….”And Justice For All”, Brad’s Thoughts regarding Saturn in Libra

Here goes Brad’s big ‘ole JUST mouth babbling on ONCE AGAIN about the planet nicknamed “The Lord of Karma” , better known as the ringed planet Saturn being placed in the sign of its “Exaltation”, the Scales of Justice, Libra

“And Justice for All”Ruminations as Saturn Enters His Exaltation

“JUSTICE” . Powerful word, don’t you think? Most people when they hear that word assume it to be in the positive spectrum so that the word confers an atmosphere of wholesome goodness. In the Tarot, the card of Justice represents utter neutrality and I try to hold the reigns in when upon seeing that card in a reading, a client will begin doing the Showcase Showdown bounce as if they had won everything on The Price is Right. I immediately put that to an end when I look straight ahead of me as if now I, too, had been blinded with god like neutral wisdom and say in my best Oracle seeing- through-time voice:“Not so fast Speedy Gonzalez. In actuality, the card of Justice means YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE.”The mythological origins of the goddess Justicia vary in derivation as her statuary does in tunics, sandals and swords.The Romans had more control over their spritely clean teen girl of goody goody than the Greeks did. Hmmm could that be in part due to the fact that the Romans devised and created the origins of the Justice System as we know it today? The Greeks vascillated over Justice being Zeus’ little girl who although mortal was always seen by his side, and who would rather DIE than walk around with a blindfold on! Speaking of – Whose genius idea was it anyway to have a “barely legal” daughter of the Head Honcho of Heaven walk around with a blindfold covering her eyes so that she would be completely unaware of who she was clobbering or impaling with one hand swinging those scales and the other holding a dual edged sword!Although fully robed (you think Hera would let her leave Mt. Olympus wearing whore make up and outfits made of dental floss like those girls at the mall?) Justice is comprised of idealized beauty and virginal purity that accompanies this archetype who represents sound, moral judgement. And despite the fact that the moment the Queen of the Gods is out of eye shot, Little Lady Justice tosses the robage in the back seat of the chariot while adjusting her super mini tunic AND applying whore make up AND driving her chariot at the same time, how does virginal purity which implies naivete and innocence add up to the moral wisdom required for true Justice to prevail?Enter Saturn in Libra, as it so happens, on this very day!Along with never being seen on her own, Justice had a gaggle of sisters as well, and often she was thrown into their girl’s club known as the Horae, and not because they all overdid that cheap ghastly Greek make up. The Horae were the idealized “hours” which implied that not only was Justice cute and perky, but like her TV BFF counterparts Gidget or Sandra Dee would just simply show up at the very moment or for a better term hour of need!Isn’t that fun of her?!! (scrunching nose and giggling).It is not only in the modern day but throughout art and history that when Justice is called upon, or to be more timely, when Justice is “Demanded” it’s almost always not because the jukebox broke and those tuniced kids don’t know what to Mashed Potatoe to next, it’s a very visceral human reaction usually to events that have gotten completely out of control or where the din of chaos is so ever present and booming that only screaming for her presence will suffice.)Which leads us to this very day people. Today Saturn enters the sign of its exaltation, the scales of Libra! When a planet is in its exaltation, it is placed in the sign considered to be the best match for or optimal environment for its energies to work their smoothest or best. There are many separate reasons why Saturn, the “Lord of Karma” and the “Great Malefic” function best in Libra, but from what has been relayed from the origins and representations of the mythological Justice; Justice shall prevail in the face of sound and morally upright decisions and these can only come from the time honored toil of earning wisdom through our hardships, labors, and mistakes and not from an idealized and naïve sense of perky good timing. With Saturn, the god of hardship, labor, challenges, time and wisdom entering Libra, the sign of truth, balance, harmony and impartiality for the next 2 ½ years, we as a society have a window of opportunity to alter a number of things that have eroded in the legal and justice systems, giving us one of the best chances to get as close as we can to embodying the phrase: And Justice For All!I am hoping that over these next few years, sweeping reforms and constructive changes will occur on every level of status and person in our legal and justice systems but also within our military as well – (never forget during a Saturn transit, Saturn affects the sign it is in but also its polar opposite as well. Libra’s polar opposite is Aries, a sign ruled by Mars, a planet which rules the military.)Saturn’s rulership includes the tangible structure of things such as buildings or departments as well as the administrative detail needed to run these things. If Saturn deems something worthy to focus his labors on, he does so only if the end results are tangible for all to see.May we see concrete proof that our world has changed for the better after applying long overdue reforms and imposing alterations which will sweep through and cleanse every level and status of department and personnel – from our disgracefully overcrowded prisons, our horrifyingly corrupt lawyers and law firms to the highest levels of military brass and revered judges who are placed at the pinnacles of the Pentagon and the Supreme Court itself!That’s what Saturn in Libra is all about, Charlie Brown.

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