O Brave! and Beautiful? New World! Celebrities Born with Uranus in Taurus- Part I: Famous Females

O Brave! and Beautiful?New World!

Celebrities Born with Uranus in Taurus

Part I : Famous Females


Brad Kronen

A cartoon by J. S. Pailly depicting Uranus’ “Frankenstein” .Moon, Miranda: (planetpailly.com)

Uranus in Taurus. A truly odd combination when considering the planet of the Atypical and That which is considered to be complex and complicated, as well as the planet which astrologically rules over anything or one believed to be non-traditional otherwise known as Uranus is placed in a Zodiacal atmosphere of a sign that is known for its straightforward,” Short and sweet” simple approach to Life that gains security through repetition and thus tends to be quite traditional, the first of the Earth signsof Taurus the Bull.

The “Non-Normal” Planet

Of the heavenly bodies which comprise our Solar System, Uranus truly sets itself apart from the planetary rest.  This is very non-surprising when considering the planet astrologically oversees such human- based personality traits as individuality, uniqueness, and non-conformity.  The futuristic planet works best in, or is considered “exalted” in the Water sign of Scorpio.  Conversely, the energies of the planet associated with intellectual brilliance, genius, and invention functions worst in, or is astrologically known to be in the sign of its “Fall” whenever Uranus is placed within the sign of Taurus.

Uranian Speed versus Taurean Tenacity

As with nearly everything associated with the seventh furthest planet from the Sun, Uranus dares to be as planetary different as possible, most especially when considering its orbital speed and motion.

Of the many things floating around in outer space, Uranus has THE most erratic orbital path of motion. . This is due to the planet’s highly unusual, not in any way comparable, axis or tilt. Where the other planets’ axes range between 3 degrees (Jupiter) to 29 degrees (Saturn, Neptune), Uranus sets itself apart by its axis being tilted 98 degrees off its orbital plane.

This hyper-extreme degree of axis tilt makes Uranus move through outer space like an egg on its side.

Because of this highly unusual, very atypical orbital propulsion of being almost completely on its side, Uranus’ magnetic field doesn’t emanate from the center of the planet and its north and south poles lie where all the other lemming planets have their equators. All of these planetary oddball qualities combined provides Uranus with a surface feature which most don’t realize:

Much like its planetary neighbor Saturn, Uranus too has encircling rings.  But these can’t be the typical, around the planetary waist, hoola hoop rings,  Uranus’ rings encircle up and around the planet’s atypical orb as if skipping jump rope with them.

The seventh furthest planet from our Sun also sets itself apart for having the coldest atmosphere in the Solar System with temperatures on Uranus reaching -371 F degrees at their lowest.

As if that wasn’t already more than enough in the daring to be different department, whereas the other planetary residents all have poser Roman names, Uranus is the only heavenly body that bears the unique distinction of its name being Greek in origin.

Now let’s take all that planetary individuality and non-conformity and place it in the sign known for its non-aggression and traditionalist tastes, Taurus, but first it’s probably best to separate the astrological boy celebrities from their famous female cow-nterparts…..

The Taurus Feminine Tradition of Being Drop Dead Gorgeous

The Zodiac consists of 12 signs and when applying that to all of humanity, in order to allot with total gender equality, 6 of the 12 signs are categorized or considered to be “masculine” and the other 6 are said to be “feminine”.  With that in mind, the Water and Earth signs are considered to be the inherently “female” signs and the Fire and Air signs are believed to be the inherently “masculine” signs. The sign of Taurus, by virtue of belonging to the element of Earth, along with its planetary ruler being  the only planetary body in our Solar System to be named after a female deity, Venus, is considered, along with the sign of Cancer the Crab, whose planetary  ruler of the Moon embodies the motherly maternal instinct  to be  the most “feminine” signs of all the Zodiac.  Taking things a  few sociological steps further, if we apply a natural quality that is associated with the element of Earth, namely an inclination towards anything traditional along with the fact Taurus is the first representative of the Earth signs and thus is categorized to be Earth energy in its most straightforward and “purest” form, those famed Taureans who are females are seen by many to be hyper or acutely feminine in nature. Before the mid – 20th and throughout the 21st centuries however, the model examples of womanhood, and indeed most of the depictions of the goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus herself, were traditionally presented with as “Titian-like” a female form as possible!  In other words, the standard of idealized feminine beauty was seen with rounded curves. The Twiggy-esque ideal of the Fashion World of Today’s sought after look of appearing so thin to the point of looking almost emaciated  emerged  as the female standard of feminine beauty only during the last 100 or so years .

