age of Aquarius shall commence on this upcoming Saturday, January 30th and shall last until February 20th.

The Dawning of a New Age of Man is upon us. There is much to look forward as the modern world expands and progresses! To emphasize the proper frame of mind to mirror regarding the upcoming Future during the Age of Aquarius, to quote the character Miranda from Shakespeare’s The Tempest,“Oh Brave,New World!”and to also wisely keep in mind the words said by one of my most admired people in History who himself, was an Aquarian, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself.”

Blessed Be.

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