For thousands of years, traditional feminine beauty wasn’t comprised of bone-thin models looking as if they were suffering from starvation and  as if they hadn’t eaten a decent meal in decades, but rather the image of those who were considered to be truly beautiful were women blessed with an abundance of curves, that were proud of their pendulous breasts and “child-bearing” hips such as the 25,000 year old idol of idealized femininity called the ”Venus of Willendorf”(right) and the 1550 painting of the goddess whose  curvaceous beauty inspired Art, itself entitled “Venus, Cupid, and the Organist”painted by the man who made a woman’s extreme curves the fashionable Venusian standard, Titian.

Uranus in Taurus’ Traditional Beauties

Keeping in mind that Uranus is the planet that astrologically likes to stand out, whose planetary sense of individuality loves to “dare to be different”, among those famous females born with the planet Uranus placed in the sign of Taurus include those women whose hyper-feminine looks got them noticed by the world.  This would include the beauty who in her hey day was compared to looking like the goddess Venus, herself, French bombshell Brigitte Bardot, the Italian Venus of the silver screen who starred in such Romanesque films as “The Fall of the Roman Empire” and  “The Sign of Venus, Sophia Loren, the Swiss model and actress who portrayed the Greek goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite in the original “Clash of the Titans”, Ursula Andress, as well asthe American knockout from the Mifwest who in the 1980’s was voted “the most beautiful woman in Hollywood”, Raquel Welch.

The Erratic Moves of Uranus in Taurus as Shown by Two Uniquely Moving Women of Renown

As already mentioned, Uranus more than any other planet in the Solar System has the most erratic orbital motion that has been  likened to an egg flying through outer space while placed on its side.  That, along with Uranus’ highly unusual planetary tilt make the oddball planet one of the fastest moving heavenly bodies throughout all the Solar System. With that said, one does not immediately think of speed when picturing the most erratic  planet transiting through the “slow but steady” sign of Taurus, but your author was shocked to discover that two celebrities who are well-known for their dance moves of supersonic light speed were both born with Uranus in Taurus – Swedish 60’s speed dancer Ann-Margret and the entertainer  euphemistically called “the Burner”, Miss Tina Turner. Both turbo-fast moving ladies are known for their thick sounding singing voices which may not have been nearly as fast as their dizzying dance moves, but were unique sounding, just the same.  It should also be mentioned that although she was born with a whopping six planets placed in the sign of the Bull, including the Sun, Moon, and  Taurus’ planetary ruler Venus, like Uranus’ icily cold surface temperatures, Ann-Margret was born in one of the reputedly coldest places on Earth, Lapland, in the Arctic region of north-central Sweden.

The front row of the viewing audience must have suffered  some form of serious burn damage from the speed of erratic motion generated by two of  the fastest moving celebrities both born with Uranus in Taurus – Ann-Margret & “The Burner” Miss Tina Turner.

A Pleasantly PLeasing Sound- Uranus in Taurus & The Voice of the Famous Female

Just as the dynamics of the sign of Taurus are innately feminine in nature, so too is emphasis on the voice. Each sign of the Zodiac oversees apart of the human body, and the parts of the human body thst are assigned to the Venus ruled sign of Taurus are the neck, throat, larynx ( otherwise known by its more common name of the “”voicebox“). and a particular gland which most aren’t even aware of until there is a problem with it functioning properly – the thyroid. For those of you who don’t know, your author used to be an opera singer way back when and considers himself a vocal connoisseur. Did you know that the male voice’s range of ability pales in comparison to the voice of the typical woman? A female’s voice overall is more agile and has a greater range of volume and high/low registers. Why? Astrologically, thr throat and vocal areas of the body are ruled by the feminine planet and the sign of Taurus’ planetary ruler, Venus. It’s no coicidence that sailors in ancient mthology were lured to their imminent death at sea due to their bodies losing all control after they heard the bewitching song of the Siren’s voice.

A Siren's lure song... - YouTube
In mythology, one of the deadliest monsters known to amcient Man was the Siren, a haunting sea creature who lured sailors to their watery deaths simply with the power of their bewitching voices.

As one can imagine, anything Venusian is adverse to things considered to be of an ugly or brash nature, and your author has yet to encounter a female Taurean who doesn’t have a voice, if not of the singing kind than definitely of the speaking variety, that is truly pleasant sounding, With that said however,Venus has a strong tendency to be well, lazy and does not enjoy working too hard at vocal production .So astrologically, a woman’s voice should always sound pleasant but should never be too powerful. This is especially the case for those ladies born with Uranus in Taurus. These famous females each had voices that were potently pleasant that could be no way be described as ugly sounding or unpleasant to the ear: Smooth voiced ladies such as Helen Reddy, Judy Collins and Connie Francis The two best examples of these pleasant sounding famous females were singers both being born with their Uranus in Taurus with their Suns placed in the Venus ruled signs of either Taurus or Libra. – the Taurean singer who,m m,any consider to be one of the greatest voices of the 20th century, Taurean Barbra Streisand and the singer whom many people grew up with her portrayals of Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp, Libran singer Julie Andrews.

Libran singer Julie Andrews sings her pleasantly double Venusian best as Maria von Trapp in the film nearly everyone grew up with “The Sound of Music” in a song that to this day Brad breaks into full- voiced song whenever he hears it, “The Lonely Goatherd”.

The other double Venusian singer born with Uranus in Taurus whom many consider to be one of the greatest voices of the 20th century in true Uranian fashion dared to set herself apart from every other “pleasant sounding” singer when Taurean vocalist Barbra Streisand tried showing how truly diverse her vocal chops were with her 1976 album entitled “Classical Barbra”. Here Ms. Streisand gives a pleasant performance singing an aria from George Friedrich Handel’s 1711 opera, “Rinaldo


The title image of this series is a cartoonized rendition of the most popular of Uranus’ 27 Moons named Miranda.Miranda is literally known as Uranus’ “Frankenstein” Moon due to her surface topography appearing as downright gruesome to most.

Closeup of Uranus moon Miranda's surface - NASA image | Nasa images, Uranus,  Moon

A close-up of the’ most popular of the planet Uranus’ 27 moons, the “Frankenstein Moon” named Miranda

All of Uranus; Moons are named after literary characters.written by either William Shakespeare or Alexander Pope and Miranda’s namesake cones from the Shakespearean play “The Tempest“where she exclains her famous line of wonder “O Brave, New World!

Admittedly, Miranda’s rough multi-layered surface isn’t necessarily “attractive” but can we safely say it’s monstrous? What most don’t realize is that although Miranda surface appears unsightly, her unique visage makes it the most highly observed item within our Solar System. As this Uranus i n Taurus series has hopefully shown, Beauty is in the eye of the Holder. No matter the object, outer space or otherwise. it is considered beautiful in the eyes of God, the Creator of Life. Blessed Be.

Coming Up: Part II: Male Celebrities Born With Uranus in Taurus!

To date,Brad Kronen has written over 30 books on Astrology. His latest book series are astrological dating guides custom-made for each sign of the Zodiac called “Love in the Stars” The edition for thre sign which the planet Uranus is currently transiting in can be purchased by clicking onto the amazon.com link below. To get more information on that as well as all of Brad’s published work:

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